Who was a greater liar, Bukhari or Abu Huraira?

This blog entry of mine is about defending the exemplary character of the beloved Prophet (SAAW) from yet another massive LIE of those unworthy persons whom the Ummah today cannonizes as ones who can do no wrong.

We all know that in the Noble Quran, Almighty Allah speaks very highly of Prophet Muhammad. The Quran refers to the Prophet as having a "tremendous" character. The Quran tells us that the Prophet has been sent to this world as a mercy for humankind. We know too well that the Prophet (SAAW) had a temperament that was extra-ordinarily kind, understanding and gentle. His leniency towards his wives despite living in a very male dominated society was well known. His deep compassion for the poor, helpless, slaves, children and animals was an established fact of the era.

Yet, in the collection of Bukhari hadith, we find the following narration that is constructed with the most mean spirited intent to promote the radical views of the narrator, or this hadith writer. Below is the shockingly false hadith:

Narrated Abu Hurairah - Rasualullah (SAW) said, "No prayer is harder for the hypocrites than the Fajr and the 'Isha' prayers and if they knew the reward for these prayers at their respective times, they would certainly present themselves (in the mosques) even if they had to crawl." The Prophet added, "Certainly I wish to order the Mu'adh-dhin (call-maker) to pronounce Iqama and order a man to lead the prayer and then take a fire flame to burn all those who had not left their houses so far for the prayer along with their houses." (Sahih Al-Bukhari Volume 1, Book 11, Hadith # 626)

Think for yourselves. Could the chosen Messenger of Allah, a person as tender hearted as our beloved Prophet (SAAW) give orders to carry out arson .. burning the homes of those who for whatever reasons didn't or couldn't go to the masjid for Fajr and Isha prayers? When the Noble Quran clearly states that "there is no compulsion in religion," could the Prophet violate this dictate and the other similar Quranic ethics and give instructions to commit such an act? Of course the answer is NO, NEVER.

I ask these people who shamelessly write such blatant falsehoods that is this their way of encouraging people to visit the mosque? And is this their method of highlighting the importance of Fajr and Isha salaah? Lying about anyone or anything is bad enough. Lying about a person who was chosen as special by Almighty God is an act beyond my comprehension! It can only be done by those who never had a conscience and were never interested in acquiring it.


  1. As-salam alaikom.

    We can not invalidate a hadith and call Bukhari or Abu Huraira (companion of the Prophet) liers relying just on our personal interpretation, it needs a scientific method, the same method that Scholars use, because sometimes the Prophet don't speak literally, maybe he just wants us to understand the importance of prayer in the mosque.


  2. Walaikum Salaam ..
    It's not about "personal interpretation." It's about possessing just 2 brain cells to understand what we read in the Ahadith is a pack of humbug and a violation of the Glorious Quran. E.g. If a friend of yours writes a comment about you in which he abuses you and gossips about you falsely, you will simply read it, understand it and tell him that he's a liar. Or, will you need to take it to a "scholar" and ask him to use a "scientific method" to prove that he's liar? Majority of Abu Huraira's ahadith doesn't even contain common sense, science being a far cry. Moreover, let's not get into that old crap called "science of hadith." If a nonsense like Hadith can involve "science" then indeed science is a very stupid thing that needs to be abandoned.

    I'm sorry but I don't at all agree with you when you say "Prophet didn't speak literally." The Prophet (SAAW) was a very honest and truthful person. The Quran tells us to be honest and reason with people in a manner that's kind & fair. The Quran never commanded the Prophet (SAAW) to threaten people by not speaking literally in order to scare them into performing their religious duties. On the contrary the Quran says "there is no compulsion in religion." And we know for sure that the Prophet (SAAW) obeyed the Quranic dictates meticulously. To say that the Prophet didn't speak literally is yet another insult for our beloved Prophet. It's our imams & scholars who don't speak literally. The Prophet was very truthful, upfront and honest.

  3. No where in the Qur'an does Allah validates any of the 6 Sahih Hadith collectors. The Hadith themselves are not from the Prophet Muhammad. Regardless if there is a socalled Science of Hadith it's still a fact that the Hadith themselves rather they are Sahih or Da'if (weak) are contradicting and inconsistent. We have the Best Hadith, Al Qur'an which is a Standalone book in need of no other outside books.

  4. Totally agree with you sister! We have made idols of Bukhari and Abu Huraira... and we worship them!

    Anyone defending Bukhari book as the source of Deen.. should fully read it from start to end..

    Tragedy is the one who will fight you over this to protect the Bukhari book has not yet read it himself.
    He is just doing it as being told by his elders thinking
    to do the service to Allah and Islam.. Just to protect
    the view-point of their respective sects, which they have keenly derived from different so called hadiths from these books other than Holy Quran!
    God bless you and keep educating your brothers and sisters in Islam by writing here. Thank you!

  5. As-salam alaikum,

    I've been reading your blog for quite sometime and find it interesting/precise/honest/innovative/invigorating.......

    Well, for this article, I would like to comment or rather should suggest:

    Please change the heading of this article. Despite what you ascribe here seems to be quite logical, it's still against our Islamic ethics that we should use such word, "LIAR" for anyone let alone for Sahabas/Buzurgs (astaghfirullah)...

    I hope you'll ponder what I'm trying to imply here....if not for me then please consider it for the love of our Prophet Muhammad (sallalaho alayhe wasallam) for he would never have allowed/used such word!!!. Thanks

  6. Walaikum Salaam brother Akram. I don't think this title is in need of change. While I respect your comments, I think it's pretty off balance. If you agree that Abu Huraira lied about various Ahadith (and none can deny that), he simply becomes a liar. Whether or not anyone is a sahaba or buzurg is irrelevant. Sahabas and buzurgs are not above the law. In fact they should be still more particular of their conduct if they are to be taken as role models for future generations. A lie coming out of the mouth of a sahaba or buzurg is just as repugnant in the Sight of Allah as a lie coming from anyone else. Moreover, the term "liar" is not a swear word nor is it inappropriate provided it's used for someone who has indulged in falsehood or baatil which both Abu Huraira and Bukhari have. For untruthful people, the Glorious Quran also mentions the same word. Whether sahaba or buzurg or whoever, all disbelievers and slanderers are liars and there's no need to blush over it. Slandering the beloved Prophet(S) is not a minor violation. It's a huge violation in the Sigh of Allah and all genuine believers. If those slanderers don't respect my Prophet (S), why should I respect them?

  7. For reference purposes how important is prayer in Islam? As you have stated quite repetitively that we should refer to the Quran for answers and not secondary sources, please enlighten, on the importance of prayer from the perspectives of the Quran.

    And if you could also mention the number of times its importance has been stressed or mentioned in it.

  8. @ "F" .. As-salaam Alaikum. Prayers are very important or mandatory because the Quran mentions the remembrance of Allah on 5 specific times per day. In fact I've already put a post on that earlier in this blog. Here's the link for it.

    "Salaat to be offered five times daily, not thrice:"

    I've specified that salaat is 5 times, not 3, because some modernists like Free Minders are claiming it's 3 times which isn't correct. The Quran states 5 different timings for it daily.

  9. Sorry, the link cannot be activated here. You will need to copy & post it on your browser. Thanks.

  10. Salaam!

    I just drafted a post re Abu Hurayra, but I pressed a wrong button and it is gone now. Sorry.

    Kindly take a peek at my http://www.scribd.com/Tjoaginsing where I posted an article re Abu Hurayra I shall never TRUST! Sorry....

    1. W.Salam.
      Who in their right mind can ever trust that feral subhuman?

  11. Sister Zainab,

    The Quran we have today, is it the same Quran that was revealed to the Prophet? If yes then what is the proof? If you say that Allah Himself says that he will protect the Quran, which we find in the Quran then how can we take the words of the Quran as proof when he question is whether The Quran is the same Quran? Because all the information about the Quran or the prophet (SAW) we have is through the other sources which are not reliable as I understood after going through your posts.

    The doubts that started sprouting in my mind after reading your articles are now taking different shape and increasing in numbers, because till yesterday I was reading and understanding Islam through the prevalent sources.

    As you have mentioned in one of your article that there are 5 prayers in specified timings, now are they supposed to be perform on dot or can be performed in a slot of time or period as the practice is prevalent in our society and secondly very important thing HOW to? Whether like Jews do or like Christian or Hindu or Jain or etc. Since the Ahadeeth are not out of the scope of doubt therefore we cannot thrust them so now we are left with no authentic source of information about the prophet (SAW) or his sayings.

    1. @Anonymous, you need to reinforce you skull cage with plenty more brain.

      Visit the following links and read thoroughly. (Copy & paste links on your browser)

      Compilation of the Glorious Quraan.

      Hadith conspiracy against Quranic compilation.

      Actual status of Hadith in comparison with the Noble Quran by G.A. Parvez.

      A study of the chronological order of the Glorious Quran.

  12. @ Anonymous

    Very silly questions indeed. What else can I say? The big problem with folks like you is that you ask questions right off the bat, with little or no reflection nor research.

    The preservation of the Hadith and the Quran were 2 completely separate issues. To make a long story short, if the Quran was handed over by the same people who narrated and compiled the Hadith, there would be no need to narrate nor compile the Hadith at all. Why? Because in that case all the nonsense we see in the Hadith would have been implemented directly into the Quran just as the Jews & Christians did with their Scriptures. The credit of the originality of the Quran does not go to the so-called Muslims. They would love to change it if Allah hadn't prevented their hands from corrupting it. The credit for it goes entirely to Allah who has promised to protect it in a "guarded tablet" or "Lawh-e-Mahfooz" so that the Quran (being the Final Message) can be a witness against mankind on the Day of the Tryst.

    Yes specific timings are mentioned in the Quran for prayers. Aren't you aware of the time range of the different parts of each day we spend? Uptil sunrise when the slightest of brightness start to appear in the atmosphere is dawn (fajr). From 12 noon begins the early afternoon period (dohr). From approximately 4 p.m. until about 15 minutes prior to sunset is late afternoon (asr), from sunset until dark is maghrib, and from dark until about 30 minutes prior to dawn is nighttime or Isha. Therefore, of course one can pray between the time slot. What's so difficult about this? That's why Allah has mentioned those specific timings so that we can know the approximate stretch of period within which each prayer of the day is valid.

  13. @ Anonymous

    .... continued ..

    Concerning the method of prayer, I learned my prayers from the Quran. The physical gestures mandatory in prayers are ruku, sajood, reciting Fatiha (7 oft repeated verses as stated in the Quran) and reciting whatever of the Quranic Surahs one can remember. All this is asserted in the Quran. That's all we require. Other than this, everything included in salat is subjective. E.g. I may offer 2 rakahs for fajr as I deem mandatory. Someone else might decide upon 8. Neither can be argued upon as right or wrong. Both have to be accepted. In fact, despite the Hadithist boast that Hadith teaches prayer, Muslims all over the world of different sects and madhabs differ in their method of prayer except for ruku, sajood, reciting Fatiha and the recitation of brief Surahs which are the standard requirements for all.

    Secondly, the reason why the Quran does not emphasize on the physical method of salaat is because the method already existed in the Arabian society. It had already been introduced and was being practiced from the time of Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh), 4000 yrs prior to the coming of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). But during those thousands of years, the Arabs gradually corrupted the ideology of Monotheism (Tawheed) and drifted toward polytheism. Thus, even though the pagans continued offering their prayer in much the same physical method as taught by Prophet Ibrahim, their prayer was not directed toward Allah, The One and Only. Instead they prayed either directly to their 350 idols or used these idols as intercessors. This was the BIG MISTAKE they made which ruined the ideology of Monotheistic Faith. The purpose of the Quran regarding salaat is to correct the ideology of prayer, not the method. The method already existed. The purpose of the Quran concerning prayer is to inform the people that their ruku & sajood must be directed to Allah alone and NONE else.

  14. @ Anonymous

    .... continued ..

    The linguistic beauty, the consistency of logic, the scientific & historical prophecies, the impartiality and flawless concept of justice are among few of the many evidences of the Divine status of the Glorious Quran.

