Ah! How much we trust the majority

It's profoundly inherent of human nature to follow misguidance more readily than guidance. That arises from the human desire to accept/obey other humans far more willingly than the Divine Power. History is witness to this. From the times of Prophets Abraham to Jesus, son of Mary (peace on them all), Divine Scriptures have been systematically altered and replaced by man-made laws which people found more convenient and beneficial in serving their motives. Regardless of principles, they erased or distorted the dictates of God Almighty and implemented their own rules and laws into the Divine Scriptures.

After the death of Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings be on him), Muslims began getting divided into sects and different schools of thought. Each of these groups wanted to construct/follow their own laws and interpretations. Some slipped back to idolatry. Some wanted to revive the old Jewish and Christian practices as mentioned in the altered Torah and the Gospel. Many who were 'Muslims' by title did not find the Quran beneficial enough to suit their selfish needs. However, they were unable to tamper with the Quran as per the promise of Allah Almighty to preserve His final Message. The Glorious Quran, in the words of Allah, is on a "guarded tablet." But this didn't stop the 'Muslims' from deviating from the right path. Being unable to change the Quran, they devised a separate channel to implement these interpolations -the Hadith. Hence, history repeated itself.

Allah mentions in the Quran throughout that when the idolaters were told to believe in One God, they would refuse on grounds that their ancestors had been idolaters for centuries. They felt that all of their forefathers couldn't be wrong. They preferred to follow their ancestors with blind devotion and trust, without reasoning and reflecting on the Quran. They were convinced that the majority could never be wrong over the generations.

Analogically, there's a striking ideological resemblance between the present Ummah and the pre-Islamic concepts of misguidance. The mainstream majority claim that all of their ulemas and scholars along with their disciples who accept and follow the Hadith (from which ensue Fiqh and Shariah) cannot be wrong. Therefore, idols and forefathers have been replaced with Hadith and the imams, respectively, displaying an identical mindset. Furthermore, from the practical view point they hold the Hadith above the Quran. Most of them refuse to read, understand or even accept the Quran as a standalone Book. Though the final Message of Allah is fully intact and original, it has been abandoned on the shelves. Wrapped with velvet covers, it's placed on the shelves as a piece of ornament but never opened and read for reflection, understanding and implementation. That's because the majority seek 'guidance' only from idolized clerics, a copycat tradition of the People of the Book where priests and bishops with long robes and caps are unquestioningly and uncritically venerated.

All Christian sects believe Jesus to be the son of God (AstaghfarAllah). There are, however, a few individuals among them who realize the huge violation of this misguided concept, and so they reject it. They rightly look upon Jesus, son of Mary, only as a Prophet and a human being. Such ones in the entire Christian community constitute a very small minority. But the minority is RIGHT. The majority is WRONG.

Considering all of the above, it's no new thing for those with a quest for truth amongst lovers of guesswork to experience defamation, isolation and at times complete ostracization. Thomas Paine, an excellent 18th century American author, and one of the founding fathers who contributed much towards nation-building in several spheres was a firm monotheist. He openly rejected the innovations introduced into Christianity. When he died in 1809, not more than six people attended the funeral of this very renowned and hardworking person. Reason? Paine was at odds with the Church for its untruthful values. Subsequently he was 'branded' a 'deviant' and the naive church goers blindly endorsed the opinion of the Church.

In our Muslim community if you publicly acknowledge that you follow the Quran alone (which is precisely what God Almighty instructs us to do), rest assured you will be officially labeled a "heretic" by our self-appointed leaders. And the common mainstreamers will unconditionally support the rhetorics of their condemnation, regardless of the humbug it may contain. Fortunately for a genuine truth-seeker neither earthly condemnation nor pampering are irrelevant. They are much too focused on real work and thus staying ready for the final Journey and its Destination.

"If you obeyed most of those on earth they would mislead you far from Allah's way." (Glorious Quran 6:116)