"Paradise lies under the feet of your mother" - Beware, FALSE HADITH

"Verily, Heaven lies under the feet of our mother."

According to Dr. Muzzamal Siddiqui and many other Muslim scholars, the above mentioned hadith is supposed to be "sahih" which is contained in several collections. Yet, for some reason, the precise source (or sources) is never quoted. This is the first enigma about this narration. Furthermore, Ibn Majah adds another similar hadith which says “Be at your mother’s feet and there is the Paradise.” (Ibn Majah, Sunan, Hadith no. 2771).

Dr. Siddiqui further states that "the meaning of this Hadith is that you should serve your mother and take good care of her. Obey her as long as she does not tell you to do something haram. It does not make any difference whether the mother is Muslim or non-Muslim. It is the duty of the children to be respectful to their parents, especially mothers." Okay fine, I absolutely agree with that. But we cannot let matters rest here. This hadith is much too suspicious and it needs a thorough investigation, not through isnad but with direct references to the Noble Quran and our common sense which Allah has bestowed on us.

To begin with, the Hadith institution is plagued with contradictions. The moment you search for this Hadith, you'll find some claiming it's 'sahih' as Dr. Muzzamal Siddiqui did, and some denouncing it as weak or Da'eef. One of the sources that considers it weak is probably Sayuti. This disagreement between scholars only adds to the confusion.

Now let's check what the Glorious Quran says about parents.

"Your Lord has decreed, that you worship none save Him, and (that you show) kindness to parents. If one of them or both of them to attain old age with you, say not "Fie" unto them nor repulse them, but speak unto them a gracious word." 17:23 Surah Al-Isra

"And We have enjoined upon man concerning his parents--His mother bears him in weakness upon weakness, and his weaning is in two years--Give thanks unto Me and unto your parents. Unto Me is the journeying.
But if they strive with you to make you ascribe unto Me as partner that of which you have no knowledge, then obey them not. Consort with them in the world kindly, and follow the path of him who repents unto Me. Then unto Me will be your return, and I shall tell you what you used to do--" 31:14-15 Surah Luqman

Thus, the Quranic view on parents is very clear.

The Quran emphasises greatly upon loving, caring and respecting both parents. They are to be disobeyed only if they tell you to do something which is confirmed as 'Haram' in the Quran. In that case they are to be disobeyed, but politely.

First Fallacy of this hadith under discussion
Truth is easy to find if we reflect for a moment on the Noble Quran and the beloved Prophet (SAAW) himself. We know that Paradise is a place held in very high esteem in the Quran. Paradise is a place which is the ultimate abode of the faithful slaves of Allah. We think and speak about Paradise with awe, desire and the greatest of respect. And surely no one had greater respect for Allah and the principles of the Quran than Prophet Muhammad (SAAW). To refer to Paradise, which is such a great privilege for believers, as being beneath someone's feet is offensively discourteous and harsh .. something which definitely amounts to blasphemy. Only people like Abu Huraira, Abu Darda etc. or the Hadith compilers themselves were capable of mocking the Noble Quran and our Prophet (SAAW) with this sort of rude and baseless talk.

Second fallacy of this hadith
The Noble Quran mentions throughout to love & respect both parents, mother and father, equally. The Quran gives no reason to presume that one parent is a lot more precious than the other, to the extent that even Paradise can be placed metaphorically under the feet of that parent.

Third fallacy of this hadith
A mother is a human being. Therefore, like any other human being, she could be a debauch or a disbeliever or she could be pious. The debauched or disbelieving mother will have to face Retribution because of her ill conduct, while the pious one will be rewarded. That's because Divine Justice is perfect and Allah does not treat the unrighteous in the same manner as the righteous. This aspect has also been very clearly articulated throughout the Noble Quran.

In summary
We are to love, respect and care for our parents very deeply. We are to disobey them only if they tell us to commit shirk or to disobey Allah. Being rewarded with Paradise is the ultimate and supreme triumph for every believer. It's a place of unprecedented beauty,peace and comfort. The last thing which any sincere believer would think of would be to talk so rudely about Paradise as putting it beneath someone's feet. AstaghfarAllah. According to the principles of the Noble Quran, this hadith under discussion is completely false, impertinent and senseless! It evidently comes into the category of those 99.9% narrations which are lies. The beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAAW) would have been shocked and upset if he learned of such an outrageous quote being falsely attributed to him.