    I think you first need to ask yourself, how strong is your own faith in the Monotheistic ideology. If that's weak, then you are wasting your time and my time putting these very discrepant questions here. My blog is for believers, not for skeptics. If someone is a waverer with a heart full of doubts, all I can say is may Allah grant them guidance. If you are in doubt, I cannot help you. Nothing that I say will lessen your doubts not seem sufficient as a response .. unless you reflect for yourself upon the Quran by reading it regularly with a contrite heart. Thus, Allah Almighty says in the Quran to the Prophet (s) "Lo! thou (O Muhammad) guidest not whom thou lovest, but Allah guideth whom He will. And He is Best Aware of those who walk aright."

    And the guidance of Allah is granted to those whom He considers worthy of it, those who work hard to understand the truth and successfully fend off Satanic temptations to doubt the facts.

    Some useful links are as follows: You might need to copy & paste the URLs in your browser.

    (Compilation of the Glorious Quran).

    (Hadith conspiracy against Quranic compilation).

    (Reasons why the Noble Quran doesn't the 'detailed' method of salaah)

    Salaam and peace.

    1. And the latest link is here at Zainab's Lounge:

      The Noble Quran teaches the method of prayer (salat), not Hadith.

  15. Sister it would be better if you would have responded to my queries with a positive attitude and if you have not address me as an idiot or stupid I would have taken your reply with more respect and open heart… No hard feelings “Lakum deenakum waleyadeen”

    By the way can you provide me the reference from the Quran for the salah timing – not exactly timings, that you have already provided, but the detail you have provided about the periods of different salah –

    “From 12 noon begins the early afternoon period (dohr). From approximately 4 p.m. until about 15 minutes prior to sunset is late afternoon (asr), from sunset until dark is maghrib, and from dark until about 30 minutes prior to dawn is nighttime or Isha”

    Next how and from where you got this knowledge that:

    “walaqad ātaynāka sabʿan mina l-mathānī (And certainly We have given you seven of the oft-repeated) [Quran 15:87]”

    Is referring to Surah Al-Fatiha, and not the other surahs with 7 verses?
    Or “Seven of the often repeated” could be anything.

    Secondly how have you reached to a conclusion that the Opening Chapter of the Quran should be recited in every prayer, from the above mentioned ayah? Plz enlighten me. Because I couldn’t find, anywhere in the Quran, that you should recite Surah Al-Fatiha in every Salah.

    “The writings of the Noble Quran were the most precious possession of the Prophet and his family. These were preserved extremely carefully during the lifetime of the Prophet, and soon after he passed away, the complete set of the Quranic revelations written on parchments, leather sheets and paper were taken under the care of Abu Bakr and other close members of the Prophet's family. The safe keeping of the Quran was strictly within the Prophet's family after his (pbuh) death and that too for a short time because it soon began being compiled in the reign of Omar bin Khattab and the compilation was compelted by Usman bin Affan, the second and third righteous caliphs, respectively.” [http://muslimvilla.smfforfree.com/index.php?topic=938.0 ]
    Plz enlighten me with the source of information, and who told you that everything was pen downed in the life time of the prophet (SAW) and then later on was compiled by His (SAW) successors.


    Brother in Islam

  16. As-salaam Alaikum. @ Faizan, first of all I didn't call u an "idiot." Instead of asking me for proof of Allah's Book, you first look to yourself and give me proof of your lie by accusing me of not responding with a "positive attitude." I said your question was "silly" and there's a big difference between a "silly" question and being an "idiot." But your sulky temperament coupled with your silly questions have now given me enough reason to think that you are really an idiot. Not just an idiot, but you are also extremely impertinent, in that, you don't even believe that the Quran was compiled honestly by the close members of the Prophet's family and instead you need proof for that. You never asked for proofs for the lies written in Hadith but u do need proof for the Quran. Yes, "Lakum deen akum walay ya deen." To you your religion and to me my religion. I am a Muslim, a submitter to Allah alone and I have nothing to do with people like you whose hearts are full of doubt about Allah's final Message.

    If you get rid of your laziness and do some research as I did you, you'll find plenty of info regarding compilation of the Quran. So pull up your socks and start doing your homework instead of asking me these unnecessary questions. If the Quran was not compiled by the close members of the Prophet's family & friends, then who compiled it? You? or me? or a thief like Abu Hurairah who came to Medinah when he was 25 years old and spent only 2 years in the Prophet's lifetime? Then who compiled it???? And if the Quran was not compiled on leather sheets & parchments intially, then where else would it be written? To be honest, I have no patience with super dumb ones like yourself. You people simply get on my nerves.

    How do I know surah Fatiha must be repeated in every prayer? This is another very retarded question. The expression "seven of the oft repeated verses" ... what do you think it means? "Oft repeated" means those verses which are recited everytime. The reference is to prayer. Thus, it means the Surah with seven verses which are recited in prayers everytime. Which Surah has seven verses and it's compulsory for recitation in every salat? If not Fatiha then which one? Use your common sense. I cannot make it any simpler.

    Salaat to be offered five times daily, not thrice. Check the salat timings here. If you don't understand it and I know you won't, then that's your problem. I am not going to answer nor publish any more questions from you.

    I repeat, your questions are too sub-standard which waste too much of my time and spoil my day. I will not accept them in future.

    Thank you.

  17. @ Faizan. Continued ..

    Here's the most important issue about the preservation of the Quran. It supersedes compilation. Allah, The Exalted, has stated that the Noble Quran is in a "guarded tablet" or Lawh-e-Mahfooz. This is mentioned in more than one verse. This means that it will be retained in its original till the Day of Resurrection. Hence, Allah Almighty has categorically confirmed that He has Himself taken the responsibility to protect the Quran from getting corrupted by human hands as had happened earlier with the Old and New Testaments. This Divine promise has been true to His last words uptil today. We have seen it for ourselves. It's now been 1,433 years and the Quran is still one-hundred percent original, and will remain so until the end of time, as asserted by Allah.

    Compared to this, there is no such thing as a Divine guarantee to preserve all those nonsensical collections called Ahadith. Thus, no wonder we see the Ahadith to be in a total mess! Apart from the fact that it's full of mistakes, contradictions, slanders, vulgarities and gossips .... every decade at least a thousand new ahadith are scribbled by the imams and so-called scholars and infiltrated into the various collections by being falsely attributed to the Prophet. For that reason, new ahadith pop up every generation. Many of those ahadith which were known to our parents were not known to our grandparents. Many of those ahadith known to us were not heard by our parents. Similarly, many ahadith which our children will learn will be new to us. That's because the Hadith institution is highly corrupted. It's the opposite of the Quran which is preserved from the time of its revelation until the Last Day.

    The Hadith is exactly like the Christian and Jewish bibles. Just like these various collections of the bibles are full of tales and myths written by the priests and so-called saints and falsely pinned up on Prophet Jesus, son of Virgin Maryam, similarly the Ahadith narrated by so-called sahabas (many of whom the Prophet had never even met) and later compiled & edited by the imams were falsely attributed to the Prophet. In fact there are Ahadith which even falsely claim to be the words of Allah, by calling itself Hadith Qudsi. InshAllah, Allah Almighty will punish these liars on the Day of Judgment.

    Not to mention, even the contents of the Hadith are largely borrowed from the Bibles. E.g. Stoning for adultery, return of Jesus, suicide being a sin, portraying black dogs as devils etc. etc. are the type of rubbish found in Hadith directly taken from the bibles. Thus, the counterpart of the Bible & Torah is the Hadith, NOT the Quran. The Hadith followers are basically following Christianity.

    I'm sure for a man with a mind as limited as yours, this simple issue which Allah has clarified in the Quran about its preservation would be too difficult to understand. Your question would again be to bring "proofs" as to why I say the Quran is original. If that's the question bubbling in your mind, then just keep it there. Don't you dare put such a rude and worthless question on my blog based on your ignorance and careless disrespect for the Noble Quran.

  18. Much wisdom do you hold, Zainab. I have been a sunni my entire life and though being devout, I always felt my faith to be in a state of 'vacuum' so to speak. I knew that my prophet (alledgedly) married a 9 year old and stoned adulterers and it was like a thorn in my feet. Then recently I just came to realise that when you throw away all the Ahadiths, you are left with the true religion of faith and peace. No chopping off heads for apostacy which actually contradicts Quran, I will let Allah tell us below.

    4.137: Those who believe, then disbelieve and then (again) believe, then disbelieve, and then increase in disbelief, GOD will never pardon them, nor will He guide them unto a way.

    I am not much more of a Muslim than I was before, all this from the grace of Allah, the Wise creator of all things. If only these people would understand that Bukhari was the biggest sham islam has ever known. The man claims to have collected/compiled/authenticated 600,000 hadiths in his life, but simple mathematics prove him to be a liar and a composer (muharrif). Give him 1 hour to authenticate each hadith (HUGE underestimation of the real time required, but let's go along shall we?) that means 600,000 hours = 25,000 days = 68 years! 68 years of non-stop hadith compiling and authentication? Did the guy not sleep or eat or drink for a single minute even?!
    I laugh at the past, what matters is the present and the future (Yaum A-Ddin).

    Please visit an article I wrote about parallels of hadith and Judaism on a Quran-only forum.

  19. Salaam and peace. Right Anis, Hadith is a major liability that has completely distorted our beautiful Faith in the eyes of the world. To further embellish this curse, the modern imams have donned Hadith it with their fatwas. If you read Bukhari and al-Muslim collections, it clearly feel that the compilers and the narrators went baloney to such an extent that they didn't even care to sound decent. And yet, the stupid Ummah, instead of putting these 2 criminals on trial and sending them to the trash can, try to find excuses for their mischief. Instead of abandoning these criminals, the Ummah ostracizes those sincere believers who are wise enough to detect the criminality of the criminals. Wallahi! what a scenario ..

  20. contd ..

    Bukhari was very obviously working for a cause. That cause was to deviate the future generations from the Quran as much as possible. All these Persian compilers travelled to Arabia, learned make-shift Arabic and compiled not just the falsehoods of narrators who had died 150 years ago, but also added to those falsehoods in the name of compilation. Folks like Bukhari, his student Muslim bin Hajaj, Nasai, Tirmidhi, Tabari (the biggest & most shameless cut-throat who gave Salman Rushdie the green light to write "satanic verses") were all Zoroastrians, commonly known as "parsis" in Pakistan. These clumsy parsis had an evil hidden agenda, which was to distort the original Islam and take it back to the pre-Islamic days. Unfortunately they succeeded because the followers of Islam turned out to be such super goons & morons. After falling in love with these parsis, the Ummah forgot that the source of Islam is the Noble Quran and NOT "traditions." The beloved Prophet (s) only said to hold on to the Noble Quran. There was no such thing as "sunnah" during the time of the Prophet.

    And of course, Abu Huraira was a confirmed crook and enemy of Allah. First off, all of Huraira's ahadith are narrated by him alone without a witness which is supposed to be a clear violation according to the Hadith rule itself. Yet it is ignored in the case of Abu Huraira as a concession for this thief. Furthermore, Abu Huraira was never known as a man with a super memory. He was an ordinary loafer who loitered and arrived in Medinah from Yemen. He spent barely 3 years in Medinah and during this period he only saw the Prophet (S) and met him formally a few times, let alone spending time in the Prophet's company as his confidant as claimed by the gossip mongers. Nothing of the sort!

    The most ridiculous thing was that soon after the death of the Prophet (S), Abu Huraira suddenly & supposedly got a super memory. A brain which was like a PC xt suddenly blossomed into a 486 33Mhz with a CD drive containing a wikipedia of 8,000 Hadith comprising of every word the Prophet spoke. And the Ummah believes it. May Allah Almighty dump these munafiqs in hell to be used as fuel for its fire.

    Many thanks for the link brother Anis. I will surely InshAllah read it.

  21. Salam Zainab,

    I agree with what you just said 100%, you must be reading my mind! I have already started a youtube channel (NoHadithForMe) in which I vocally try to expose some severe errors in Hadith and generally why I think these people are of doubtful nature. I have recently dedicated a 19 minute video in which I lampoon and make fun of Abu Huraira (father of cats) based on accounts of him which literally expose him to be a liar and a very lowly person. I don't know if you speak Arabic because I chose to make the video in Arabic.

    I also found it quite strange that most of these Hadithers were of Persian/Uzbeki origin and that most of them only studied Hadith, nothing else!

    Hoping to see more wisdom from you!

