Does ablution really become ineffective if one passes wind?

Recently, someone at one of the Sunni forums brought up this query. The person asked that since wudu gets "void if one passes wind .. therefore if it wasn't for Hadith, how would we know, because the Quran says nothing about it?"

Here's what the Hadith says on this issue, narrated by none but Abu Hurairah.

"Allah does not accept the prayer of a person who has released gas until he makes a new ablution." A person from Hadhramaut asked Abu Hurairah, "What does releasing gas mean?" He answered, "Wind with or without sound." (Bukhari and Muslim)

Another one ..

"If one of you finds a disturbance in his abdomen and is not certain if he has released any gas or not, he should not leave the mosque unless he hears its sound or smells its scent." (Muslim)

lol .. aren't these comical! Anyhow ..

It's more than a little surprising how much the Hadith followers take every bit of information given in the Hadith as a confirmed truth even when it is NOT confirmed, not even remotely referred, by the Noble Quran.

To consider that passing of wind invalidates the wudu (ablution) is a guesswork ingrained in the minds of our brethren by the irrational narrations of Hadith which make no sense and have no logic.

Instead of blindly following the guesswork of Bukhari, let us use our common sense and think. Why does Allah not mention that passing wind would break wudu? There must be some reason for it because Allah does NOT forget anything.

According to the Noble Quran, wudu is invalidated only if a person is physically polluted or dirty which includes the pollution of the body after sexual intercourse. But the Noble Quran does NOT say that merely passing wind makes the wudu ineffective.

The reason is: Wind is not something tangible nor perceptible by the sense of touch. It is abstract. Even if it smells bad and is a gesture of bad manners, the fact is that wind is not the type of dirt that makes people physically dirty or polluted. Wind is simply gaseous matter which gets diffused in the atmosphere through the clothing. It does not make a person dirty like other impurities such as mud, sweat, filthy water, excrement, urine, vomit etc. Of course, this does not imply that we must forget our etiquettes, become crude and flatulate freely in public just for the fun of it. But the truth of the matter remains that to flatulate has no effect on the wudu.

Also, let's not forget, passing wind is a part of fitrah (nature) and there are many people (especially the elderly ones) who are unable to control it for medical reasons. They are specifically advised by their doctors not to withhold it because it could cause severe stomach discomfort. Now, just think of it this way .. if someone has a natural or medical problem controlling wind, he/she performs their wudu and steps out of the washroom. Soon after, while they are still very clean, they feel a natural urge to pass wind. Will that single passage of wind make them physically dirty and require a second ablution? The answer is definitely NO.

Thus, it's because of the above reasons why Allah does not include passage of wind as a factor that invalidates the wudu .. because Allah is kind, considerate and reasonable and has not placed any hardships in religion for us. But it is we who make our religion hard by ignoring the limits of Allah and following the instructions of our so-called spiritual leaders instead.


  1. Sounds a bit like Jews who did not allow themselves to fish, for Allah knowns what reason...

  2. Asmlmkum,Dear Sister..
    After reading ur discussion,I was searching for a verse in Quran where it is written.....O human,pl do pass wind,but be courteous..."
    But did not find. How come..Allah forgot?!
    Thank u.

    1. You did not find it because it's not written, u idiot. When it comes to the Quran, stop acting smart.

  3. Mzik ,, you are not even aware that you insulted Allah, The Most Exalted, as if Allah can be used as a joke like anything else. You defend Hadith (baatil) but find nothing wrong with making fun of Haqq (Allah and His Final Message). It's only a misguided human being who can fall as low as this and yet be convinced of their infallibility.

    We have deleted your barrage of 4 other worthless comments touting Hadith. You know this is a Quran-alone blog. If you don't agree then all you need to do is to get the hell out. No on is forcing you to barge in uninvited making a nuisance of yourself. You accuse us of "barking" .. using that hackneyed word at least 5 times struggling with your limited vocab. No problem, but I can say the same about you, and more. You bark, not like a dog for I don't want to insult a lovely animal such as a dog. You bark like Iblis ... no etiquette, no shame, no conscience. How would you? A person who has no qualms cracking jokes on Allah is indeed the lowest of the low.

    You are not welcomed here. Good-bye.

  4. AstaghfarAllah !!!!

    "Wa qul Rabbi a-uzo bika min hamazati l-shayateeni"
    [And say, "My Rab! I seek refuge in You from suggestions (of) the evil ones,"]
    (23:97) Surah Al Muminun [The Believers)

    I truly seek refuge in HIM from the evil ones like mzik. It's now clear that this man is another one of those enemies of Allah. Boot him out. Allah has quoted similar talks by the Jews and munafiqs of Medinah during the Prophet's (pbuh) time who used to speak the same way, belittling Allah in matters of charity.

    "Allah has certainly heard the statement of those [Jews] who said, "Indeed, Allah is poor, while we are rich." We will record what they said ........." 3:181 Surah Al-Imran.