  1. to my dearest sister in Islam,

    I am afraid for our Akhira sister, as w all should fear for our Akhira.
    "Say (O Muhammad): ‘if you (truly) love Allah, follow me! Allah will then love you and forgive your sins.’ And Allah is All Forgiving, All Merciful."} (Sura Al Imraan ayah #31) note: This ayah makes it very clear that if anyone claims to love Allah (swt) they have to follow the sunnah and only then will Allah (swt) love them and forgive them. Many people today say we love Allah and they talk against the sunnah and the Ullima have said that anyone who does this is a liar and does not love Allah (swt) or they would follow the beloved prophet of Allah (SAW), as it is an order od Allah (swt) to do so.

    "Whatsoever the Messenger gives you, take it; and whatsoever he forbids you, abstain (from it). And fear Allaah; verily, Allaah is severe in punishment." (Sura #59 ayah #7)

    How can we follow Rasoololah saw and obey him if we discard hadiths???

    A salaamu alaikum

  2. Walaikum Salaam, dear sister. The answer to your concerns in your comment is available in the following entry of this blog. Please copy & paste the link on your browser and read this piece carefully.

    Does the Quran refer to follow the man-written Hadith?

    1. You know zainab i have read all the quran and realized all of the hadiths are false and it is the major sin in islam it is shirk it associates itself with allah how do i tell people this everyone believes in it

    2. Yes, you're absolutely right.

  3. Thanks for this very essential article Sister Zaineb. I was referred to it by a relative of mine who really liked it, and I enjoyed reading it just as much. The quantum of truth contained in this piece, and throughout your blog, is a rare commodity in today's ummah. What the majority boasts about nowadays are largely the untruth with no recognition from the Holy Qur'an.

    This false hadith has been circulating like hot cakes among the ignorant. If you tell them it's impertinent, they throw into a rage as usual, indulge in name calling, addressing you as a "moron, idiot" etc.etc. and claim that it's only supposed to be a metaphor. Well, that's hardly a clarification from these hadith guys who really need to spruce up their common sense. Everyone knows it's a damned metaphor, but it's a metaphor of poor taste, a rude & disrespectful metaphor that flatly demeans the very high status of Paradise.

    You have analyzed and explained everything superbly in this post, my sister. Love it. Reading your blog gives a good feeling that there are still a few Muslims who follow faith by using their brains as God has commanded. May Almighty God bless you. Assalam-o-aleykum.

    Sayeed Khan.

    1. Allah bless you for your clear understanding, brother.

    2. السلام عليكم,
      Wow excuse me please pardon mY name.
      I must have just came up with it way back
      during mY pre-Islamic times. I can't tell u
      how many times the phrase was drilled to
      us over and over to us as children by all of
      the mothers in the family including mY very
      corrupted (biological ONLY) " mother " and
      what a struggle this has been in mY life as
      a Muslimah. I would wrack mY brain trying
      to figure out what this phrase meant, as well
      as how in all hell am I supposed to apply it?
      If your mother is corrupt, abusive, uses the
      name "Islam" to commit evil against you &
      those you love, does heaven really located
      under such person's evil feet? Thank you
      for addressing this, may God accept your
      efforts, bless and reward you immensely.

  4. I agree with you. I am also one of the victim of the same. Most of the Asian countries are in this hadis and lot of families are under trouble specially children and daughter in law. Mother thinks herself as God and she makes her own rules and regulations as she has paradise under her feet.

  5. Mashallah!!! AMAZING job sis may Allah swt reward you great and grant u high place in jannah Insha'Allah...!!

  6. Yes, lot of families are in trouble in Asia and whatever mother says (Islamic or non-Islamic) everybody has to listen. On Friday, Ijtema everywhere Mulla's say paradise under feet of mother. They are causes for most of the Divorce in the society as no body listens to son & wife and family breakups are very common. Paradise is the place for which even prophets prayed to Allah. There are so many types of mothers good, bad, jealous, uneducated, they give birth illegally, they sell their children. Prophet saw mostly womens burning in Hell fire on Miraj Day. There are many hadiths on Childrens where they can take parents to Jannat (infact died children) etc. Moreover Allah made women so he gave them weakness, childbirth abilities, soft heart, caring nature so this all are GOD GIFTED, if in next generation if Men are made Women even their functions will be same. Everybody has their role to play and Allah made everybody as per their work. There were more than 300,000 hadiths and scholor's short listed only 30-40,000 as Sahih all other 260,000 were fake and exaggerated. Sure it looks like this hadis also come under such Alarming Red Light.