  22. Wa'Salaam Anis. I would be very happy to get the link of your Youtube channel and watch your recent video.

    And yes, right. All these suspicious Zoroastrians belonged to the region of Khorasan in the north-east of Persia. In those days, not just Iran but many adjoining areas in the north were collectively known as Persia including the north-east province of Khorasan which comprised largely of Uzbekistan. All of these conspirators (Bukhari, Muslim, Nasai, Abu Dawood, Tirmidhi etc.) were from this region in the north-east. Also 2 out of the founders of 4 madhabs were from north-east Persia, that is, Abu Hanifa and Ahmed bin Hanbal.

  23. I know, it's like soon Muslims will start worshipping fire, hehe!

    Here is the link to my video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rlpohG4dTo

  24. Haha ,, with the kind of unconditional love they have for their imams,I wouldn't that past them, if the imams tell them to do so.

    Thanks a lot for the link, brother. InshAllah, I'll enjoy going thru it.

  25. hey sister i want to do a very long discussion with you. My e.mail abdulhamid1991@hotmail.com

    You have completely mis understood the religion ( audhu billahi an akuna min al jaheleen).

    What kind of insults are you doing to one of the most famous and truhtful sahabas.? And what kind of ignorance and lack of knowledgre? And your terrible and unacceptable views about Bukhari (.

    Audhu billahi an akuna min al jaheleen) May Allah forgive your insult to abu hurayra ( ra.) and imam bukhari ( ra.) I invite you to a discussion if you. Ad my mail Abdulhamid1991@hotmail.com.
    it will be a peaceful discussion.

  26. Abdul Hamid ,, the long discussion is already on this thread of comments. What more discussion do you want? I've had plenty of "long discussions" with folks like you in the past. None of you ever spoke an iota of sense other than condoning your kuffari taught to you by Mr. Bukhari & co. AstaghfarAllah !!!!! And now I've realized that each one of you is more ignorant & stubborn than the previous one in your race to reach Hellfire. Your mind is too pre-conditioned with misguidance for a logical discussion. What matters to you is the pagan tradition of Bukhari, not the truth. Allah will deal with you and your likes on the Day of Judgment. Thank you very much. But I am not interested in the "sunah" of criminals like Bukhari and Abu Huraira. If you think I'm wrong, then have patience and wait until the Day of Judgment. I am patient. It's the Hadithists who frantically keep jumping like frogs. Guilty conscience, eh?

  27. Salaam. This is Heba - member of MV Team.

    Abdul Hamid. If you want a long discussion, it's right here.

    I quote Verse 9:128 (Surah At-Taubah) of the Noble Quran:

    "There hath come unto you a messenger, (one) of yourselves, unto whom aught that ye are overburdened is grievous, full of concern for you, for the believers full of pity, merciful." (9:128).

    Read the above verse very carefully. What do you understand from it? Allah mentions the love, concern, sympathy and consideration that the Prophet (pbuh) had in his gentle heart for the believers. Someone as compassionate and considerate as the Prophet (which Allah Himself describes in the Quran) ever tell the believers that if they fail to go to the masjid for Fajr and Isha salat, there homes will be burned??

    To justify this bad & false Hadith, some crazy Hadith follower once said that the purpose of its harsh language is to emphasize the importance of going to the masjid for Fajr & Isha. Again wrong! The Noble Quran is about Truth, not oppression. Subsequently, the Prophet preached Truth and not oppression to the believers which has been made crystal clear in Verse 9:128. Therefore, would the Prophet (pbuh) ever state something as cruel and impractical as arson to highlight the importance of salat???? This Hadith is NOT haqq, it is baatil. The Quran rejects baatil completely. Even if you claim to use baatil for something you consider to be a positive cause, the use of baatil as your modus operandi makes that positive cause very, very negative!

    Furthermore, why are you hankering after a debate through your personal email. Sister Zainab does not debate through emails. She, and all of us at MV, debate in public so that everyone can see what we're discussing. Therefore, feel welcomed to carry on with your "long discussion" right here BUT stay on topic. The topic of this discussion is why did Abu Huraira narrate such an obnoxious lie and why did Mr. Bukhari compile this nonsense in his collection with the audacity to call it "sahih" ?? We don't want to know about Bukhari's biography and who he was or who Huraira was. We already know all that much better than you. You only learn what your ulemas & sheiks claim about them from their collection of tall stories. But we have done our thorough research and have scooped out all hidden information which your ulemas have been concealing from you since the last 1100 years.

  28. Wa'Salaam and many thanks sister Heba for completing my response and making it more comprehensive.

  29. you ARE SUCH A FOOL, dat run away from questions ZAINAB, IF DAT IS UR NAME. la anatu llahi alaihi

  30. Anonymous aka "Abdul Hamid" the pinhead ... thanks for making me roll with laughter. You know what's the sign of a guilty person with no courage and no shame? He picks his shortcomings and pins them on the innocent. How deftly you've learned that lesson. What else can one expect from those who have renounced the true Islam and are following the pirated one. You are invited here for a "long disucssion" on this topic that why did that asshole called Bukhari write this lie? You have refused to participate in it because you have no answers and thus no confidence to debate in a public blog .. so you call me to debate through "email" where no one will be able to witness your off topic nonsense. Why should I debate thru email? I don't even know who the crap you are except that you are some lowly disbeliever who wishes to discredit the Noble Quran and the beloved Final Messenger for the sake of protecting a polytheist parsi kafir called Bukhari. All our debates are in PUBLIC. I repeat my question - why did these two criminals of Islam write this lie which is one out of many? Let's see who runs away from question now.

  31. LMFAO ,, Abdul Hamid .. applause !!!!!! You acknowledged your defeat even before you began the discussion along with that old Hadither tantrum of namecalling. What a coward! you have made your fear so obvious and your 'strategy' to save yourself from the embarrassment of your own defeat only dips you further into that pot of feces from where all liars emerge. Go Hadither, find a professional and get some help for your mental health issues of gutlessness and lack of rationale. Only after that can you be considered fit to rejoin the human race.


  32. OK .. Abdul Hamid got scared and ran away, and to save himself from looking like a clown called me a "fool." He won't debate here, wants me to talk only quietly through his "email." ROFL. This is disappointing Abdul Hamid. I was looking forward to a "discussion" on this thread with you and also invite a few others to join us. I didn't know you were such an anti-social cowardly man, frightened out of your wits to debate in public.

    I've kept this comment thread open for a long time. Uptil now no Hadith supporter came up with any logical reason why madman Bukhari and that loafer Huraira indulged in this lie. The readers can see for themselves, go through this thread and make up their own minds. The truth is right before all of you. I repeat, no Hadith joker has been able to answer why Bukhari wrote such an obnoxious lie.

    Abdul Hamid's (aka "anonymous") comments are the latest proof & example of the total inability of the uneducated Hadithists to give a logical answer to support their Ahadith bullshit. All of you can see that Abdul Hamid insisted I come and talk thru his email. I and my colleague Heba said we want to talk here on this topic. The moment we said that he chickened out with an insult calling me a "fool." I am sure all you readers can see for yourself who is the real "fool" and coward.

    I it's needless to keep the comments open for this blog entry any longer. No hadith follower has the brain nor the knowledge to talk sense. May Allah grant guidance to the Hadith followers even though I think they don't qualify for HIS guidance.

  33. You are completely right Zainab, I agree with you that Abu Huraira is a liar. He's also a misogynist because of his women hating hadiths.

    1. and how do you jnow that he wrote them, you fools are like the ones who readss a news paper article and consider it gospel.

    2. Anonymous (dated January 24, 2013). Yeah brother, I'm sure you and all of our believing / Tawheed following readers must be having a good laugh at the attack of this heretical Hadith cult leader, Sadiya Hosaon, and her gang of loafers. They are asking me that if I don't like Hadith why do I spend so much time on it? They have exposed their hypocrisy & utter shamelessness from this query only, for it is now crystal clear that these people are engaged in cyber organized crime of attacking websites with trash & spam if they don't agree with their contents. Obviously a cult group would need a lot of time to itself to go about indulging in such vandalism. Their lack of shame goes so deep that they also accuse truth-seekers of "intolerance." As you can see, until now, they have trashed this thread with over a dozen comments. But not a single refers to the contents of my article. All comments are directed at me personally. Consequently, they give me no pathway to start a debate based on the topic. How "enlightened" !!

  34. And in what Hadith other than Allah and His Ayaat will you believe?

  35. You have no adab. To call anyone a liar is a sin and here you have the audacity of calling scholar like Imam Nhukari and companion of Prophet (saw) a liar. You have no hikma, did you meet Abu Huraiyara or Bhukari? How do you know he actually said some of the things. A Muslim must be humble, where is your humility, all i can see is arrogance.

    1. @Anonymous.

      You see only my "arrogance." And how much humility do you think I see in your sweeping generalization of stamping me for lack of "hikma" ?? What do you know of my work, my research and my untiring efforts to catch these loafers and thieves?

      Moreover, where the heck is your humility and resolve to stand firm by Allah and His final messenger to say "NO" to the traducers, forgers and malefactors who have gone on a merciless rampage to squinch and warp the original Final Message of Allah as delivered by His final messenger and to discredit the great personality of the final messenger through this bundle of crap called 'Hadith??' You apparently don't have the guts in your rear, do you? That's clear as daylight from those 5 ridiculous lines you've written.

      How do I know if Huraira actually said some of the things? Well, this question of yours itself proves the correctness of the title of this article. Here's how it goes. First of all, Abu Huraira's vandalism doesn't simply consist of "some of the things" as you apologetically stated. Rather, his offensive narrations are peppered across the entire hadith literature. It might be true that concerning some ahadith, he might have been double-crossed by a few similar thugs like himself coming after him. After all, what goes around comes around. But surely we cannot give him the benefit of the doubt for all of those 7,000 or 8,000 pieces of balderdash tucked up in the bukhari & muslim collections. As history tells us, the practice of ahadith became rampant during the rule of the Ommayads. They were officially made an annexation to Islam in the reign of the Ommayad ruler, Umer bin Abdel Aziz. That was concerning Hadith narrations. The second step was compilation of the Hadith. The work of compilation began during the rule of the Abbasids, when these Persian imams (who were fairly recent converts from Zoroastrianism) came to the Arab world with the pretext of "collecting the Prophet's traditions" or "sunnah" as they called it. These Persian cheats were greatly encouraged and helped by the Abbasid rulers who treated them like guests. During this period, people like Bukhari and his student, Muslim bin Hajaj, are widely known to have edited quite a few of the ahadith they collected. So yes, they might have edited some of Abu Huraira's hadith by making them still worse, or might have edited a few by making them appear a little less offensive. Therefore, the bottom line is, both Huraira and Bukhari fervently played their roles as forgers and cut-throats. Thus my title "WHO WAS A GREATER LIAR, BUKHARI OR ABU HURAIRA?"

      Did I meet Huraira and Bukhari? Well you know what? Both Huraira and Bukhari clearly had a hunch that majority of the future Ummah would comprise of blindfolded slaves of the imams - yourself being a spectacular example. They didn't even make an effort to hide their mischief. They simply wrote whatever their dirty hearts desired. Hence, truth-seekers like me and my colleagues have actually been able to achieve much more by not meeting those hypocrites. The blatant disrespect, outrageousness and vulgarity strewn across the Hadith literature only tells us that neither Huraira nor Bukhari cared a fig what you guys thought of them. They knew nincompoops like you and sadiya would stand up for them, rub their ass and reject every bit of truth that exposed them.

      So we will see on the Day of Judgment who has more "hikma" - you, me, Huraira or Bukhari. I have no problem waiting calmly. It's you folks that are constantly fretting and jumping in to interrupt me with you illogical talk. My humility is reserved for believers only .. NOT for the guilty NOR for those who plead for the guilty.

    2. @ Anonymous .. just how much "adab" do you have in your flat refusal to defend my beloved Prophet against Mr. Abu Huraira and Mr. Bukhari's defamations of him?

      Since you have no clue of what you are talking, just shut up.

