New Zealand Terror (March 2019): The white terrorists are just as much a part of the international terror chain

The constantly biased and ignorant media portrayal of Muslims is largely responsible for inspiring dangerous terrorists like Brenton Tarrant.   Only time will tell how many potential mass killers turn out to be motivated by him.  
While countries like USA and Britain fund and train deviants falsely dubbed as "Muslims" (belonging to the international AlQaeda terror network) to fight their proxy wars and wrought destruction in non-puppet / sovereign Muslims states, the media displays the destruction by Western proxies as  "acts committed by Muslims."    Many within the white community, insular and daft with little education, are unable to discern the manipulation and end up hating the entire Muslim community of the world.  
Isn't it tragic, that in spite of all the boast over calling this planet 'the modern world,' superiority on the basis of color and race remains deep-rooted in more than 50% of the white race.    Still nurturing dreams of the brutal colonial onslaught that spread across various parts of the globe in the dark ages - European pirates described in history as "explorers" roving the oceans in their galleys and longships robbing the land and wealth of peaceful foreign communities - they still have no idea how obsolete that mindset is. 
Surprise of all the surprises, in lands like North America, Australia and New Zealand, a large number of white residents are unable to grasp that other than the natives of these lands, NO ONE has the moral nor truthful nor logical entitlement to consider themselves indigenous and demanding newcomers to leave.  Other than the First Nations of North America, the Aboriginal people of Australia and the Maoris of New Zealand,  EVERYONE  else, regardless of color, language or ethnicity is AN IMMIGRANT  spanning over the past few centuries until the present.   Absolutely NO arguments on that.


  1. A horrific act of terror! At least this time the world leaders had the ballz to call him a terrorist. Usually, if the skin color is white, they can kill dozens, nay scores. They will simply be viewed as 'mentally disturbed' from 'broken homes' who had an 'abusive childhood' ....... the bullshit to present them as mentally ill so they aren't responsible for their acts is endless.

    Thank you for this concise and very precise piece. This is exactly what's going on. These terrorists alongside the mainstream media, share the blood splattered on their hands.

  2. Much too heart-rending. This poor sister, may The Almighty grant her peace and comfort in the next world. I only hope that if she has left behind children, they are grown-up and not little ones who would have to spend the rest of their childhood without their mom.

    I hope the world realizes sooner rather than later, terrorism has no geographical boundaries, no specific ethnicity and no religion. Whether it be whites, blacks or people of any color, they all belong to the same evil entity called terror. They all have the same twisted goal to unleash trouble by dividing communities. May The Almighty grant them all Hellfire.

  3. The credo of white supremacism is actually expanding much faster than many would want to admit. It's a growing problem in most white countries. As yet such people are probably still not the majority, but the rapidity with which they are expanding is troubling to say the least. Most such folks are afraid to speak their mind personally in public; they are aware that their mindset is much too offensive even for most of their own white folks to accept. So you never see them much in public, much less speak. Their alternative is to make big trouble by hiding behind the computer. They're using the social media and talk-back columns of online news stories for promoting hardcore racism that's completely devoid of sensitivity ..... inciting bitter hatred through hurtful and provoking comments / remarks and spewing venom in appalling proportions that could easily put them in the category of the lowest of sub-humans.

  4. A big thanks to all of you for the additional input. I couldn't agree more.


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