  7. Astsalamualikum, Sister Zainab, I follow your blog with great care and caution. U have logic, some are great logic. I guess..ur this blog will be more attractive...if you become more choosy in ur words. I give example...... "99.9% narrations which are lies"...."Prophet Muhammad (SAAW) would have been shocked and upset..."....this type of sentences lightens ur logic. I like ur blog,so i dared to advise u. If u don like,pl pardon me.
    Thank u.

    1. Walaikum As-salaam. Thank you for you time and comment.

      I don't see anything wrong in my choice of words, unless you want me to downplay the falsehoods uttered by wrongdoers who were bent upon defaming my beloved Prophet (pbuh) to suit their selfish motives. Every honest research has been consistently conclusive about the huge percentage of undignified untruth contained within the Hadith literature. Do you honestly think that if the Prophet (pbuh) was to see it, he would be complacent about it ?? Anyone who presumes that the Prophet (pbuh) would take such obnoxious distortions lightly are going still further to display their disrespect toward the him (pbuh) by underestimating his (pbuh) exemplary character. Read the Quran carefully and you will come across more than a dozen Verses where Allah, The Most Exalted, has complimented the Prophet's character. Also, Allah has expressed throughout His Final Message the depth of transgression involved in mixing up falsehood with truth which is exactly how the Jews & Christians went astray. And these imams have the audacity to write the type of lies that they do? May Allah Almighty make them taste retribution in the Hereafter, InshAllah.

      It's my nature to be upfront and candid. Unless I don't put my points frankly, I won't be clarifying the contents I want to share with my blog & forum readers. That would be a waste of time for me. As the saying goes, "True words are not always pretty and pretty words are not always true." Truth always sound bitter to those who have been hiding from it for a long time. But that's their problem. I have no obligation to respect those who do not realize the transgression of defaming the Final Messenger and consequently antagonizing Allah, The Almighty, by distorting our beautiful Faith.

    2. W'Salam MZIK. What's wrong with Zainab's "choice of words?" If you squarely focus on the validity and substance of her words, what has she said that's wrong? Supposing the Prophet Muhammad (saaw) returned to earth for a few days, do you think he would be happy to see the mess created by the Hadees institution? Do you really think he wouldn't be shocked to see the loads of unauthentic narrations using his name to provide it with clout? If anyone deems something overtly contrived and forged to be spurious, then what else are they supposed to call it if not an overwhelming lie? Or is Zainab expected to nurse the emotions of those who are stubbornly supportive of Hadees despite its flaws because of their blind love for tradition? In that case how can she be expected to do her work and convey her views to the readers? Whatever she's expressing is her opinion on everything she's researched. You don't have to agree if you don't want to. But it's not right to tell her how to do her work.

  8. A'alaikum, Dear Sisters.
    I really enjoy ur discussions...I feel nostalgic. When I was 25, I used to think in ur way. I am now 40(probably u r 25). When u will be 40,probably u will think different. At that day,probably again I will differ with u. Coz, I will be 55 then. Its the beauty of age...probably.....lol.
    Thank u.

    1. We don't discuss personal issues like age nor do we appreciate sleazy jabs. But if you meant to say or think that Sister Zainab and our work team are grounded on our fact-finding mission simply out of immaturity of age, it only proves that at age 40 your IQ is no more than that of a 4-year-old. May Allah forgive you for making light of believers .. though it seems to me you don't deserve much forgiveness.

      Btw, "saracen" is a brother not sister.

    2. He obviously has no idea of the definition of a word as basic as "Saracen" so can he be expected to know anything about the Quran?

      Walaykum Assalaam, JazekAllah khair.

    3. Oh mY :o ...
      First dear sister,
      were you really able to grasp her ideas? from the way you write it seems to me that they'd be waY too cerebral for you :p lol

  9. Asalamualaikum, I find sister zainab has protector around her who barks a lot. Thak you.

    1. If sister has protectors, that's good news. why r u getting put off, you barking hadees wala?

  10. We are protectors of the Quran against ignorants such as yourself who consider it 'barking.' No need for thanks. From now I'll make sure I delete each and every of your sub-standard comments.