    3. Hey Anonymous ,, did you ever meet Salman Rushdie? I'm sure you didn't, yet you must be knowing that the man is a gust of evil fart. So, how do you know it if you never met him? The answer is that you know it from the nature of his work. A douche bag never farts when you are meeting them. He farts in your absence. Then you have to investigate by following the trail of the foul smell, where the fart came from and why. The story of Abu Huraira and Bukhari is similar. The Hadis institution has many patches of odor that smell really rotten. But the inquest is not difficult. All we need to do is to open the Hadis-cupboards and then we discover the skeletons hidden by Abu Huraira and Bukhari inside those cupboards emitting the foul & farty stench. The Hadis bungling is so discrepant that actually concealing those discrepancies is more difficult for the so-called scholars & imams than investigating and exposing them to warn people. Your unprofessional questions are a glaring proof of your being a simpleton at the command of your spell casting imams. That's why they want you guys to remain dumb and not ask any questions. They don't even want you to read the Holy Quran on your own without consulting them so that they can misinterpret the Message of Allah by mixing it with the Hadis lies.

    4. @Saracen ,, perfect analogy :) :)

    5. Well you can call me whatever you can but your views are ridden with hate and some of you are makng sweeping judgments and questioning my love for the Holy Prophet (saw), which by itself is a sign of arrogance.

      Did anyone here meet Imam Bhukari or Abu Huraiyra, if not, then do the right thing and shut up.

    6. these people are the araab , their imann is still incomplete, they have learnt a bit here and there and they feel they can abuse and insult anyone at will.
      I know this woman Zeynab, she runs a site where they reject the sunnah of the Prophet (saw).

    7. And how much humility did Abu Huraira have in proportion to his evil guts to lie about the Prophet (saaw)? Why don't any of you Hadees fanatics ever look into that for a change?

  36. if you hate hadith so much then why spend so much time on it. I agree some are ludicrous but to slam people as liars and other offensive labels is foolish and over the top reaction. Islam teaches tolerance and manners, something that you lack.

    1. @ Sadiya Hosaon.
      Despite trying to sound cool, you couldn't have been more indiscreet of your identity of being a patron of the enemies of Islam. You acknowledge the ludicrosity of hadith yet prefer to cover them up rather than warn the people of being misled. If a westerner insults the Prophet (pbuh), there are demos and carnage across the Muslim world .... and even though I don't support violence, I understand the hype because its a sensitive issue. Yet, when the imams themselves insult the Prophet with a sea of utter lies, we are supposed to keep it a secret. Not to mention of the ammunition it provides to Islamophobes to baselessly attack our great Faith only because of the traditional treachery of folks like yourself. Islam teaches us tolerance, yes. So would you misinterpret this aspect out of context, as you have, by going to the depth of ignorance of preaching silence over the distortion of the Quran and the exemplary character of our beloved Prophet (pbuh) ?? Your shameless words have only displayed your preference to protect your imams at the cost of defaming the Prophet (pbuh). I seek refuge in Allah from those who fear Him as little as you .... who apparently do not even recognize the concept of 'Amr bi al-Maruf Wa Nahy al-an Munkir.'

      Indeed a very substandard comment from S. Hasaon.

    2. Sadia, first look up the meaning of 'tolerance' before making a clown of yourself as you have. The psychological hallmark of a supporter of falsehood is that they always attempt to dump their own madness on the innocent. You are just another example. I've known Sister Zainab for years. She is such a well-read, hardworking and dedicated person in her cause to support the Book of Allah, the Quran alone, and her loyalty toward the final Messenger. And you, doused in your mental darkness, have the audacity to spin that around and address it as 'lack of tolerance' in favor of two award-winning liars like Bukhari and Abu Hurairya. Shame on you.

    3. The fact that you are angry and using insulting langiage shows you dont even have the basics of what a muslim should be.

    4. @Sadiya ,, pelting stones from a glasshouse! Read you own comment. Ah! how respectful you were !! Calling the author "foolish" and "intolerant." You're even a bigger hypocrite than I thought. Still greater shame be on you.

    5. you crazy retard, when was the last time you had an orgasm, calling people kuffar and all, who are you to make such statements, even the kuffar is the creation of Allah and He may decide to guide them, get this into your goof head you crazy woman.

    6. And sadiya goes about ranting accusing us of using insulting language. The above comment by Anonymous dated April 16, also written by sadiya with name "anonymous" is for the world to see. What "great" language you are using, isn't it.


  37. Quoting Sadiya Hosaon:
    "if you hate hadith so much then why spend so much time on it."

    Cancer researchers spend so much time studying this disease. Does that mean they love cancer? How the f*ck is one supposed to find out the facts and figures of a scourge unless one doesn't spend time to study it?

    1. the fact you use abusive language shows you do not posess the basics of what a muslim should be. your example is as short sighted as your view.

    2. Sadiya .. and the very fact that you are an aggressor not just against Allah by not accepting His Book without the man-written filth of Hadith, but you have also preemptively attacked this blog with your gang of loafers. That makes you worthy of much more insulting abuses than mentioned anywhere over here. I know who you are. You and your den of thugs have attacked Zainab before in other networking sites. You are an indecent woman who cannot mind her own business and who defames the slaves of Allah because they refuse to become slaves of the corrupt imams.


    3. You are so silly and so stupid, your god is your arrogance, shame on you. Where has Sadiya said about not accepting the book of Allah, this is slandering that is a major sin in the Quran. All i see on this blog is abuse and hate against fellow muslims, pathetic!!!!

  38. so is this a website where people are rejecting the sunnah of Prophet (saw).

    1. Correction please: It's a blog that rejects the sunnah of Mr. Bukhari & co.

      We follow the Quran only as our beloved Prophet (saaw) did. The Prophet took his sunnah only from the Final Message of Allah, not from Bukhari, Tirmidhi, Nasai etc.

      Bukhari's sunnah is followed only by the Hadith lovers who are a heathen-cult trying to revive the pre-Islamic days of ignorance through the evils called Hadith and fatwas filled with unacceptable inventions that plainly clash with the Glorious Quran.

      "Say: Have ye considered what provision Allah hath sent down for you, how ye have made of it lawful and unlawful ? Hath Allah permitted you, or do ye invent a lie concerning Allah ?
      And what think those who invent a lie concerning Allah (will be their plight) upon the Day of Resurrection ? Lo! Allah truly is Bountiful toward mankind, but most of them give not thanks."

      Thus, Sadia and her gang member, the entire chain of anonymous(es), have been condemned directly by the Divine Words. What more is left to talk about?

  39. Zainab it seems you are obsessed with yourself, seriously you need some dose of humility and learn to be come. Allah (swt) has given a free will to all of us and to judge the faith of others is sign of arrogance.

    Get this in your head " there are many by mercy of Allah (swt) who know that Quran is over all other books. I find it arrogant and offensive if somone accepts aa hadith that contradicts the Quran and i find it equally offensive when soneone abuses authentic hadiths that do not contradict the Quran and those that abuse the companions of the Prophet (pbuh). Are you a Shia, for abusing the Sahaba is a great past time of the Shias?

    1. Sadiya, if you are so averse to the idea of not rejecting the Hadith, and accepting Allah's Book only if it's paired up with the man-written Hadith, a clear act of horrific kuffari, then why are you spending so much time here? You should know darn well that we will never cave and accept your disbelief.

      Are we Shiias ???? Can you not read English? If yes, then read the author's note at the right corner of the blog.

      Be it Sunni or Shiia, all sectarian is HARAM according to the commandment of Allah.

      "And hold fast, all of you together, to the cable of Allah, and do not separate .." [3:103] ‘Al-Imran’ - Noble Quran.

      "Lo! As for those who sunder their religion and become schismatics, no concern at all hast thou with them. Their case will go to Allah, who then will tell them what they used to do." [6:159] ‘Al-An’am’ - Noble Quran.

      "And lo! this your religion is one religion and I am your Lord, so keep your duty unto Me.
      But they (mankind) have broken their religion among them into sects, each sect rejoicing in its tenets. So leave them in their error till a time." (23:52-54) 'Al-Muminin'

      Sadiya, you ignorant woman, you are so sunk in the darkness of your mind that just about nothing you say conforms with even an element of truth.




    3. Quote Sadiya: "and to judge the faith of others is sign of arrogance"

      You lying woman, what have you been doing all along if not judging the faith of this blog writer?



    1. Exactly PT .. this is precisely the Hadisist modus operandi. They cannot argue based on the contents posted because they have nothing to say. They are caught and cornered. Their only defense is to fly into a rage with personal insults of making the truth teller look small. In the process they only demean themselves further. It will be a good idea to kick them out and block all their future comments. However, I'm glad several of their approved comments are posted here for public viewing. Their own words prove their empty minds and lack of substance to overturn the truth, other can their personal diatribe, which is useless.

      Goodbye to Sadiya and her "anonymous" band of vandals. Your attack does not scare anyone. We only fear Allah.

    2. Yes, the world see the cyber attack and dumb replies filled by personal belittling by these unknown gang of Hadisist buggers under the command of ringleader, sadiya.

  41. Hey Sadiya! A recent fatwa by one of your Hadith following Imams in Cairo has banned all you women from touching bananas and cucumbers. Why? What have you naughty ladies been doing with yourselves?


    1. ~ LMFAO ~ and now according to another Hadither-cult cleric, there is yet another invention, even filthier than this. He calls it "sexual jihad" allowing women to offer their bodies to terrorists to give them encouragement.


    2. I read these links just now. Left me shocked. Taubah and AstaghfarAllah. This is what happens when people abandon the Quran.

      Thanks for this information. It should be sent around to all Muslims so that they can beware. They have the right to know the truth.

  42. lol, rofl .... these Hadith walas are such clowns. They have really made a fool of themselves this time. You will always notice this ,,,,, their standard reproach is picking on others' manners as if they have very good manners themselves. They have nothing else to say except things like "is this the way you talk to a Muslim?" "don't you have respect?" "don't you have adab?" "don't you have anything to do?" "you are so intoleran?t" etc. etc. They only say these type of things because the are too unintelligent and uneducated to discuss a topic. Ignorance is their lot.

    Let me tell you something. In this thread you Hadith walas have been treated with a lot of respect, much more than you deserve. What do you expect? Do you really expect any decent human being to treat you like VIPs when you have fallen so low that you don't even nurture any shame giving your support to munafiqs and the enemies of Allah?

    Yes, we have no respect for people like you, Hadisers and kuffar. Everyone else we respect very much. But Hadisers and kuffar we don't respect. They are fuckers.

  43. Yes, kick out all hardline Hadisers. It's pointless talking to them. Since they are reprobate people with plenty of time to quarrel and spread fitna, they can go on and on because this is their job - to seek fitna through baatil and reject Haqq by concealing it. They have again proven it here as clear as daylight.

  44. Salam Sister Zeinab and colleagues. This is some information. Last week while talking to some friends, somebody said that there is a hadees that warns of burning homes of community dwellers if they don't go to the masjid for fajr and isha prayers. and I kinda felt faint .... like what ? no way. The Quran says that the prophet pbuh was sent as mercy to humanity. how could such a great and humble man say a thing like that ? my brother helped me to calm up. he said this is hadees, the Muslim bible. it's a human construction. not prophet's words. so don't put anything past it. just as you find so much absurdity in christian and jewish bibles cause they been changed by people, hadees is the same story. then things started to fall in place in my mind. we did google search to find this hadees. your place, both blog and forum, was right there. reading it finally soothed me to realize that our religion is beautiful, its the people who mar it. this is prize clarification. otherwise newcomers can get thrown off the track with shock and disgust at the enormities carried in hadees. I have read several hadees of bukhari and muslim but not the whole collection. I was told that if i explore it, i will find worse ones than this. Allah have mercy and protect us from shaitan. why do people lie so much in the name of Allah and prophet?
    Thank u for your work and time sister. the wealth of info here attracts me.

  45. My simple comment is: People have started believing in Hadees, more then QURAN and when you debate with them thaey start questioning authenticity of Quran (Nazubillah. We as muslims are doing nothing different then what Jews and Christians did to Holy BOOK. Only thing is that we cannot change Quran, so they brought in Hadees to brain wash people.

    People even don't know that all Hadees collectors where Persian and not Arabic. So, this was all about corrupting the Arabs at that time and now religion itself is badly effected by it.

