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Monday, July 17, 2017

Stealth Occupation Of Syria As Sponsors Join The Proxies

        Image Al-Masdar News

To briefly describe the present illegal US occupation of Syria, there are altogether up to 9 US bases across the country .. most important ones in Hasaka, Tal Abad and Tanf. These bases are cleverly placed to serve asbuffer zones preventing the Syrian Army from advancing to strategic points it needs to access in the course of its battlefield operations against foreign invaders.

The goal of the hegemons: Partitioning Syria establishing an independent Kurdistan, total protection of Israeli occupied Golan Heights in western Syria and AlQaeda to be left intact inside Syria.

Despite Russian support for the Syrian government in fighting AlQaeda, an independent Kurdistan is not Putin's problem.  As long as the Syrian government doesn't jeopardize Russian interests and Putin is guaranteed AlQaeda won't reach the borders of Russia, the Russian leader wouldn't mind watching Assad preside over a broken, fragmented Syria. Having said that, the illegal presence of US bases in Syria isn't causing too many sleepless nights for Mr. Putin.

Marauders of the New World are moving precisely on the same path outlined by the Obama regime. The delay and silence in executing Kerry's "plan B" by Trump regime may give the impression of the picture being a bit different on the ground. That's only a perceptual deception. Orders coming from the Deep State have no bearing on who might be its performer at the Oval Office. The strategy is, even if Assad remains, he must be left with a rump portion, beleaguered, isolated and powerless .. the bare remnants of sovereignty wiped out. It was straight from the horse's mouth when a senior commander of Kurdish backed SDF, one of Pentagon's trusted proxies, stated "The US is setting up its military bases in the territories that were liberated from Daesh by our fighters during the fight against terrorism." Replacing one gang of perverts with another is NO reason to rejoice, if only the international community knew.

The hegemons haven't yet finished working on the exploit in Syria and they have begun contemplating on starting another. Three days ago, James Mattis stated to the media that relations between Iran and US cannot improve unless there's a regime change in Iran. Recall the expression "regime change?" It began its journey from Iraq to Libya to Syria .. and now peering into Iran.

Never in world history has the violation of the rule of law (be it international or national) been displayed in such staggering proportions!

“You can’t get a more obvious violation of international law than to actually move in and set up a military base in a sovereign country that has never taken any offensive action towards our country.” ~ Senator Richard Black

What might be the endgame for the knights of the "moderate" FSA and some ethnic groups:

If Syria is partitioned by the neocon outlaws and their double-dealing serfs, the very small band of indigenous Syrian salafists (sprouting from the Syrian branch of MB) commonly dubbed as "moderates" of the so-called FSA will be in for some rude awakening.  It won't be too different for those Assyrian, Armenian, Turkmen and Circassian fighters of the soi-disant SDF now cavorting with militias of the US forces.  By the way, "FSA" has recently been renamed "NSA" (from Free Syrian Army to New Syrian Army) by their US trainers.

Not unknown to anyone, the Syrians of "FSA" turned "NSA" have been too tiny a minority to topple the government so the need arose for its western sponsors to periodically recruit, train and arm thousands of foreign terrorist fighters within the AlQaeda network for the dirty mission to Syria.  The goal of FSA/NSA was to  establish their own style of radical government in Syria somewhat resembling the ousted Morsi regime in Egypt.   Though they didn't want foreign fighters to make themselves permanently cozy inside Syria, there was no way of avoiding it.  Without AlQaeda the "moderates" could do nothing.  Whichever AlQaeda faction they joined, their job description included sweeping the floors of occupied AlQaeda barracks, brewing tea and arranging prostitutes for the heathen-takfiri invaders.  These "moderates" invariably ended up becoming small-fry backseaters with zero authority to make decisions on military operations nor were they allowed to retain the arms cache coming from the West;  their political wing, Syrian National Council (SNC), based in Turkey persistently made a clown of itself on the international stage bragging over transition to "democracy."

Simple as it was, these  brainless nincompoops couldn't visualize they had been aiming their guns at their own foot, paving the way for intruders and trolls in exchange for acquiring a non-entity status for themselves.   If Syrian Kurds are given independence by the 'gracious' Washington DC, the rest of Syria with an abundance of AlQaeda factions will be a hub for anarchists similar to the jungles where wild beasts have their own territorial demarcations with recurrent deadly brawls.  The marginalized minorities consisting of "FSA/NSA moderates,"  Assyrians, Turkmen, Armenians and Circassians waiting for a prosperous future in the absence of Bashar al-Assad, will at best, get jobs at daily wages to scrub the toilet bowls and clean-up the morning crap of their AlQaeda or Kurdish bosses.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Disharmony Within The Takfiri Mafia : Qatar Kicked Out

                Image source:  Press TV News

Inside the Saud dominated Arabian Peninsula, survival is for the fittest.   Observers say it started after Trump's recent visit to Saudi Arabia .... the sword dance and signing of $110-billion arms deal ... Qatar got a bit jealous and the Qatari ruler blew a raspberry at Riyadh and Washington.   Criticism is one thing that has a severe allergic reaction on the Sauds.   Qatar is banished and stamped a pariah with the accusation of "supporting terrorism" - a vivid portrayal of 'pot calling the kettle black.' According to Palestinian journalist, Abdel Bari Atwan, whose readings are accurate more often than not, this could be a prelude to a military invasion in Qatar.   With 10,000 marines stationed there, Washington is scratching its head.   Looks like the approach of a new era when Wahabis will be going to war with each other.   Infighting, wrangling and cranky shit-fits arising from greed and ambition have long been inherent weaknesses within Takfiris.   Saudi Arabia and UAE are already seriously at odds over Yemen.