  11. Funny. Allah is enough to protect the Quran.

    1. In one of Mzik's 4 disgraceful comments which Najaf and I had the honor to delete a couple of days ago, Mzik stated that rejection all ahadith will "paralyze" Islam. It seems that kuffar never get their fill. Mzik already cast aspersions on Allah Azza wa jal while commenting on our post "Does passing wind invalidate wudu?" implying that Allah forgets. (Refer to this link http://zainabslounge.blogspot.ca/2010/02/does-ablution-really-become-ineffective.html). Then he again disparaged Allah by saying omission of a tainted man-made institution like Hadith will "paralyze" His Religion. Hence according to the Hadith kuffar the Divine Message is dependent on the man-written baatil called Hadith. Taubah a million times !! May Allah be Witness, I denounce such kuffari from the pit of my heart. It is exactly the same mentality as the idolaters of Makkah which Allah has elucidated in the Quran. The idolaters refused to believe in Allah when the Prophet (pbuh) told them to believe in Allah alone. But if someone else told them to combine other deities with Allah (Nauzbillah), then they would be elated and believe in HIM. And look what's happening today.. exactly the same approach. If you tell them to follow the Quran alone, they say it will "paralyze" Islam. Other hadithists claim Quran cannot be understood without the Hadith. These are all discrediting statements slighting the Work of Divine Power by making it dependent on discrepant man-written works. That's because it's always been inherent of humans to follow the works of other humans more readily than the Work of Allah alone.

      Furthermore, if you tell them they're wrong, they will take a dig at you calling you a 'deviant' because they think all extra-Quranic literature invented by the medieval imams and the present imams are infallible and can never be wrong. Again a striking resemblance to the kuffar mentality of Makkah. When they were told to reject idolatry, they would burst with fury claiming they found their forefathers indulging in idolatry so they follow the same. Thus Allah says about such people: "And when it is said unto them: Follow that which Allah hath revealed, they say: We follow that wherein we found our fathers. What! Even though their fathers were wholly unintelligent and had no guidance ?" (2:170)

    2. mzik .. look at yourself, u master of all ignorants. It goes without saying that Allah is more than enough to protect the Quran. But we are here to repel all attempts to distort the Quran by violators like yourself. If it wasn't for true believers with their loyalty firmly established towards the Quran and if it was left only on ones like yourself who go about promoting the writings of mad imams, making light of believers and the Quran, the quantum of misunderstandings on Islam spread across the world would be even far more than it is today. Of course again, not even a trillion hadithists like you would ever be able to touch the Quran. It's just that you scums have a nuisance value and we are here to thwart that.

      Yes true Sister Zainab has many protectors and we're all each others' protectors .. because that's commanded in the Quran. "And the believers, men and women, are protecting friends one of another; they enjoin the right and forbid the wrong,.." (9:71). We're not like the Hadithists quarreling & wrangling and creating sects out of the Religion of Allah.

      But of course it will be too difficult for duffers like you to understand this .. though simple as it is.

    3. Lemme add a bit more. @MZIK, trashing of Hadith will not cause "paralysis" to Islam, don't worry. Pure Islam is Quran alone and as you yourself acnowledged, we don't need to protect the Quran. Allah protects it, therefore He will make sure it NEVER gets "paralysed." But inclusion of Hadith will cause annexations and therefore, distortions in Islam, as we see today. Our goal is to reject that annexation which is being circulated in the name of Islam and the world thinks that these distortions are the teachings of the Quran. The responsibility of this gross misrepresentation lies squarely on unscrupulous creatures like you and your comrades.

      Now here's something vitally important. So think twice before using expressions like "paralysis" of Islam without hadith. Allah has said in the Quran, "Al-Yawma 'Akmaltu Lakum Dīnakum Wa 'Atmamtu `Alaykum Ni`matī Wa Rađītu Lakum Al-'Islāma Dīnāan" (V.5:3 Surah Al-Maida). Translation in English: "This day have I perfected your religion for you and completed My favour unto you, and have chosen for you as religion al-Islam."
      Mark the words of the Divine Power, "perfected" and "completed." These are HIS words, not ours. The Almighty has confirmed in plain terms that the Quran is completed and perfected. This means their is nothing lacking in it. Yet you folks claim that Islam will be "paralysed" without hadith. This isn't just a violation, but a very arrogant and rude violation.

    4. They think that just because the majority has been following hadith since 1,000 years (after the advent of Mr. Bukhari & co.), so 'majority' can never be wrong. Beware hadithists! Majority is no indication of correctness. Majority of Christians believe Essa son of Virgin Maryam is the "son of God" (ASTAGHRARALLAH !!). There is only a very small number of Christians today who reject this and stick to Tawheed, and they are the ones who are right. The majority is WRONG. Similarly, majority of Muslims following Hadith today does not make Hadith right. It only turns the Muslims into so-called Muslims and keeps pushing them astray.