  46. Peace and blessing of Allah be upon those who strive for truth and act accordingly.
    Dear Zainab.I am very much enlightened by your blog and I did not just stumble upon it rather it was my searching of the truth and finding as to why Islam is the most divided religion on earth today?and have come to the conclusion that all this is due to the 4 Imams and subsequent books of Hadith which have been treated by most of the Muslims as SAHIH Authentic instead of holding fast to the ultimate true book the Holy Quran. It is mentioned in this glorious book that if there arises any dispute,misunderstanding or quarrel then refer to Allah and His Messenger.Now Allah's messenger is no more among us so the only way to refer our problems is to adhere to the commandments of Allah through Holy Quran. It would have been more informative if someone had mentioned with reference from Bukhari narrations where our Holy Prophet is portrayed absolutely in a negative way.
    I would like to have comments and clarifications from any of the Hadith lovers regarding the under pasted narration from Bukhari.It has been translated by University of South California.
    BUKHARI Volume 7, Book 63, Number 182:
    Narrated Abu Usaid:
    We went out with the Prophet to a garden called Ash-Shaut till we reached two walls between which we sat down. The Prophet said, "Sit here," and went in (the garden). The Jauniyya (a lady from Bani Jaun) had been brought and lodged in a house in a date-palm garden in the home of Umaima bint An-Nu'man bin Sharahil, and her wet nurse was with her. When the Prophet entered upon her, he said to her, "Give me yourself (in marriage) as a gift." She said, "Can a princess give herself in marriage to an ordinary man?" The Prophet raised his hand to pat her so that she might become tranquil. She said, "I seek refuge with Allah from you." He said, "You have sought refuge with One Who gives refuge. Then the Prophet came out to us and said, "O Abu Usaid! Give her two white linen dresses to wear and let her go back to her family."
    The translator has used very respectable words but in Arabic the words are abusive.
    would some Hadith lover explain this ?
    The losers from Persia knew that they will never be able to alter or manipulate the Holy Quran because Allah Almighty has said that "WE have sent it down and WE are its Protectors"So they chose to write books which would divide Muslims in the coming generations.Up till today the people who have never seen the book of Bukhari let alone reading it,quote the narrations with confidence and without shame.
    Please ignore any grammatical mistakes as English is not my mother tongue.
    May Allah guide us all to the right path.

    1. Another abusive chapter of Bukhari

      Assalamo Alaikum
      Dear Sister Zainab
      I have been searching the internet to locate English translation of a chapter from Bukhari but could not find and I am pasting here the Arabic text of that chapter and I will try to translate whatever would be possible and I would request you get its proper translation since Arabic is not my mother tongue but I am able to understand 80% of it which is again a drawback for any Muslim who wants to follow Qur’an and get firsthand knowledge of Qur’an and Hadith.I am so surprised ,saddened and angered to read such narrations about our beloved Prophet (SAW) and how cunningly Bukhari articulated the title of this chapter. Here is the Arabic text followed by my own translation which might not be exactly what Bukahri narrated:
      See this chapter here at the following internet link.
      110-Can one travel with a slave girl when she is menstruating?
      Hassan did not see any problem in kissing her or having intercourse.
      Ibn Umar said in case of such a slave girl with whom bed is shared, when she is given as a gift, or sold or set free, her pregnancy ought to be checked by her menses(if she is pregnant or not) and for virgins this test is not a condition. And Atta said if a slave girl is pregnant, there is no harm in benefiting from any other part other than vulva. ( ما دون الفرج this also means below the vulva (
      This is the translation and then Bukhari adds from Qur’an: 23-6 (Except from their wives or those their right hands possess).
      It is known fact that Bukhari’s fiqh (Thoughts and Ideology) is in his titels.Bukhari proves by relating Hassan that one can have intercourse with menstruating woman and by relating Ata that same woman can be used apart from vulva.And after relating this immediately Bukhari narrates under it the following.
      Translation of 2120:
      Told us Abdul Ghaffar son of Daood: Yaqoob ibn Abd al-Rahman, Amr ibn Abu Amr, Anas bin Malik, may Allah be pleased with him said
      Translated by: Muhammad Muhsin Khan
      English (translation) ref: Vol.:3, Book:34 Number:437
      From; http://al-islamic.net/hadith/bukhari/34
      The Prophet came to Khaibar and when Allah made him victorious and he conquered the town by breaking the enemy's defense, the beauty of Safiya bint Huyai bin Akhtab was mentioned to him and her husband had been killed while she was a bride. Allah's Apostle selected her for himself and he set out in her company till he reached Sadd-ar-Rawha' where her menses were over and he married her. Then Hais (a kind of meal) was prepared and served on a small leather sheet (used for serving meals). Allah's Apostle then said to me, "Inform those who are around you (about the wedding banquet)." So that was the marriage banquet given by Allah's Apostle for (his marriage with) Safiya. After that we proceeded to Medina and I saw that Allah's Apostle was covering her with a cloak while she was behind him. Then he would sit beside his camel and let Safiya put her feet on his knees to ride (the camel).
      Now Bukhari’s intention is quite clear narrating the story of Prophet of Islam just after narrating pornographic statement. He has very cleverly used the word TRAVEL instead of INTERCOURSE.He wants to prove that the Prophet of Islam was a woman snatcher (Nauzubillah) and forcefully marrying women.
      This much for now and will be posting more INSHAALLAH.
      My question is (Is there any contemporary of Bukari who were against his book?)
      Kindly give references so that my faith on Qur’an may strengthen.
      Stay blessed
      Asif Raza

    2. The abusive chapter in Arabic

      110 - باب: هل يسافر بالجارية قبل أن يستبرئها
      ولم ير الحسن بأسا أن يقبلها أو يباشرها.
      وقال ابن عمر رضي الله عنهما: إذا وهبت الوليدة التي توطأ، أو بيعت، أو عتقت فليستبرأ رحمها بحيضة، ولا تستبرأ العذراء.
      وقال عطاء: لا بأس أن يصيب من جاريته الحامل ما دون الفرج، وقال الله تعالى: {إلا على أزواجهم أو ما ملكت أيمانهم}. /: المؤمنون: 6/.
      2120 - حدثنا عبد الغفار بن داود: حدثنا يعقوب بن عبد الرحمن، عن عمرو بن أبي عمرو، عن أنس بن مالك رضي الله عنه قال:
      قدم النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم خيبر، فلما فتح الله عليه الحصن، ذكر له جمال صفية بنت حيي بن أخطب، وقد قتل زوجها وكانت عروسا فاصطفاها رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم لنفسه، فخرج بها حتى بلغنا سد الروحاء حلت، فبنى بها، ثم صنع حيسا في نطع صغير، ثم قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: (آذن من حولك). فكانت تلك وليمة رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم على صفية. ثم خرجنا إلى المدينة، قال: فرأيت رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم يحوي لها وراءه بعباءة، ثم يجلس عند بعيره فيضع ركبته، فتضع صفية رجلها على ركبته حتى تركب.
      [ 36

    3. Thank you for putting this up brother Asif Reza. I'll try to find the translation though it's not worth it. We all know very well that 90% of the stuff written or compiled by Bukhari & co. is evil, corrupt and depraved.

      Yes brother, I had earlier read those ahadith on Safiya and the kissing of slave girl ... these are very cunning and vulgar LIES by Bukhari and other compilers, and those indecent men who narrated them. So horrible that they cannot even be read before women and children. The Hadith lovers call them "hadith," but in reality these are porn .... porn constructed on pure LIES. The introduction of such deceit and counterfeit are unacceptable and unspeakable .... not to mention of the grief they cause within the hearts of true believers. But now I know that the men who wrote and compiled these highly shameful works were not Muslims at heart and they had a hidden agenda. They were the enemies of Allah and the friends of Satan. They only succeeded to attract the attention of those who gave ear to them and thus fell into Satan's trap. They will never be able to lure us. We should not expect anything decent from them. Decent work comes from decent people. Indecent people cannot and will never produce decent work. These men wanted to erase the original Message of Islam (the Noble Quran) in favor of the man-written practices of the days of jahilya. This cunning institution of Hadith has spread all over the Ummah like a festering, stinking root of a rotting tree. It might not be possible for the small number of believers left in this world to cut off this evil root and neither is it our responsibility to do that. We are answerable to Allah only for our own deeds, not theirs. Therefore, it's of utmost importance for us to stay away from their misguidance and NEVER become a party to it. May Allah be Witness to that.

      I have read Bukhari and Muslim from cover to cover ...... and the vulgarities & transgression they contain is enough to leave any true believer's head spinning like a top. It's also enough to tell that these people belonged to a very low stock. I'm sure in his lifetime the beloved Prophet (sw) would never even consider to spend a single minute in their company. The Prophet (sw) will InshAllah, himself be a witness against these dissemblers on the Day of Judgment. All we need to do is to wait a little with patience. All of these hadith narrators and compilers - BIG LIARS - have now died. Their followers are still making merry by preserving their filth, and still calling themselves "Muslims." They will all come to know the truth on the Day of Judgment. Let's see whether Bukhari or Anas or Huraira or any one of those fabricators, cheaters, falsifiers and distorters will come forward and defend their hadith followers on the Day of Accountability. They will be numb with fear of their own guilt.

    4. You asked if there were any contemporaries of Bukhari against his book. As far as the medieval clerical circle was concerned, I don't know of anyone against him because they were all similar to him in attitude. Muslim bin Hajaj was Bukhari's student. Tirmidhi and Nasai followed the same trend. Tabari, the Zoroastrian convert, was anther big liar who intentionally misinterpreted Surah An-Najm by falsely claiming that the revelation of this Surah was disrupted by Satan. BIG LIE! May Allah punish this man, Tabari. And it was because of this lie spoken by Tabari that hundreds of years later, the crook, Salman Rushdie, cashed on Tabari's falsehood and wrote that revolting & sickening book titled "Satanic Verses."

      I'm sure there must have been many common people living during the same period as Bukhari and his successors who didn't agree with the culture of Hadith. But it was not possible for them to stand up against these pharisees publicly. They would have to remain silent about their disagreement. The reason being, the culture of Hadith was supported by the Muslim monarchies that came to power after the passing away of the Prophet (sw) and the four righteous Caliphs. The two monarchies responsible for starting the Hadith culture were the Ommayads and the Abbasids. Ommayad rule was the era of goading the Hadith narrators, and Hadith officially became a part of Islam during the reign of Ommayad ruler Umer bin Abdul Aziz. The Ommayad rule was short, less than 100 years. Then came the Abbasids who ruled for over 500 years. This was the era of Hadith compilation. It was during this period when all those Persian imams, selfish cheats, came to the Arab world and the Abbasid rulers treated them like guests and facilitated the work of compilation for them. It is also widely known that during compilation, these Persian imams edited many narrations. Some narrations are said to be edited more than half a dozen times. Therefore, in some hadiths it's the narrator who is responsible for the lies while in other hadiths it's the compiler who is responsible for the offensive contents by double-crossing the narrator. And hence, the title "who is a greater liar, Bukhari or Abu Huraira?"

    5. It's important to remember that misguidance always attracts the majority much more readily than guidance. Allah has already clarified this aspect in the Quran, quote: "If you obeyed most of those on earth they would mislead you far from Allah's way." (6:116). Therefore, the support of the majority for any ideology is NO proof of its correctness. Majority maybe a show of greater worldly strength because of its large numbers but it does NOT guarantee righteousness. What is right or wrong is something we need to decide through our own perception by utilizing the Noble Quran as our Sole Criterion. A very simple example for this would be the status of the Christians at present. The Christians have also deviated completely, even more than the mainstream Hadith following Muslims. The Christians too are divided into various denominations or sects. They are no longer Monotheists (followers of Tawheed) because they refer to Essa as "son of God" (nauzbillah). The is the pathetic condition of majority of the Christians .. 98%. There are about 2% who still follow the original Message of Allah as revealed to Essa, son of Virgin Maryam. This 2% still adheres to the concept of Tawheed and they don't agree with the altered versions of the Bibles because they know it's been completely changed and does not comprise of the words of Allah any longer. Therefore, this 2% is still rightly guided. But their number is so small that the world hardly knows about them. But again, the fact remains that as far as guidance is concerned, it's this small minority of 2% that is right guided in the Sight of Allah. The majority of 98% is WRONG.

      Therefore brother Asif, do not get disheartened by reading the bad things written by lunatics like Bukhari etc. He and his successors have borrowed many of these transgressions from the altered Chistian and Jewish Scriptures. If you read those altered versions of Old & New Testaments, it's even worse than the Hadith books. The secret mission of these people was to distort the truth. By the grace of Allah, a few of us have been able to catch their guile. Unfortunately the majority have been caught in Bukhari's trap. But let's not worry about them. They will have to answer for themselves. We are not responsible for them.