    "And the Jews say, "The hand of Allah is chained." Chained are their hands, and cursed are they for what they say. Rather, both His hands are extended; He spends however He wills. And that which has been revealed to you from your Rab will surely increase many of them in transgression and disbelief." 5:64 Surah Al-Maidah.

    Mzik has displayed the same pattern of rudeness, belittling Allah in defense of the man-written hadith, claiming that Allah "forgets." Nauzbillah! May Allah grant retribution to all such arrogant ones on the Day of Judgment, ameen.

  5. The reason why the Quran does not say that passing wind invalidates the wudu or ablution is because Allah Almighty knows the reality of matters which we don't. Passing wind is the same as burping or belching. The only difference is that wind or fart is let off from intestines through the rectum while burp or belch is through the opposite direction upward, through the mouth. But both are the same things having the same cause, i.e. excess of gas in the stomach. Although burping is also considered bad manners (though not as crude as farting), yet usually one avoids burping in public, similar to farting. However, that's a different matter. The question is, even if you burp or belch in the privacy of your home, do you need to do your wudu again after that? Surely not. That's because burping may sound crude but it doesn't dirty nor pollute the body. Gases coming out from both sides of the human body are abstract that do not contain any physial dirt.

    1. Agree sister Ruhi. Burping and flatulence are exactly the same, except that one is from the back while other is from the mouth, respectively. Burping doesn't invalidate the wudu, so picking on flatulence as a 'villain' makes no sense.

    2. Yes, this is another very correct point. Burping is also intestinal wind that neither sounds nor smells nice but doesn't cause us to get physically dirty. And because it comes from the mouth so Bukhari forgot to write a similar hadith on it as he did on farting. Bukhari definitely discriminated the poor fart very much simply because it buzzes off the stomach from the other end.

    3. I disagree that they are the same. Burping is from the upper
      part and the mouth is not dirty, farting is from the lower part
      near when the food has turned to waste. Totally different &
      not indistinguishable at all. There is a marked difference in
      fact between burping and farting and it makes sense to me
      that one is called "break wind" or "cutting the cheese" and
      the other isn't. I have never heard that barfing breaks wudu
      and if so where does that come from, since barf isn't filth or
      najis. Since it's food before it has become waste. ...Peace...

    4. Hi,
      It is not "picking up as a villain". We're not saying peeing or doo-dooing are evil as they're all necessary components of a functional body's detox system. But because burping comes from the mouth orifice whereas farting is done through the butt-hole, they is indeed a marked difference between the two acts. Are you people devoid of instinctual guidance? People can even "feel" that one breaks a state of purity (farting) while the other does not (burping). Don't you have any instincts or are you of those who "worship your intellect" as mentioned in al Quran?

    5. So what if fart shoots out of your ass-hole while burp comes from the mouth? They're both intangible and that's the core issue that doesn't invalidate ablution in either case. Simple as it is, it proved to be too difficult for your two measly brain cells to grasp.

      We worship Allah Almighty while you buggers worship Bukhari the depraved. But hey!? "worship your intellect." So you think we're "intellects?" Never occurred to me until you said it yourself. Thanks. Now find a life for yourself; get yourself registered into a madhouse, seek professional help until you're given a clean bill to join the human race. Hopefully you may also grow a pair to mention your name when you gate crash other blogs.

    6. @ One Vengeful MoFo.
      I disagree with you just as much. You are making a presumption based on how you feel also influenced by discrepant traditional ideas. As your comrade 'Anonymous' stated, quote: "People can even "feel" that one breaks a state of purity (farting) while the other does not (burping)." There you go! Mark the person's words confirming my statement. This person says "people can even FEEL that one breaks a state of purity" by farting. So it's a "feeling," ha? And what's a "feeling?" It denotes a notion, an inkling or a hunch but not a confirmation ... not something that's verified for correctness based on existing facts, not something that's authenticated with proper analysis and evidence.

      Secondly, and medically proven, the human mouth with the saliva is not risk-free nor the cleanest. It's capable of transmitting scores of contagious germs and infections, in fact it can be a greater casual carrier of infection than the rectum. Here's what I mean. People cough, sneeze, spit, vomit and often even breathe through their mouths (not through their ass). These acts are often done in the presence of others sitting or standing close by. Thus if that person is suffering from an illness, they can easily pass on their disease to others via the mouth.

      Furthermore, burping sounds,tastes and smells no better than fart. For that reason, in civilized society burping is also categorized as bad manners like farting. However, neither of the two spew palpable or touchable filth because both are abstract regardless of the biological area through which they pass; and hence neither of the two can logically cause physical pollution to the human body. But if Hadith and ignorant followers of Hadith like yourself consider it right to vilify fart as a violation because it passes through the ass, then with exactly the same practical & factual analysis burping doesn't pass through a rose garden either.

  6. LOL, that's a logical comparison.