Two factors that steal human courage from facing death

There are two situations that contribute to humans getting deeply attached to earthly life, often making them overly upset at the thought of death. These two aspects are ..

1) lack of remembrance of Allah, and
2) plenty of earthly possessions e.g. wealth, comfort, fame, power, too much involvement with family & friends etc.

 A man or woman who has never been involved in loving Allah Almighty nor having faith in Him will never feel ready for death even if they live to be one hundred years of age. If, for instance, such people suddenly discover that they are terminally ill and their days on earth are numbered, they are left unusually shattered and it takes them long to accept this reality. The shock is much greater in such persons than in someone who regularly thinks of Allah with faith and devotion, never forgetting the ultimate reality of earthly life. Though everyone knows of death, a person who's heart is devoid of Faith is sub-consciously on denial of it. When they realize they are at its doorstep, they are shaken with a mighty shake! It brings about an abrupt change in their goal of life, and adjusting to it is no easy task for them. Many such ones die miserably while still unprepared.

The other category are those with huge earthly possessions. Though earthly belongings are not meant to clash with Faith, unfortunately they do because of incorrect human priorities. Vast earthly wealth, power, fame etc. often make humans over-confident, resulting in a mindset that's arrogant with a false sense of infallibility and independence, thus, making them forget their inherent shortcomings and distracting them from the path of Allah Almighty. Such persons also tend to forget that worldy riches & benefits, no matter how enormous, can never match the infinity of the wonders of Paradise which Allah has kept in store for believers. The concept of life only means 'earthly life' for them. No wonder they are shattered with grief when Allah reminds them that the place where they made themselves so snug and cosy is, after all, just a temporary abode for them.

A true believer often feels hesitant asking Allah to grant them abundunce in this world. In fact, they never desire too much worldly comfort & riches, instead, prefering only enough to lead a financially independent life. They are perceptive enough to know that abundunce of worldly possessions also bring along with them plenty of responsibilities, and thus, will require many more questions to be answered on the Day of Ressurection. Allah has repeatedly stated in the Glorious Quran that wealth, power and children are a test in this world. But there's hardly anyone who reflects upon this aspect. Instead, the fortunate ones simply consider themselves "lucky" and get wrapped up in the pleasures of their privileged lives. Thus, while leaving, they do not feel ready to face the next world. They feel alone and 'deprived.' They forget that it was Allah who granted them their wealth, power and family, that it was Allah who gave them life and eventually He will have to take back everything He gave.

So .. the realtiy of returning to Allah alone (about which He has constantly reminded us in the Noble Quran) without any wealth, power, family or friends dawns upon people who never thought nor prayed to Him only when they are at the threshold of death. Alas! Too little, too late. Indeed, no one can be more unfortunate than the person who dies at a time when he (or she) feels they are not ready for death.

May Allah Almighty protect all believers from acquiring a shallow mindset. May Allah Almighty consider us worthy of His Gift of guidance, bestow upon us Knowledge, a clear vision and the strongest of Faith at the time our soul departs for its final journey. Ameen.