      Last evening I was reading Surah Al-Hijr in which Allah states: "It may be that those who disbelieve wish ardently that they were Muslims." (15:2). This is very true. The term "Muslim" means those who have submitted only to Allah with no other distractions such as following the imams or hadiths or fatwas etc. Those who are misguided, are subconsciously guilty of their own violations and therefore they always harbor an element of envy toward true believers. For that reason, you will find the hadith followers keep coming to Quran alone sites including this blog, only to taunt, fight and insult personally. They go on and on with their badgering. This behavior is basically the result of their own guilt buried within the subconscious of their minds. They have an inkling that there is something wrong with what they are holding on to. But they do not have the insight nor the dedication nor the courage to reflect and correct themselves by turning to Allah and giving up the annexations they are following. We have no problem being calm and waiting for the Hereafter. But they cannot keep themselves calm. They are always disturbed, jumpy and agitated.

  47. Dear amraza .. As-salaam Alaikum and thank you very much for your intelligent comments. I agree with every word you stated. That hadith you quoted is another horrific lie against our beloved Prophet (sw), a drop in the ocean amidst tons of relentless violations peppered across that evil literature called 'Hadith.' The Hadith lovers, far from explaining the impertinence and depravity of their deviant imams, waste no time attacking the truth-seekers who express their shock and grief at these sinful violations. Our efforts to warn the community against the fraud of Hadith is met with fury, as if we are the violators. The influx of attacks by Hadith lovers on this thread is a classic example of that, to the extent of compelling me to put strict moderating rules of almost all my blog entries on Hadith topics. But such hostilities are trivial issues which can never prevent a truth-seeker from their pursuit of the truth. Alhumdulilah.

    If you visit the Hadith board of our discussion forum, Muslim Villa (link given below), you will gain access to a larger variety of information on the corrupt history of Hadith. It is important to know all of that hidden information the clerical circle desperately tries to conceal, so that we understand that we have rejected the Haram institution of Hadith rightly. Otherwise we would be unable to answer the questions of Allah on the Day of Judgment. InshAllah, on the Last Day the beloved Prophet (sw) will himself be a witness against those traducing imams who have mocked the Noble Quran and defamed the final messenger of Allah with such lowly gossips along with those who supported the spread of these falsehoods. InshAllah, ameen.


    1. As-salaam Alaikum
      Dear Zainab.Thank you very much for directing me to Muslim Villa and for the first time it gave me the feeling and hope that with spreading the truth through the Holly Qur'aan will eventually bring this once great Ummah to unity as it was during the time of our beloved Prophet(pbuh).I will be following you posts regularly to further enhance my knowledge and spread it through print and electronic media.
      Thank you once again.
      Stay Blessed

    2. Walaikum Salaam. You are very welcomed amraza, and blessings of Allah be on you for your understanding of the truth. InshAllah, if Allah wills, the ummah will reunite through the Quran alone, as was practiced by our beloved Prophet (sw). No matter how small that ummah might be, it's a pleasure to think of having a group of true believers who look at the Quran with the complete and undivided recognition it deserves, not the recognition through lip service while distracted in practice by the writings & words of their imams .... who don't even grieve when they read the writings of the hypocrites, mocking the Quran and slandering our beloved Prophet The deviance of the Hadith followers is scary. Worst of all, their attitude of being convinced of their infallibility and total inability to perceive their pitfalls is the type of misguidance from which we need to seek refuge in Allah Almighty.

      I will quote that Hadith you mentioned in a separate blog entry as people have the right to know the truth.

  48. Some Hadith lovers try to justify themselves by claiming they only follow the "authentic" ahadith. Yet they have never explained how a they determine a hadith as authentic or otherwise except for that standard & deceptive label called "isnad" or chain of narrators, a method which is fraught with flaws and anything but foolproof. They proudly call it the "science of hadith" to impress newcomers, hiding the fact that this "science" has more holes in it than a piece of swiss cheese. Anyone can construct a seemingly correct isnad in just 10 minutes with the slightest of knowledge of family & social relationships/status of narrators. What's the big deal in that? But hadith doctors have themselves been stuck in a quandary deciding the cases of those countless hadiths which may have a seemingly correct isnad but the contents are obnoxious and hair-raising! Until now, I have seen no "science" in this eye-wash called "science of hadith."

    Even those hadith lovers who claim they accept only "authentic" hadiths are in no hurry to cleanse their hadith literature of the huge bulk of bad ones it contains in the name of "sahih." I ask them why? All hadiths have the same controversial sources and same suspicious backdrop. If a hadith lover's excuse to accept a so-called authentic hadith is their claim that it's compatible with the Quran, then in any case we have the Quran for reference already. Why leave that and go to an outside source creating an avenue for interpolations and contaminating the purity of Allah's Commandments?

    The bottom line is, there is no such thing as "authentic" in hadith. Whoever cares to follow the truth will look at nothing else but the Book of Allah. It's only the lukewarm ones who keep glancing at every man-written book & phrase around them and are thoroughly distracted from the Book of Allah.

  49. As Salaam Aleikum, Sister Zainab.

    As a Theology graduate (BA/MA), I agree with the rejection of Hadith, and the acceptance of the Qur'an as the ONLY valid source of Islam. To whose words does the honest Muslim pay heed: Allah's or those of the collections of the 'Hadithin'?

    Am I Muslim? Allah knows! Certainly, I am Tawhidi, but avoid congregation simply because of sectarianism. All I can do is practice according to my understanding/ ijtihad, rather than obeying the distortions of schismatic traditions, or the dictates of some imam or other. What is really bizarre is that following a conversation about Islam, where I expressed some of my understanding, a Muslim friend once told me that I would be a good imam if I was Muslim! Actually, I have adopted many everyday, mundane aspects of Islam as part of my life. For me, right now, Allah is enough.

    All I know, from my own understanding, is that Islam is a way of peace. Not being a speaker/reader of Arabic, I must rely on English interpretations. I have just found this one, http://19.org/books/quran-a-reformist-translation/ , which will likely 'replace' my A.J.Arberry rendition. What do you think of the reformist translation, if you are familiar with it?

    Peace and Blessings,

    Ismail Salaam

    1. Walaikum Salaam brother Ismail Salaam.

      As I've clearly learned from the Noble Quran, the term 'Islam' means to surrender or submit one's purpose of life to Allah, the One and Only. The word 'Muslim' refers to the person who surrenders to Allah Almighty only. Thus, 'Islam' and 'Muslim' both denote strict Monotheism (Tawheed). Anyone who genuinely submits to Allah alone, and molds his or her conduct carefully in accordance with Quranic laws & principles by taking the Noble Quran as their "Sole Criterion" as commanded by Allah, without the distractions of any other man-made laws (i.e. Hadith, fatwas etc.) will automatically be a "Muslim" in the Sight of Allah, even if that person has not taken the shahadah formally. Allah knows what is in every person's heart, and intentions greatly determine one's actions. A true submitter to Allah will make sure they follow the Noble Quran entirely, not selectively. Therefore, a true submitter will have already accepted the terms of the Shahadah in their heart & soul, even if they don't perform it as a formal oath-taking ceremony before the world. And Allah knows whatever is kept secret and whatever is proclaimed.

    2. As Salaam Alaikum,

      Wa'l hamdu l'Illah for you kind words, mumin sister.

      Regarding the original purpose of this thread, do we not see the horrific results of following this path of falsehood (that divides Islam) EVERY DAY in the so-called 'Muslim world'?

      And who is the worse liar, the progenitor/propagator of the lie, the recorder/transmitter of the lie, the broadcaster/preacher of the lie?

      Bism'illah ir-rahman ar-aheem:

      "(An-Nisā' 4:136) O you who believe! Believe in Allah, and His Messenger, and the Book which He has sent down to His Messenger, and the Scripture which He sent down to those before, and whosoever disbelieves in Allah, His Angels, His Books, His Messengers, and the Last Day, then indeed he has strayed far away."

      Whose books?

      HIS BOOKS!!!

      I think that makes it quite clear.

      Now I'll have to learn classical Arabic, so as to read al-Qur'an correctly.



    3. As Salaam Alaikum.

      A caution regarding this interpretation of al-Qur'an, http://19.org/books/quran-a-reformist-translation/

      Please be aware that it seems to be little more than a vehicle for the expounding of the 'number 19 mathematical code conjecture'. It also contains several appended chapters that serve to grind Edip Yuksel's personal axe.

      Also, be aware that sura 9, ayas 128-129 are unnumbered & italicised (out, but not quite), presumably to fit in with this '19er' conjecture.

      It seemed right to mention this, in case new readers of al-Qur'an be misled by yet another politically biased interpretation, regardless of how accurate the actual textual translation may be.

      As Salaam Alaikum


    4. Walaikum As-salam and thank you brother Ismail. We completely reject Rashad Khalifa's theories and his so-called "code 19" hoax. Rashad Khalifa followers have no place in our blog nor our online forum. Similarly, neither do we fit into the circles of Edip Yuksel nor Free Minds .. even though Edip Yuksel signed in to join our online board, we didn't take him because he is on a completely different path.

      Some links of interest:

      "Rashad Khalifa - the modern day hadith writer and deceiver"

      "Khalifa's 'code 19' hoax"

    5. Thank you for the links, sister Heba-e. I found a similar rejection on Quranic Path's website.

      'Code 19' is just more unnecessary/unwarranted innovation, trying to add to that which is complete, & worse, trying to subtract from it by abrogating verses to 'prove' a hypothesis, & worse still, the so called 'Submitters' continue to insert the impostor's name (& glorify the dead man).

      Astaghfirullah. May Allah make our hearts strong, & our vision clear.

      On a lighter note, I found this:

      'Code 19: Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged.'

      Be happy in the love of Allah.

      As-Salaam Alaikum.


    6. Walaikum Salaam brother Ismail. Yes, this Rashad Khalifa group is a curse. They are no less deviant than the traditional Hadithists. I hope you get the time to read through the two links provided to you by Sister Heba, my colleague. Quranic Path is also a good site. The brother who runs it used to be a contributor in our website prior to starting his own. Quranic Path and Muslim Villa think quite alike except for a few differences on certain issues.

      InshAllah, let us be happy in the love of Allah. Those are very beautiful words from you that provide me with a lot of comfort. Allah bless you, brother. The enemies of Allah are all around us. But I've never found it hard to ignore them and be focused on my responsibility toward Allah alone.

      وَقُلْ رَبِّ أَعُوذُ بِكَ مِنْ هَمَزَاتِ الشَّيَاطِينِ

      "And say: My Lord! I seek refuge in Thee from suggestions of the evil ones,"
      (23:97) Al-Muminun.

    7. Ameen, sister Zainab.

      Yes I read the links provided by sister Heba, and the further link therein to the thread regarding the synonymity of 'prophet' and 'messenger'.

      The 19er fallacy is dealt with more forthrightly on MV than on QP, but no less righteously. Where ignorance can be alleviated by elucidation, obstinacy sometimes does require a thunderbolt!

      Regarding the 'reformists' (and it should have been glaringly obvious to me in the first place (duh!)): how can what is already perfectly formed be reformed without causing damage? 'Rediscovery' makes more sense, like archaeologists cleaning/clearing away the centuries of sediment/dirt that cover it to rediscover/uncover a thing of astonishing beauty. Do we then lock it away in an archive, and only tell people about it but never let them see it? Some do, like those who demand that people make shahada in ignorance of al-Qur'an, and declare that those who have not made shahada (publicly) should not even read a translated interpretation, let alone touch anything written in the 'sacred language'. And such people would, and have called me 'kafir' because I would not say the second part of the kalimat-i-shahada to them, in spite of their attempts to trick me into saying it in front of witnesses. Astaghfirullah.

      May Allah's Peace, Blessings and Guidance be upon all of you who endeavour to uncover the Truth and help those of us who seek it take steps in the right direction.

      (I feel a 'Fatihah-moment' coming on.)

      As-Salaam Alaikum


    8. As far as the substance is concerned, I definitely think that the second part of the shahada is also very important and totally compatible with Quranic values along with the first part.