      "If you obeyed most of those on earth they would mislead you far from Allah's way." [Noble Quran 6:116] Alhumdulilah! All praise be to YOU, ya Allah, The One and Only.

    5. @MZIK - I meant protecting the Quran from being ignored, protecting the Quran from being disrespected and misinterpreted via incorrect tafsirs which are randomly done as a mandatory custom through piles of hadith narrations, fatwas, casual stories & conversations such as you recently did with a rude allusion in the link above given by Sister Zainab which I read too.

    6. Sis if you want to thank and praise God the way to do it is TO God;
      Not here,
      all loud like that for everyone to see (what appears to be) you praising
      and thanking God. Peace.

  12. Fact No one knows what the Rasool pbuh would say or do if he was alive so please do not go there regardless of how much we think we know, fact is we don't.
    Fact The Quran needs no hadith.
    Fact Sunnah is in the Quran if we but read it .
    Fact The Rasool followed Allah swt's word which is the Quran, his Sunnah, get it !
    Fact Allah swt in his own words says he protects the Quran, so regardless of misinterpretation or insults etc etc debates should be civil not arrogant or even fiery , there's no need.
    Both the above for and against hadith comments really full of arrogance anger and petulance - not good !
    We are all equal so please lower your arrogant posturing and lame jibes at each other as its demeaning you all, I was enjoying the site till what I read here and thought ' oh dear bad as each other'
    Allah swt has made religion easy for us , so let us make it easy for ourselves !!

    1. Well said sis :)
      How disheartening that
      the Umah is sO hostile.

  13. As-Salam Alaykum MZIK.
    What do you mean no one knows what Rasool Allah would have said about those patently false, unethical and vulgar ahadith ??? What do you mean? Is that your opinion about Rasool Allah that if he would see the mess which your imams have created by forging his words that he would not resent it? You have again insulted Rasool Allah. Shame on you.

    Of course Sunnah is in the Quran. What else are we saying?

    And of course Allah, The Highest, has promised He will protect the Quran. So how does that give rogue creatures whom you are complacent about the authority to go about misinterpreting the Quran? Since Allah is protecting the Quran so it's okay for your imams to write insulting ahadith falsely attributed to the Prophet to misinterpret the Quran? Is that your filthy logic?

    Your bossy comment which explains nothing new and contains a couple of glaring errors which I've highlighted above is the most arrogant of all and it doesn't at all sound that you consider yourself "equal" to others. Stone throwers sitting in glass houses do not paint a pretty picture. Btw, don't be afraid to put your name MZIK Bangladesh. Can't you read what the blog rule at the comment section says? You don't agree with anything, get out, no one is forcing you to come here. But if you come, don't order anyone how to speak. You're not the boss.

  14. MZIK in disguise. Kindly get out. You've already been told that nuisances like you are not welcomed here. Your shamelessness is just as shocking as your conceit. It's the hallmark of mischief mongers to give a spin to their own foul conduct and dump it on the innocent. You have accomplished that grotesque style very deftly. Fear Allah for a change. The Quran says that when you knock at someone's door and they tell you to leave, you should leave. I told you not to come here long ago. But you have no self respect. How would you? You know so little about the rules of HIS Final Message. And if you gate crash in any other blog in future, at least have the guts to put your name.

  15. MZIK ,, who began ""barking"" now at 7.46 p.m. ?

  16. ..... and worst, in his second bout of howling & lecturing, the guy is pretending to be a Quran alone follower when he is not. Will a sincere Quran alone follower ever be complacent seeing others trying to misinterpret the Quran?

  17. Quoting MZIK
    "Allah swt has made religion easy for us , so let us make it easy for ourselves !!"

    Allah has made religion very easy and I do find it very easy. It only becomes difficult when your comrades make their worthless & complicated rules that are not warranted by the Quran which unfortunately is touted as "Islam" nowadays. You seem to have a big problem understanding the simplest of matters.

  18. The guy apparently has some comical kinda of mental irritation. What's actually bothering him and making him fly into a rage is his fragile ego that he's not being able to handle us.

    1. Just to get it straight, y'all deny all hadeeth in totality?! If so, I'm curious - how do y'all offer the obligatory Salah?

    2. Your answer is in the following entry of this blog.


    3. you guys need to educate yourself and cite scholars to support your case. The truth is that there is no evidence of any 'unwritten' practice of salah that you can provide. however, there is a multitude of hadith literature that provides precise details of how to offer prayer. is it a coincidence that the etiquette of salah followed throughout the world's mosques is almost the same?! where are we getting this info from? certainly not from this 'unwritten' practice that you claim! where is the reference of this 'unwritten' practice.
      thank God there are not many Quranists around and in fact most converts to Islam follow Islam along with the hadith for a reason. Is there any reasonable scholarly proof that you can cite against hadith? please do not quote some orientalist mumbo jumbo.

