Murder of Qassem Solemani and comrades

Tehran on the day of Martyr Soleimani's funeral.  A far cry from Trump's moronic downplays of "Iranians celebrating" the martyr's death.  Image Common Dreams.

Let America not forget, it murdered a lot of people within just a few days.  End of December 2019, US forces butchered 31 fighters of the mobilization force, Kataib HezbAllah.  On January 3, 2020 they killed General Qassem Soleimani (Commander of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps), Abu Mahdi Mohandis (head of PMU Hashd al-Shabi), four IRGC men and four from the PMU accompanying their two leaders.  Thus, out of the blue, the US killed ten people in a single day - two very high profile military leaders and eight security guards.  This wasn't regular combat facing opponents on the battlefield.  The Americans have never been able to muster that kind of valor.  It was an ambush with drones, a dastardly murderous stratagem of the spineless stealthily carrying out unprovoked strikes.

"The US govt killed Martyr Soleimani, not in the battlefield but thievishly & cowardly. This abased the US. Before that, such assassinations were the Zionist regime's specialty. Now, US president says he assassinated Soleimani. God smacks some people to make them confess." Syyed Ali Khamanei, Twitter, Jan.17.

"The Quds Force is an entity with lofty, human goals. The Quds Force looks everywhere & at everyone with tolerance. They are combatants without borders who go wherever they are needed to protect the dignity of the oppressed. They make sacrifices to protect sanctities." Syyed Ali Khamanei, Twitter, Jan.17.

Qassem Soleimani, image Twitter

Mr. Trump's administration presumes the assassination of Qassem Soleimani will serve as deterrence.   Dead wrong !!  That's how little they know of the aspect of martyrdom in Shiia Islam.  America's yet another war crime committed in January 3rd will deter no one. 

Imam Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, performed the funeral prayer of Martyr Qassem Soleimani, Martyr Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis and their comrades on January 6th.  Funerals were held all over Iran for Qasem Soleimani.  Live streaming from Tehran showed a sea of mourners attending the funeral despite a freezing January morning.  Writes Lebanese political analyst and writer, Amal Saad:  "What appears to be millions attending Soleimani’s funeral procession in Ahvaz, an Iranian city usually described by mainstream media as “restive”, and hence hardly a Soleimani stronghold. Trump doesn’t know what is awaiting him across the Middle." Watch Ahvaz video at Common Dreams. According to reports, over 25 million Iranians participated in Soleimani's funeral.  On January 17, the Supreme Leader led the Friday prayers in Tehran after eight years (he only does that on special or specific occasions) which was also attended by hundreds of thousands chanting support for the Islamic Revolution. 

Despite the opinion polls released by the University of Maryland showing 82% Iranians in their country viewed Soleimani as their national hero, Trump posted laughable tweets claiming Iranians were celebrating the martyr's death and tearing his posters.    He was elated at those measly 200 CIA backed dissidents frolicking in the streets of Tehran, tearing Soleimani's posters.   POTUS and the US media filled with fanciful optimism wasted no time putting the "regime change" propaganda on top gear.  US administration has never been so restive. Bluffing as "emancipators" to liberate Iranians with poorly translated Farsi tweets, lamming the Iranian government and posting images of busy, mundane Tehran traffic with phony captions of "protesters rallying for regime change."  How mercilessly the White House dupes naive Americans and insults the intelligence of discerning ones!   Iranian officials in the social media blasted Trump's Persian tweets, "shedding crocodile tears and dishonoring the Persian language."  If voices of 200 Iranians are expected to drown the voices of millions in the country, that's NOT freedom. Funnily enough, those handful of CIA-sponsored "protesters" inadvertently contradicted their own selves. They were hardly aware that their actions had proven before the eyes of the world that there is freedom of expression in Iran. Imagine, tearing posters of kings and presidents-for-life in countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt or Jordan (the staunchest of US allies). Unthinkable.   And then guess what?  Massive protests in France, police brutality, more than a dozen dead, hundreds injured, Macron is still being booed wherever he goes, but no theatrics from the US media nor the Oval Office.   No French tweets and no calls for Macron to step down.

Excluding the 200 CIA sponsored dissidents in Tehran, who else do you think were celebrating General Soleimani's murder?    The two joyous entities were Al-Qaeda's ISI, and the US administration.  Brothers in arms, always like-minded, always together!   

No one contributed as much as General Qassem Soleimani in defeating and routing AlQaeda terror factions namely ISIS in Iraq. He achieved martyrdom when eliminated by Washington DC, a committed undercover ally of ISIS.  

The above video splashes plenty of muddy water on the US government.  Just days earlier it tweeted that the Iranian people in Tehran 'respectfully' avoided stepping on the US flag when the "Iranian regime" threw it on the sidewalks for them to tread on.  This footage exposes the propaganda with its hand inside the cookie jar!

Reminiscing with an image of Paradise, InshAllah.
Image source Twitter

"Creator of the heavens and the earth!  You are my Protecting Guardian in the world and the Hereafter.  Make me to die submissive (unto You), and join me to the righteous."  (12:101) Noble Quran. 

'In many of the meetings he [Qassem Soleimani] used to tell me, “I am fed up of this world and I am eager to meet Allah and the martyrs who have passed away.” ' - Syyed Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary General of the Lebanese Hezb'Allah Party.