      'I bear witness that NONE is worthy of worship except ALLAH, He has NO partner nor partners, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the slave and Final Messenger of Allah.'

      Monotheism (Tawheed) is of course the essence of the Quran and precedes everything else. That goes without saying.

      The Quran also makes it very clear that after Muhammad, Allah will not choose any other person to deliver His Message to humanity (which also explains why the Noble Quran is in a "guarded tablet"). Muhammad is the last one.

      Also, the Quran is very forthright about the fact that Muhammad is a human being. Though a very special person and thus Allah describes his exemplary character as of a "tremendous nature," he was human in flesh & blood and a mortal man.

      "And lo! thine verily will be a reward unfailing. And lo! thou art of a tremendous nature."

      "Muhammad is but a messenger, messengers (the like of whom) have passed away before him. Will it be that, when he dieth or is slain, ye will turn back on your heels?" (3:144).

      As for that wrangling over the difference between Prophet & Messenger, it started soon after Rashid Khalifa began indulging in apostasy. He purposely tried to misinterpret the meaning of Verse 33:40, even though the Verse is very clear and simple to understand.

      "Muhammad is not the father of any man among you, but he is the messenger of Allah and the Seal of the Prophets; and Allah is ever Aware of all things." (33:40)

      Khalifa claimed that Muhammad is the seal of the Prophets but not the seal of the messengers. According to Khalifa's self-serving concept, every Prophet is a Messenger, but every Messenger is not necessarily a Prophet. He purposely upheld this very wrong and fallacious view so it would be easy for him to call himself a "messenger." As a response, the Hadith followers began claiming the opposite .. that every Messenger is a Prophet but every Prophet is not a Messenger. They further defined this by saying that every Messenger had received a Scripture but Prophets don't necessarily receive Scriptures. According to traditionalists, Ibrahim was a Prophet and not a Messenger although the Quran mentions that Prophet Ibrahim did receive a Scripture, quote: "Lo! This is in the former scrolls. The Books of Abraham and Moses." (87:18-19). The Khalifa followers were too selfish to be concerned with anyone except khalifa himself.

      The Noble Quran is NOT in conformity with the ideas of khalifa nor the traditionalists. From the contents of the Quran it is very plain that Prophet and Messenger refer to one and the same person. The Divine decision of choosing a person by inspiring him makes him a "Prophet," following which, the Divine decision to begin revealing His Message along with the Divine order to convey that Message to the community makes that "Prophet" a "Messenger." Hence, "prophet" and "messenger" are simply two different expressions within the vocabulary defining the status and duty of the chosen person.

      Thereafter, if every bit of the above Quranic information is compared with the full shahada, it conforms with the principles and ideology of the Quran entirely.

    9. As-Salaam Alaikum, Sister Zainab.

      I see your point, entirely, but I don't see the point of putting so much effort into denouncing the Rashadist fools (there were 82 letters in that sentence: 8+2=10, 1+0=1, which points to the absolute unity of Allah (swt)!!! Does that insight immediately make me an imam?). I'd give more credence to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster than to the 19ers. Actually, I did my own arithmetical check, and got the result of 18.765765726587603123765, which obviously has some deep spiritual significance!!!

      The main question I was raising, and I should perhaps have made it clearer, is how can one make shahada to those whose Islam is corrupt, because they have either never had a choice in the matter (through upbringing) and have therefore been indoctrinated by 'tradition', or to those who have 'dived-in' blindly (yes, I've met some) and ended up in a state of total confusion because of conflicting information?

      'Qur'an alone', and ijtihad according to our own, personal level of understanding makes total sense to some of us, but to the 'madhabbi', whose religion is based upon received dictates (which may include mental and/or physical abuse in childhood), this can be extremely difficult. If someone has been indoctrinated to a lie (and the indoctrinators will likely not be aware that it is a lie, because they've never questioned the authority of their mis-teachers, and so forth), then how does one express one's truth to them? We're looking at up to 3000 generations of mis-education through variations of the same lies.

      And here I stand, all alone on an island, with a copy of al-Qur'an, that I can hold and read, without fear, and read the word that was spoken to the mind of the Messenger of Allah (SAWS), with a fresh and clear mind.

      I give praise to Allah for this privilege.

      Be happy in the love of Allah.

      As-Salaam 'Alaikum.


    10. Walaikum Salaam brother Ismail. I think you are missing my point, or at least some of it.

      My denunciation of RK upholders of the so-called code 19 issue isn't whether or not it has a spiritual significance. That decision isn't ours. Only Allah would know about it. But what I do know for sure is that these numerical puzzles have nothing to do with the guidance humans are required to derive from the Quran. Allah's purpose for sending the Quran is acquiring information, promoting human civilization and thus enhancing one's conduct - the cornerstone of which is Monotheism. The Quran isn't a Book of maths. Furthermore, whatever historical and scientific information are contained within the Quran (and surely it does contain quite a lot of that Alhumdulilah), are mentioned as references, analogies or similitudes in the course of specific instructions and lessons God wants us to understand and learn. Thus, code 19 or any similar analysis cannot be taken beyond presumptions for the simple reason that such an approach to analyze the Quran is completely unwarranted within the Quran itself.

      Moreover, when you are running a Quran alone website or blog, you need to be articulate on precisely where you stand, lest you are misunderstood. Unfortunately I've discovered for myself, the expression "Quran alone" has been widely and relentlessly misused. Khalifa was only one example. There are many more in their own different ways ... their common aspect being selective reading of the Quran by picking those Quranic contents that suit their personal views/purposes and overlooking or twisting the rest. Consequently it has resulted in incorrect / inaccurate translations ..... or, as I would say, motivated translations. By the Grace of God Almighty, that negative trick is completely absent from my ideology and subsequently from my works. A lot of my readers have observed it and appreciated it immensely as I never keep them guessing in the dark on what I'm trying to propagate. It's easy for my readers to discern I have NO hidden agenda. If that is misread by some as "putting too much effort into denouncing" the ones I see as phoneys, I'm sorry. But that's the way I must keep it to prevent my forum & blog readers from misunderstanding me and helping them to know effortlessly the perspective in which I see & follow the Quran.

      As for the shahada, briefly put, what I meant was that mentioning the Prophet (sw) as being the slave of Allah and His final Messenger after the confession of accepting Allah as the Only Deity Who has NO partner nor partners, is totally compatible with Quranic information. Therefore, there is no point also in putting so much effort to avoid it. If anyone thinks that including the second part of the shahada is un-Quranic, that's none of my concern. However, from everything I've understood of the Noble Quran, I personally do not agree with that omission.

    11. As-Salaam Alaikum sister Zainab.

      True, you do have a point, especially as the 19er cult teaches a doctrine of kufar that promotes shirk as true Islam. And it's not kufar in error; it's deliberate and wilful, and based upon a distortion and misrepresentation the message of al-Qur'an to deify their false prophet. To Hell with them: they are accursed.

      And those who 'quietly' promote them by helping them distribute their lies cannot be far behind them.

      Perhaps I should be more angry about such abominations.

      Please don't be sorry, sister, your adab is most appropriate: attagirl!!! May Allah bless you with all the strength you need in your dedication to keeping the Truth in the light, for all to see.

      As for the kalimat-i-shahada, without the second part, it it surely incomplete. Any unitarian (kafirun included) can say the first part. What the second part does is complete and 'seal' the kalimat-i-shahada by acknowledging the Messenger (SAWS) of Allah (SWT) and thereby (without having to actually mention it by name) acknowledging the authenticity of al-Qur'an as the final revelation, SEALED!!! This is my understanding, so please correct me if I am in error.


    12. Yes, exactly brother Ismail. This is precisely what I meant.
      Allah bless and protect all sincere believers.

      Please do feel welcomed to visit and read my forum whenever you like. The relevant links are as follows:

      Glorious Quran board

      Islamic issues board

      Hadith discussions board (critical view)

    13. All praise be to Allah, and only to Allah is praise due.

      And thank you, sister Zainab, for your forbearance and kindness, and your welcome. May Allah bless you and guide you.

      I shall certainly visit your forum at the Muslim Villa: I have a story to tell, or several.

      For many years, my heart has been troubled about my direction in life. And in the past week or so, I feel that I have been put to a hard test, one that demands a conscious decision on my part, through my own free will. And I have reached a decision, one that demanded that I abrogate my wilfulness, my selfishness, my egotism.

      I give up, I surrender, I lay down my weapons of resistance.

      I seek refuge in Allah from that which is evil and rejected.

      In the name of Allah, the Giver, the Forgiver:




    14. Ameen, ameen. May Allah Almighty reward and bless you for your insight, brother.

    15. Thank you sister, and may Allah reward, bless and sustain you.

      I've been to Muslim Villa and left a message in the guest book, but I after a look around, I don't think I'll be registering to join in the 'majlis'. While I agree with much of what you have written, my overall perspective of Islam is somewhat different to that expressed at Muslim Villa, and indeed to that here at your lounge.

      As-Salaam Alaikum, wa Rahmatullah wa Baraka atu.

      Allah hafeez

  50. Assalam Alekum

    Wallahi. This hadith is truly depressing. I was most dismayed reading it. So much that at first when I read it here a few days ago, I didn't believe that a hadith like this really existed. But then when I did some research with its particulars, I found that you are right. This hadith does exist in the Bukhari book. How could anyone narrate this, much less, how could anyone select it as an authentic narrative regardless of what the "isnad" says? For a correct judgment, the comparison must be made with the Qur'an, not with the "isnad." The Qur'an confirms:

    "There hath come unto you a messenger, (one) of yourselves, unto whom aught that ye are overburdened is grievous, full of concern for you, for the believers full of pity, merciful." (9:128).

    Then again the Qur'an declares "We sent thee not save as a mercy for the peoples." (21:107).

    God Almighty has made it very clear and plain that he sent the Prophet (s) as a mercy to this world. God has also expressed the inner most feelings of the Prophet's heart by stating he is full of concern and pity for the believers. This means that the Prophet was a very gentle and tender hearted person. This has been confirmed by the Divine Power Himself. Then after that, can there be any question of anyone denying that? Yet, Abu Hurairah and Imam Bukhari are accusing the great Prophet of being a cruel arsonist giving orders to burn peoples' homes if they fail to turn up in the masjid for fajr and isha salaat. You are right Sister Zainab. Both these two men are liars. That is the only appropriate word to describe them. If this doesn't mean being a liar, then what does? Can any decent person be obligated to respect this kind of people? As true believers, can it ever be natural for our hearts to feel respectful toward people who talk like this by violating the words of God Almighty, The Highest, and accusing His chosen messenger of cruelty? The narrator and collector of this hadith have both overlooked the words of Almighty God and falsely accused the messenger of ordering the crime of arson. I ask, can any one show respect for such kind of men unless their love for Allah and His messenger is weaker compared to their love for the narrator and the collector of this false story?

    Some Hadith advocates may insist that maybe Abu Hurairah did not say this. Some other defenders might profess that maybe Imam Bukhari didn't compile it but someone else compiled it in his name. But I don't care for all that. Obviously someone narrated it and someone collected it within the medieval clerical circle, and all of them belong to the same lot. Moreover, there is no specific evidence to guess that Abu Hurairah did not say this nor any proof that Imam Bukhari did not collect this. Although I have not read the entire collection of Bukhari & Muslim, but I have read quite a few and many of them sound very awkward. So how many times will the hadith advocates keep giving the narrators and collectors the benefit of the doubt by claiming they didn't narrate nor collect?

    Thank you Sister. May God Almighty reward you for your eagerness to pursue the truth, for your honesty and for your courage.

  51. It is also disgusting to hear some hadith thumpers claim that hadith is not the problem and not the reason for the downfall of Islam. That's like adding insult to injury. How can they claim that? Hadith is squarely responsible for the ruination of Islam. It is hadith that has completely changed Islam with at least 80% of its rules and laws that are totally unwarranted in the Quran. It's hadith that has made Islam just like christianity and judaism because hadith contents are largely borrowed from the altered bibles. We thank Allah (Subhana wa'Taala) for making a promise to protect the Great Quran forever. It is only because of Allah's promise that we still have the Quran with us, and so we don't care what the hadithists follow. We just ignore them and focus on the Book of Allah. If it wasn't for Allah's promise, then we wouldn't have had the Quran with us today. We would have lost it just as the christians and jews lost their Divine Scripture. The ancient persian imams who came in the 8th and 9th centuries (and who were new converts from the pagan practice of zoroastrism) had exactly the same mentality as the christian and jewish priests & rabbis. They wanted to erase the words of Allah and introduce the words of man. But it is the promise of Allah to protect His Final Book that has saved us. For this reason, bad guys like Bukhari and his successors could not touch the Quran. They invented their falsehoods through the separate channel of hadith for which we don't care. Those who are careless and ignorant enough to accept hadith in their lives will have to answer to Allah for themselves.