    4. Okay, so let's just completely disuse whatever you've scribbled as you haven't read the link provided to you and your response goes nothing beyond playing with words. As usual, you forget that as Quranists we do not authorize ""scholars"" as Sole Criterion for assessments. The Sole Criterion is only the Quran. Only Allah Almighty is Infallible, not humans including "scholars," priests, rabbis etc.

      Dragging the hadith literature in an argument is futile in this blog. Analogically that's as absurd as bringing a bunch of thieves in a court of law to testify against their own crimes. How much clearer can this blog be in asserting that we DO NOT accept the authenticity of the man-written hadith literature which is much too tainted, controversial, perpetually contradicting the Final Message of Allah and is most certainly NOT the Sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh). It's only the Sunnah of those who forged it in the name of the Prophet (pbuh) and we are not obligated to bestow our loyalty to such people.

      Answering your query of "scholarly proof" against Hadith:
      At Muslim Villa, there is a complete board with two sub-boards covering the entire absurdities of the preposterous Hadith literature and its attempts to tarnish the beautiful Faith of Islam which your "scholars" desperately try to conceal. And oh! "scholarly" proof?? "Scholarly" in whose sight .. yours or in the Sight of God Almighty? Maybe, when your ""scholars" stand before Allah on the Day of Judgement, they will say "O! Allah, we studied at those plush Islamic universities with $35,000 per diploma, so waive our reckoning and all the bad things we forged." Well, I cannot say that, so I'll be punished, ha? Your bizarre insinuations put humanity to shame.

      Moreover, we do not support orientalists no more than the traditionalists whom you call "scholars" or "ulemas." That was another senseless presumption. We do our own tireless, non-partisan research with the Quran as our Sole Criterion for assessment. Nothing can be above the Quran. Once the Quran overrules an aspect, whatever that aspect might be, the "scholars" or whoever you iconize have NO say after that. Their contradictions have just one destination - the garbage can.

      We aren't saying Salaat is unwritten. Your incorrect claim arises because you never read the piece (link provided). We have confirmed that every essential aspect about the Monotheistic salaat is stated in the Quran in writing. However, even if you do read it, your heavily conditioned mind with too much distrust for the Noble Quran and abundance of trust for your interpolating 'scholars' would never allow you to understand nor acknowledge it. Thus, it's best to leave your kind in their own devices. May Allah Almighty grant you guidance.

      Last but not least, this blog entry is not about hadith and salaat. Thus, do not go off topic here. Off topics are generally deleted automatically.

    5. @ Attitude, if you can't present your view point with your focus only on the Quran is sufficient proof that you are a loser. No need to go any further.

    6. @Attitude aka MZIK, your comment spamming another blog entry has been deleted as you violate our rules. Quoting you: "at least have the decency to let those who oppose your point of view post comments to your rather sarcastic bantering, which might I add, goes completely against the spirit of the Quran. what is the point of a blog if you will disable comments?!"

      Apart from your mental instability of being argumentative, obviously you have problems reading/understanding English. Quoting our rules stated on the comments section, as large as life :

      "Keep your comments within the context of every topic. Express your opinion respectfully. No personal attacks. If you do not agree with following the Quran alone, simply get out quietly and leave us alone."

      You obstinately refuse to read the link that Quran teaches prayer, NOT hadith. You stubbornly refuse to discuss on topic. You don't agree with the Quran alone. No problem. Just have the "decency" to get the hell out and leave us alone as per our rules. Disallowing comments isn't indecency you moron (you deserve no respect so don't cringe on being called a moron), but pestering and imposing is gross indecency. If disallowing comments was indecency, it wouldn't be an option at Blogger.

      I repeat Sister Zainab's prayer that may Allah grant you guidance although your entire gang harassing this blog has made it clear as daylight that you folks don't deserve guidance. But that's your problem.

      I am reopening comments but it will be of no use to you. All your future comments will be deleted, dunk deep into the gutters. So find a life for yourself instead of wasting time by zealously keyboarding comments for the garbage can.
      Goodbye moron.