Almost immediately after the assassinations the US-led coalition feigning to fight ISIS in Iraq suspended its operations.  It announced that their prime focus was now to defend themselves.   The story gets still more amusing.  According to the US, the assassinations of General Soleimani and PMU chief, Mahdi Mohandis, were necessary for the safety of Americans in the region.  Just a day after murdering them, US embassy frantically urged Americans to flee Iraq "immediately."  Sounds so damn "safe" for the Americans in Iraq, does it not?    Without a doubt, it didn't take long for Washington to silently realize but not publicly concede that the murder of General Soleimani was the mother of all mistakes. 

Consequently the fairy-tale woven by the US administration to justify its terrorism of January 3rd was that General Qassem Soleimani  was plotting "imminent attacks" on Americans and US interests in Iraq, a baseless allegation for which no US official has been able to produce a shred of  evidence.  On the contrary, reports emerged from Middle Eastern sources and all over social media that shortly prior to his murder, the General was working on a peace proposal for Gulf Arab leaders ending attacks on Yemen and promoting greater peace in the region.   

Writes Ben Norton of Grayzone  "The US empire projects its own crimes onto its "enemies": Bogeymen Iran and Hezbollah have repeatedly called to protect civilians and only hit military targets. Meanwhile, Trump vows to attack Iranian "cultural sites" and kill the families of "terrorists."  

On January 8th came the sad news of downing of an Ukrainian commercial airliner that killed 176 travelers soon after take-off from Tehran airport.   It was a genuine ERROR by Iran's aerospace staff at a difficult time.  Iran acknowledged it with honesty and a profuse apology.  In 1988 an Iranian airliner with 290 civilians (all Iranians) was INTENTIONALLY shot down by  USS Vincennes, loafing in the Persian Gulf, with surface-to-air missile.  Everyone on board died.  Not a single American has apologized yet; not a dime paid as compensation to any Iranian family of the hundreds killed.   Yes, it's necessary to draw parallels between the two incidents because the response from both sides responsible for each of these incidents has been so hugely and noticeably contrasting.  Yet never ever reported.  

Amir Ali Hajizadeh, commander of Aerospace Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, took full responsibility for the unfortunate mistake of January 8th and visited the families of the crash victims.  No one in Iran doubted his veracity and millions appreciated his candor.   Iranians know their job.  Normally such a blunder would never occur.  Very few would know that the circumstances were unusual that resulted from US manipulation in the cyber military sphere.  A Middle East observer briefly explained the situation in Twitter, quote:  "After Iran attacked US bases in Iraq, six F-35s were dispatched to attack Iran but were discovered by air-defenses and were going to be shot-down.  US conducted a cyber-electronic attack on Iran to mask the F-35s and extract them, in the process masking Ukraine flight as cruise missile."   

~ gasp ~  😲

Earlier the same day, January 8, IRGC launched several ballistic missiles at the US airbase in Ain al-Asad,  Anbar province, Iraq.   That was Operation Martyr Soleimani (عملیات شهید سلیمانی).   The Supreme Leader, Syyed Ali Khamanei, called it the "first slap."  It caused extensive damage not shown by any mainstream news outlet.   Washington's immediate response claimed "no Americans hurt."  Ten days later reports from US sources said eleven US army personnel were injured.   Ever since, US forces have been deterred going further with their destructive adventurism.   Iran, far from being deterred, has officially asserted its goal of kicking out US forces from the region. 

Damaged Ain-al-Asad military base of US in Iraq. Was hit by Iranian missiles days after Soleimani's assassination.

Iran will never let go its pursuit of retribution.  It's far more serious than the usual  quid pro quo kind of situation.   It's a necessary step for self-defense to prevent similar murders in future by countries like USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia.  Furthermore,  retribution on the face of such profound injustice is a part and parcel of Shiia-Islam political strategy -- the red flag that says "Those who want to avenge the blood of Hussein."  The red flag encapsulates the spilled blood of a victim and the call for revenge.  Soon after Soleimani's assassination, the red flag was unfurled and flown on the rooftop of Jamkaran Mosque in Qom.  It's unlikely to be taken down until the act of retribution is satisfactorily achieved.  Amir Musawi,  a former diplomat of Iran stated, "Americans should prepare for surprises in response to the assassination of General Soleimani and Mahdi Al-Mohandis."  If, at some point, Washington DC tries to mollycoddle Iran out of its spirit of revenge by offering material benefits or deals, it won't work. 

The red flag on Jamkaran Mosque after the General's assassination

The resentment is similar in Iraq.   To be wholly honest, Hashd al-Shabi plays a more significant role defending Iraq than the Iraqi national army.  Hashd was instrumental in defeating ISIS in Iraq.  Though the Iraqi Parliament has already asserted it wants US troops out of  Iraq, in case it demurs any time in future, Hashd and other PMU groups will go it alone to boot out the occupiers.   Not only the Iraqi Parliament, but dozens of tribes in northern Syria have repeatedly demanded immediate withdrawal of US troops after Soleimani's assassination.

In Syria tribal leaders demanding ouster of US forces

At the moment, Iran's prime focus for avenging the murder of General Qassem Soleimani is expulsion of US forces from Iraq.  That too may not be the final retribution.  America could be in for other nasty surprises.  Only time will tell.   One thing is certain.  Iraq and the surrounding region is far more unsafe for Americans than it ever was until January 2, 2020. 

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