Shiia Muslims just as unsafe in Pakistan as Muslims are in the radical Hindu state of India

A very, very under-reported story covered by Zahra Haider of 'Now This News.'  It's a small news outlet, the mainstream channels won't report it.   Please watch to know how Pakistan failed to protect Shiia Muslims.   Shame on all successive governments of Pakistan;  a country exclusively created for Muslims, for their safety, yet a certain segment of Muslims in Pakistan end up fearing for their lives each time they step out of their homes or observe their religious duties just the way Muslims would fear for their lives in India under the brutally bigoted Hindu government of N. Modi.  

It's so rightly said that there's no difference between the invention of the grossly deviated Wahabism and the intolerant pagan ignorance of Hinduism.  Both just as sick, from the dark ages of the heathen society.

Also beware of another set of malignant fools, those who view Wahabism as "Islam."

But Allah Almighty is Watching everyone, everything.   No one will be spared on the Day of Judgement, Insh'Allah.     Yet those savages just won't experience an ounce of shame nor repentence. 

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