    All praise be to Allah, The Greatest. Peace and blessings on the final messenger.

  52. @Anonymous dated May 1st and ruhirafay ,, salam and many thanks for your intelligent perception. Allah bless.

  53. Thank you from me too, Anonymous May 1st and ruhirafay.

  54. Muslims like Sadiya who make up the overwhelming majority of people who claim to be Muslim are a far greater threat to Islam than all non-Muslim Islamophobes in the world combined.

    1. As you can see Brother Ozcan, how viciously they have invaded this post. They began doing this all over the blog until we had to throw them all out. Their goal is only to antagonize, getting embroiled in personal mud slinging, and then conveniently blaming the innocent truth-seeker for being "intolerant" and "rude." It's a bit like a bunch of bandits breaking into your home and vandalizing it, and then blaming you of "intolerance" for not welcoming them.

      May Allah Almighty grant guidance to these people, even though they don't deserve it. Allah helps those who help themselves.

  55. The Holy Quran states that The Prophet IS free from doing wrong and badness cannot come close to him! As for the hadith stating that the Prophet will burn those who had not left there house or even to use that as an example to state how important namaz is, is just absurd and disrespectful to the Prophet! Again the Quran says My Prophet speaks nothing but WAHI (revelation) “Wa Ma Yantiko Anil Hawa” So sorry to the very 1st comment by anonymous it defies logic….. As for the comment we cannot invalidate a hadith and call Bukhari and Abu Huraira (which is not his name by the way) is in contradiction to the Quran, Surah Munafiqeen states My Prophet there sits among you hypocrites, So the Quran is stating Muhammad there are some SAHABA (people who sit with you) who are hypocrites! It is incumbent upon us as individuals to seek the truth and separate lies, so we cannot agree with your second comment….. as for it needing a scientific method im sorry but it does not need a scientific method as science only discovers what Allah reveals not the other way round! Also point to note the Prophet stated when one comes across a saying of mine relate it to the Quran if it agrees then I have said it, But if it disagrees discard it! Islam did not spread with the sword it spread through the character of himself, and threatening was not a part of that character!

  56. A person who possesses dignity and respect cannot defend Bukhari, and if he does it is proof that he has not read it carefully, the 1st 4 books contain the most disgusting narrations and majorly in contradiction with the Quran its disturbing, I urge you to read if you have not, and find out for yourselves it would not be proper to quote examples here, SO READ FOR YOURSELVES!

    I find it quite disturbing that reading a few comments down people are still insisting to remove the word Liars as we cannot call them liars….. I state again the Surah Munafiqeen exposes so called sahabas people who sat with the Prophet day in day out as HYPOCRITES…. Its our Islamic duty to differentiate FALSE from TRUTH! I state again the Quran states attatch yourselves to the truthful ones, in order to adhere to that we MUST seek who is truthful and who is not! The Prophet said LYING was the root of ALL SINS!! He did not state SAHABAS did not Lie, Get a grip of your LOGIC!

    IF you read SIRAT UN NABI by Allama Shimli Numani these liars are exposed! The problem is when the Liars are exposed what happens to the Iman of the people who have followed these people blindly with no analysis, reflection…..

    Imam Ali said a person who has no knowledge of a particular thing will always reject it! Some of the questions posted mentioning no names are a proof of their own non-existent intellect and rejection without thought or analysis, or reflection, we will believe what the molana saab says but we will not get off our lazy bottoms and find the answer through abit of hard work, or we will waste 3 hours at the cinema but we will not spend and hour or so to find references! One should not set aside precious time for time wasters!

  57. Well calculated Anis respect and gratitude to you….. seen as we are stating statistics im going to state 1 if I may, Bukhari has only narrated 468 hadiths from Abu Huraira if he is AUTHENTIC why has he narrated soooooo little, what is wrong with the rest of his narrations, if they are not worthy of being narrated by SAHIH BUKHARI (lol) then there must be an issue, I will leave you to ponder what the issue is….. The problem is it was not just Abu Huraira at it there were many many others…. There is a so called hadith in bukhari that the Prophet ate mutton forgot to do wudhu and he read namaz, For crying out aloud this contradicts AYATH e TATHIR , there is another hadith that the Prophet used to teach ablution to men and women TOGETHER OMG!!! JUST STOP AND THINK!!!!!

    I agree totally Sister Zainab , The Islamic empire was enormous and people were prepared to do whatever it took to grab a piece of govern ship….. Muawiyah says to Imam Ali that I have the morons and simpletons who follow me around while you only have a few learned men follow you so I will be successful, this is a man who in Friday prayers made it incumbent to curse Imam Ali the brother, companion, and caliph of the Prophet, Oh but hang on I thought it was sinful to curse the Sahaba of the Prophet so then why is Muawiyah not punished for this act! I could state more but I know its going to fall on deaf ears sadly…..

    The problem is accepting lies has become the norm, now when a lie is pointed out it does not register, for example since childhood up until adulthood we have been told and believe that the LION is the king of the Jungle but no-one stops to think and say ummm hang on the Lion does not even live or go in the jungle, so I guess it’s a difficult task to change peoples understanding even after pointing out the defects and reality that the sun does not shine out of Bukhari…….but through hard work we will succeed…..

  58. Dear All.
    Assalamialikum. I assume that, there may be some hadiths (stated by Abu hurayra or Imam Bukhari) which need review. But this does not mean they were liar. And no way, we can degrade the necessity of Hadiths in Islam. Let us talk less and read more. May Allah help us to find the truth. Amin.

    1. Walaikum As-Salam. You contradict yourself. In a matter as important as this, a single falsehood uttered taints the entire institution. As we know, the institution of hadith contains more blunders than even the jurists have been able to count. Still worse, the hadith hasn't even had the etiquette to use its own name and instead attributes its offensive contents to the final Messenger of Allah.

      I know sister Zainab and her blog/forum team. They read and research a lot more than anyone of us would. They talk after they read to state what they found because our jurists only read the lies and keep silent. Generations have gone astray from the Truth this way. Let us pray that readers do not read as robots but read with the spirit to seek the truth and follow it, and not to defend the follies of the imams and so-called sahabahs at the cost of the Great Qur'an and the final Messenger. Ameen.

  59. Asslamualikum. I appreciate that, sister zainab has a research team. She has discovered some truth which many scholars could not do. I am here to know the truth, no matter, whether i contradict myself or zainab. I ask one simple question to sister zainab and i humbly request for a short/clear ans.

    Do you think, Hadiths are necessary for islam? Pl ans....Yes/No

    If your ans is No.. it will be unnecessary to discuss any of the hadiths that we have in our collection.
    If your ans is Yes...Pl specify the hadiths reference no, which you consider to be wrong/lie. I wana study those hadiths and wana come back again to participate in the discussion.
    Thank you.

    1. @ Mzik Bangladesh:
      Walaikum Assalaam. I think I've made it ample clear that I think hadith is not at all necessary for Islam. That's what I perceive as true and that's the reason we put up our research on our forum, Muslim Villa, and on this blog.

      Sister Nissmi, many thanks helping. I truly appreciate that.

  60. Also please note .. this blog entry is not about general hadith discussion. It's specifically about this particular false hadith.

    For general critical discussions on hadith and why it's an unnecessary interpolation, you will find the relevant topics under "links of interest" on the right side of this page or at Muslim Villa hadith board.

  61. Aslamualaikum. Thank you sister. Your position is amply clear to me now. I have all the good intention to know the discoveries of your research team. I will try to keep track of your discussions. Presently i am following another research center...IRF(Islamic Research Foundation, Mumbai, India). I pray to Allah that, your research will also be able to attract me and many other muslims in near future.
    Thank you.

  62. I would recommend every one to read usool al-hadith by Bilal Philips.. It's really shocking to see u're denying Ahadith. May Allah either guide or destroy you for every single time you said anything bad about the Sahabah (radhiyallaahu anhu ) and please use ur damn brain u're denying every single Scholar who gave their whole life for the this deen which u can't understand.. And if you wanna understand the verses of Qur'an deeply then go read Tafsir ibn kasir or Tafsir al-Qurtubi..

    1. Actually your lot shocks me far more. Rather than us, it might be more likely that Allah Subhanu Wa'Tala may destroy you for ignoring the perfection of His Commandments in preference to the analysis of human clerics. Allah guides those who are worth His Guidance. With your rigid dependency on "tafsir ibn kathir, qurtubi" and so on, you have exposed the depth of your moral lethargy and your utter inability to independently think and reflect (something that's highlighted in the Great Quran again and again), putting yourself in the category of a creature who has rejected The Final Message as the Sole Criterion of right and wrong. Apparently your "criterion" are qurtubi, kathir, Philips etc. etc. and you have opted to be spoon fed with differing human opinions instead of directly accessing the very comprehensive Final Message of the Divine Power and applying your own sense of reasoning based on the dazzling wealth of Quranic information.

      Contrary to you and your likes, our Criterion is the The Quran authored by The Almighty, The ONE and ONLY, in which He has asserted His Final Message as the Sole Criterion of right and wrong:
      "Blessed is He Who hath revealed unto His slave the Criterion (of right and wrong),.." (25:1).
      And thus Allah Almighty has quoted a prophecy in the same Surah about the Day of Judgement when the Final Messenger (pbuh) will say about people like yourself:
      "And the messenger saith: O my Rab! Lo! mine own folk make this Qur'an of no account." 25:30.

      I earnestly pray Allah guides you even though you have made yourself despicably unworthy of His Guidance.

    2. @Zaid Khan. Hadith is NOT the sayings of my beloved Prophet (pbuh). And the notion of ""sabaha"" as reflected in the institution of Hadith has been hugely bungled.

      The problem with unthinking and bigoted minds of Hadithists makes a sad case. After being swayed by misguidance coming from a torrent of misinformation and personal concoctions of your mullahs, the relation of Hadithists in regard to false "traditions" is the same as the relation which existed between the idolaters and their false deities. This aspect has been highlighted by Allah Almighty in the Glorious Quran where He has mentioned about the kuffar that when they are told to focus on Allah alone, they frown and turn away with disagreement. But if a false deity or partner is joined with Allah, then the idolaters happily express their acceptance.

      "And when Allah alone is mentioned, the hearts of those who believe not in the Hereafter are repelled, and when those (whom they worship) beside Him are mentioned, behold! they are glad." (39:45) Az-Zumar.

      The mindset of Hadithists has exactly the same ideological approach. The idols of the kuffar-e-Makkah were their stone carved statues; your idols are your sheikhs & imams and their erratic writings. Sheikhs & imams are humans. They are just as capable of erring as anyone else and indeed they err so often. Hanging their diplomas on the walls from costly Islamic universities doesn't impress Allah. Allah looks directly into one's heart & intention. Neither the Hadithists nor the kuffar-e-Makkah can accept to focus on Allah alone which is the essence of the Noble Quran and the essence of Monotheism (Tawheed). How unfortunate!

      Instead of loitering around in our blog and typing useless comments devoid of common sense, wake yourself up and study the Noble Quran directly to find out how much there is to learn in it without the interference of substandard tafsirs from self-serving clerics. Allah has also confirmed in Surah 5:3 that the Quran is completed and perfected. It's a Standalone Book. It does NOT need the explanations of humans to be completed. And that's why HE guides those who seek HIS guidance by approaching HIM (and none else) directly.

      Life is too short to waste by getting hung up on traditional contents. The kuffar of Makkah wasted their lives saying they would only follow that which their forefathers traditionally followed. You waste you life by getting stubbornly fixated on your sheikhs and imams in the name of 'traditions.'

      I seek refuge in Allah from the misguidance of misguided minds.
      "My Rab! I seek refuge in You from suggestions of the evil ones," 23:97 Al-Mominun.