Not sure how far this is correct;  Qatar reportedly accused US and KSA of trying to destabilize Iran.   Anger of the House of Saud was already close to boiling point because of the Qatari Emir's support for Palestinian Resistance Movement (Hamas). The comment on Iran made the fury boil over completely.  

The story has yet another aspect.  Ostracizing Qatar seems to have come at a very convenient moment.  Recent terror attacks in London and Manchester were carried out by AlQaeda - Daesh and LIFG, respectively.  Theresa May and her predecessor are silently nursing their guilt (as you sow, so shall you reap).   Trump grabbed the incidents as an excuse to justify and re-implement Muslim travel ban in the US.   It was only the British opposition leader who nailed it with the right reaction.   Quoting Jeremy Corbyn, "We do need to have some difficult conversations starting with Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf states that have funded and fueled extremist ideology." That must have rattled the Kingdom's fragile ego.   Deciding to be rigidly on the defensive, it hurriedly ganged up with UAE and Bahrain taking some preemptive steps to play the angels of peace and dump the Qataris as the fall guys.

By the way, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have a history of showdowns.  The last one was in 2014, and it started from the early 1900s. 

Sunday, June 4, 2017

India seeing itself a 'victim' like Syria: Never heard of a more absurd analogy!

               Image source and interview:  dnaindia

Indian channel WION's real motive for interviewing Bashar al-Assad.

India's WION is comparing AlQaeda's terrorism in Syria with the Kashmiri Movement for Independence in India, censoring every bit of truth that that Kashmiris are indigenous people of Kashmir (not proxies), that Kashmir is an overwhelmingly Muslim majority province, an occupied land, demanding independence for almost 7 decades. Plebeiscite denied. Referendum denied. Not to mention Modi government's (the hindu AlQaeda) deadly religious fanaticism / terror against Muslim and Christian minorities of India.

Aware of Bashar al-Assad's isolation - that a drowning man would clutch at anything for support and survival - WION tries to cash in by coercing the promotion of Syria-India relations. Has India ever been up to anything other than dishonesty, guile and manipulation of the helpless? And now it's also trying to act the victim by placing itself at par with Syria. Moreover, the world knows that India is on the best of terms with the US and all its allies. Shame on the shameless, the greedy!

Everyone knows that one of the chief causes of this war in Syria is expansion of Zionist hegemony.  No secret at all that Israel supports Syria's invaders.  Also no secret how hard Benjamin Netanyahu's Indian counterpart is working to strengthen India's ties with Israel from 2015 until the present.

Quoting Times of Israel:
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Indian counterpart, Narendra Modi, sat kiddy-corner in armchairs at this week’s international climate summit near Paris, talking and laughing. “We have the best of relations, and they can be made even better,” Netanyahu told Modi at the meeting. To which Modi responded, “I am happy that often we can talk easily on telephone, we can discuss everything.” 

         Image source:  Times of Israel  (link above)

Also, Israeli Agriculture Minister Yair Shamir, was warmly welcomed when he visited India for 'Gujrat global summit' (whatever that was).  Middle-East Eye.

These are just a couple of examples.  Hobnobbing between the 2  terror states continues undiminished.

The world also knows that the wahabi Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has its own reasons to finish Syria and is just as adamant as Israel.  Last year (2016) when the war was at its height, Indian PM was conferred the highest civilian award by Salman bin Saud in Riyadh, one of Syria's staunchest enemies.  Source Indian Express.

Radical and corrupt politicians and leaders in the category of criminals, crooks and rapists are having a heyday using Syria as a pawn to grab international attention for themselves, each one trying to play either a victim or a friend of humanity for the promotion of national or personal interest.

And oh!  Occupied Kashmir ..

That man in the first image above, sitting on the right interviewing the President, knows darn well that occupied Kashmir is the 'Palestine' of South Asia.  Unfortunately the world knows nothing because all NWO governments are allies of India ... for the same reason the ghastly genocide of the minority Rohigyas in Burma has been given no coverage.   The international community knows of Turkey blocking more than 20 social media sites on the internet.  But unfortunately the world doesn't know that Turkey isn't alone in making such a decision. 

India has blocked all social media sites in occupied Kashmir including Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp, blocking freedom of speech of hundreds of thousands of young Kashmiris.  The agitation has lately led to the death of dozens of civilians by occupying Indian forces who are permanently stationed there, like the IDF in occupied West Bank.  In fact, occupied Kashmir is known to the world's most heavily militarized region.  More than half million Indian soldiers are indefinitely deployed to stop protesters.