    7. Strange creature with an 'attitude' problem. Why don't such trolls seek professional help at mental health clinics?

    8. Mr. Attitude, if you are convinced that truth is on your side, then you shouldn't have a problem responding to the "sarcasm" you are complaining of. Your rantings about "scholars" have been enough. Sister Zainab asked you a relevant question. What precisely is your concept of a "scholar" pertaining to the Hereafter ? Is it more important for a person to appear a "scholar" in your sight and the sight of the world OR the sight of The Almighty? Do you think persons of means and wealth and diplomas from Al-Azha and similar universities are guaranteed to score greater points with Allah on account of those earthly privileges no matter how they used or misused their authority? If so, what evidence do you cite? Why do you think a man-written literature that largely clashes with the Quran is no no consequence as long as one carries the title of a "scholar?" Do you approve that a "scholarly certificate" hanging on someone's office wall contributes to infallibility as other altered religions attribute infallibility to their spiritualists and monks? Cite your proofs.

      Our evidence can be found is the bundle of Hadith nonsense we've researched which your "scholars" cherish in collections called "sahih." But after studying the contents in both english & arabic, we deem it's impossible to call them "sahih." They are baatil.
      Check the following boards for evidences galore!

      Open up your mind instead of rubbing your eyes with a cry baby "attitude" when faced with signficant questions.

    9. Wowie! An attitudinal 'emissary' of the MZIK clan strikes again. Open the door to the cesspool guys! More trash needs entry. All the best with this cute sarcasm!

    10. Perfectly explained Yaser. But you're talking to a creature who isn't interested in talking truth and thus not interested in responding accurately. That's why I've 'promoted' the gang as our author of the trash can.

    11. Yes, trashcan author will be a very good job for MZIK & co. particularly in present times of global recession.

    12. Yeah Sister Nissmi, door of cesspool has been widely opened for another batch of trash entry :)

    13. @attitude
      dude, the blogger just referred you to a freakin page that explains it all.
      What is your problem??? GO TO THE PAGE & freakin read it?!! Sorry
      I don't mean to be harsh :/. But really what is your problem??? Peace

  19. Seems as if the guy has been having bedroom problems with his wife, has gone on Viagara and thus the hyper screaming of 15 paragraphs of badly written 2-penny worth lecture happily deleted. Wowie clown!

  20. First things first: You should not be using the title "qun faya qun." That's a Quranic term and when a trouble-maker like you uses it as your title, the pharisee within you pops out still more obviously.

    And oh! The great """mZiK"""" scolded me and now I am so melancholy, desolate and tearful !! But the flip side is that when you read a lamb trying to roar like a bull, it dries up your tears and replaces them with chuckles, grins and a grand display of the middle-finger.

    So, are you finished with your lunacy and school-teacher-style rebukes so I can mention with what munificence you have evaded the actual topic and got yourself busy with the useless task of judging others instead? But I haven't forgotten the actual topic and I will again bring it up though I know you have NO courage to talk about it with sober analysis without throwing into a series of tantrums that wouldn't even befit a downs syndrome retard.

    Quoting as follows a portion of your frustrated comment, the poor quality of which will only embarrass you and none else.

    ""You obviously have no inclination as to what you are ranting about, ...... what are you another new Imam, you are so busy assuming in your ignorance that you are spinning yourself into a tizzy over there fella. ............. you have been given a right to act like a pack of silly kids that has been given a new toy- grow up...really grow up girls and boys."

    There you are Mzik (or whoever), you just can't stop thinking about people's age, huh? And for a change you've discovered a new vocabulary "tizzy." Congrats for that but you obviously don't even know its precise definition and thus it relates to nothing - like a tiny silver sequin on an old piece of cotton rag. The rest of your judgmental thesis is peppered with broken sentences, badmouthing others, howling and villainously evading the actual topic. Why? Why are you evading it?

    The bottom line is, you only vented your anger and not given any reason why the Hadith LIES every bit about my beloved Prophet (pbuh). Would the Prophet ever give such a rude metaphor putting Paradise under the feet of a human being .. no matter who that human being is? Additionally the Hadith has slandered the Prophet with unspeakable falsehoods, the huge list of which is given at MUSLIM VILLA -Hadith board. None of you degraded traditionalists have given a single reason why those utterly repulsive works, far from being trashed, have been retained as "sahih" and been made a part of Islam and each time you see someone exposing that shit, all you can do is to attack the person who rejects that shit rather than cleaning the Hadith feces. Shame on you again, you grumbling LOSER.

  21. To this combative Hadith intruder:

    If you can cope with the arrogance and revolting contents of the Hadith and your mullahs, then you have no right to cast aspersions on the manners or "arrogance" of others.

