The Dresden Massacre by the Allies in WW2

The bombing of Dresden, Germany, happened in 1945 between February 13 and 15 by the Allies. By this time Germany had almost lost the war. Dresden was a defenceless city. It had no soldiers, no weapons and no military industry. So, why did the Allies perpetrate this horrific crime on the civilians of this city including a hospital? According to reports, it was done because Stalin wanted it. But he did not have enough heavy bombers. For that reason the British and US carried out Stalin's request to paralyse German communications and prevent German refugees from fleeing the Soviet army. Little did the Allies know that Stalin was getting ready for the "next stage"- war against the "west." If it wasn't for nukes, the war would never have ended.

Coming back to the topic of this massacre, there were four air raids. Thirteen hundred heavy bombers dropped almost 4,000 tons of heavy explosives, also using lethal chemical weapons. The death toll was over 300,000 - all unarmed civilians. The Allies have tried to defend this war crime by claiming that Dresden was a military, industrial and rail transportation centre. But in reality Dresen was a historical landmark, known as Germany's "Florence" on the river Elbe. It had no military significance at all.

As lies and propaganda constantly flourish within the western media, the death toll of the Dresden massacre by the Allies in 1945 is also gradually being reduced before the eyes of the world. During the first couple of decades after 1945, the number of dead was estimated between 250,000 to 300,000. That conveniently kept falling. The estimate of historians at present is between 25,000 to 35,000. Let another couple of decades pass and it'll be wiped off the pages of history. Kids in the U.S. will only use it as humor. Already, this act of genocide has been pretty much buried along with those who perished in it.