Kashmiri youth are trying to dodge the ban on social media by launching their local version of Facebook named "KashBook."  But seems they won't get too far before it's banned as well.  This country sings the tune of the "world's largest democracy" and then claims to be a "victim" of terrorism like Syria.  

Will gross impropriety ever have any limits?

 Horrific violation of rights in Indian Occupied Kashmir.  Source of images Kashmir Valley Gallery.


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Yemen: Rift between two US allies - Saudi Arabia and Emirates

This image from Al-Jazeera- May 13, 2017 shows supporters of Southern Movement in Aden rallying behind Aden's former governor, Aidarous al-Zubaidi, recently dismissed by Saudi backed Rabo Mansur Hadi.  It confirms that the Southern Movement has broken ranks with Hadi's Government.

UAE isn't getting along well with Saudi backed Rabo Mansur Hadi, to the extent that he recently addressed UAE as an "occupation power."   Hadi's inner circle is divided into pro-Saudi and pro-UAE, former accusing the latter of buying weapons to target Hadi's government.   

UAE is disgruntled.  As a member of the coalition, it has suffered more casualties than expected during the last two years of the war in Yemen and achieved nothing in return.  This includes the death of Sheikh Rashid, son of the ruler of Dubai, who was
killed in the Yemeni revolutionary forces' Katyusha attack in Ma'rib province of Yemen.   The truth was covered up by an absurd story that the healthy 33-year-old playboy died of a sudden "heart attack."  The cover-up was necessary because the people of UAE were never enthusiastic about this war.

 Al-Zubaidi, Governor of Aden appointed by Hadi, was kicked out on May 10 for lining up with UAE.   He turned separatist and declared Aden autonomous, much to the pleasure of the Southern Movement.  This Movement, led by Yemeni Sunnis for an independent South Yemen, has been stirring up since several years prior to the war.  When the war began, the Southern Movement allied itself with Hadi presuming that if Ansarullah (Houthi) took over Yemen, it wouldn't allow South Yemen to secede.  But two years on, after continuous bombings by the Saudi coalition flattening eighty percent of the country's infrastructure, matters have unfolded differently.  Ansarullah isn't interested in taking all of Yemen.  They are interested in an independent Northern Yemen where they are predominant.  That suits  Southern Movement fine.   But Saudi Arabia agrees with neither.  It wants the entire country under the rule of a solid Saudi-US-UK-backed puppet and at present Rabo Mansur Hadi is their guy.

Riyadh is befuddled, as it always is in times of trouble.  Apart from the anxious shit-fits, House of Saud doesn't have a clue how handle its fallout with UAE.  Strait of Bab el-Mandab which is located close to the port of Aden is a strategic waterway for international maritime traffic. The presence of a pro-UAE faction based in Aden controlling Bab el-Mandab would be of great advantage to the economy of UAE but a disaster for the Saudis which they won't tolerate.

In addition to the profound humanitarian crisis, the situation has exacerbated well beyond a sectarian war.

                 Image source:  Syria360 Wordpress

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Horrific AlQaeda bombing: Residents of twin villages of Fuaa and Kefraya

SYRIA, on April 15. 
Silence of Western governments & media.

Al-Nusra Front and ISIL carried out a joint attack bombing a civilian bus near Fuaa and Kefraya that killed 126 including at least 80 children.  This act of deadly terror was committed in violation to a negotiated agreement.

          From  Twitter  page

Release of 3,000 hostages of twin villages of Fuaa and Kefraya, supporters of Syrian government, held by Al-Nusra and ISIL for months under brutal conditions was negotiated by the Syrian Government in exchange for 200 terrorists (Western media calls "fighters") captured in the towns of Madaya and Zabadani liberated by Syrian forces and Hezbollah.  Contrary to laughable propaganda, residents of the summer resort towns of Madaya and Zabadani never supported a single infiltrating terrorist of  ISIL nor Al-Nusra.

              From CBC News

The hair-raising inhumanity shown by the two AlQaeda groups stands unique.  They lured hungry children with treats before exploding the bomb for maximum death toll of minors.  Reported by CBC: A little injured girl who lost all her siblings spoke to Al-Manar TV from her hospital bed mentioning that a man in a car came up to them, inviting them to eat potato chips.  The children rushed and gathered for the treat;  minutes later the fierce blast shred most of those little angels to pieces.  Unspeakable!!   For sick criminals like these, even the harshest punishment would seem lenient.  Instead, NO western news outlet nor government has expressed a word of sympathy for the victims nor denounced the terrorists.   Where are the "heartbroken" tears of the Trump family?   Where are the flying tomahawk missiles?

 Inline image 1
  Image source:  Press TV

Height of callousness and mean spirited bias:
Because the deal involves the evacuation of a large number of government supporters, USA and its allies are not helping the evacuation and neither is the United Nations getting involved.

Conclusion: The most important message:
Fact check:
Press TV
First report, death toll has risen since.

CBC News
Note: This is msm.  Therefore not a single condemnation nor the use of the word "terrorist."  Even the image of a masked, armed terrorist is referred to as "rebel fighter."  As long as you're a friend of the neocon world you could be the most spine-chilling dream beast, you would be viewed as a friend of humanity.  Alas this planet!