  22. Very correct brother Kaleem. And I saw his multi-paragraph "barking" which has exposed his double standards more than ever before.

  23. I frequently visit Muslim Villa. It's an uniquely nice board, like none other, a breath of fresh air. All praise be to Allah, The Greatest. It tells me that at least there are a few people in our Muslim community who still sane, educated and well guided by the Qur'an, and not just howling like heathens by mixing the Great Divine Final Message with the words of loafers like Bukhari & co.

  24. Every hypocrisy of this misguided hypocrite will be deleted.

    1. Thumbs up to that Sister Heba. He's a sick man who is losing his mind nurturing his fragile and bruised ego. He needs professional help so that he can get himself treated at some mental health clinic and after that he can consider the possibility of joining the human race.

      @ Brother Saracen ,, that was hilarious.

  25. I think this guy is right. He is not Mzik. He's is even a greater idiot than him. At least Mzik could write one sentence correctly in every paragraph. This man couldn't even write half a sentence sensibly throughout his hype. Whoever you are, you sick man, you have issues. Get yourself treated. And don't even try posting any more comments unless you have additional misguided fantasies about wasting your time.

    1. That's right Najaf. His comments have just one destination - automatic deletion.

  26. aka Mzik .. I don't give a rat's tail whoever the heck you are. Even if you are a different person doesn't make anything different for us. All I know is that the flagrantly barefaced buffoon which you are, you returned again with greater insults for people who mind their own businesses, who simply did NOT appreciate your persistence, did NOT accept your fanatical Hadith values and thus only requested you not to enter their cyber home. But hostility and belligerence is written all over aggressors and you proved no exception. Your disparaging thesis bellowing like a satanic teacher wasn't even worth the ink it was written with. It's been deleted to keep our blog clean. We've already given you too many chances even though our rules state right there that guest readers are to strictly discuss the topic of the blog entry they are commenting on and NO insults to authors. You have followed neither of the 2 rules. No surprise. How can you be expected to respect it when you don't even respect a single instruction of the Glorious Quran? Enough belittling from a lowly street vagabond who has no shame, no self-respect, no conscience and plenty of time at hand to make mischief. If you want to waste more of your time elaborating your low grade, pharisaical dissertation and gloating on your unwelcomed status, go on commenting for we're aware that sick and unconscientious creatures have no qualms to act sicker. And after all, it's always a pleasure deleting garbled reprimands from a frustrated troll who has gone as far as you have to expose their stubbornness which is anything but a characteristic of a believer. You claim to follow the Quran and respect the Prophets and you've violated one of the basic etiquettes of the Quran this very moment yet again. Btw, tell the Mullah you consult to find another phoney name for yourself to put in your next comment which I'm already eagerly looking forward to delete. Awaiting another opportunity to LOL and "high five" hysterically!

    1. That's an interesting earful, Sister, but he's too much of a buffoon to understand it.

  27. @ 'bad' Attitude aka MZIK, your comment spamming another blog entry after blocking you here has been deleted as you violate our rules.

    Quoting your argumentative and out-of-topic comment:
    "at least have the decency to let those who oppose your point of view post comments to your rather sarcastic bantering, which might I add, goes completely against the spirit of the Quran. what is the point of a blog if you will disable comments?! "

    Apart from your combative mental issue you obviously have problems reading/understanding English as well. Quoting our rules stated on the comments section, as large as life :
    "Keep your comments within the context of every topic. Express your opinion respectfully. No personal attacks. If you do not agree with following the Quran alone, simply get out quietly and leave us alone."

    You obstinately refuse to read the link provided on method of prayer in the Quran, NOT hadith. You stubbornly refuse to respond to any of the points pertaining to the subject. You don't agree with the Quran alone. No problem. Just have the "decency" to get the hell out and leave us alone as stated in our rules. This is the reason your comments aren't allowed no more. I will reopen comments. But it's of no use to you. You and your gang will be dunk straight into the trash can. Reason already given.

    Disallowing comments isn't indecency you moron (you don't deserve respect so don't cringe about being called a "moron"). But pestering and imposing oneself is gross indecency. If disallowing was not decency or unlike blogging, it wouldn't be an option at Blogger.

    I repeat Sister Zainab's prayer that may Allah grant you guidance although the conduct of your entire group harassing this blog has made it clear as daylight that you folks don't deserve guidance. But that's your problem. Now find a life for yourself instead of wasting time keyboarding comments for the trash can. Goodbye moron.