Day of Resurrection - will it be a long wait?

Unthinking minds are of the opinion that they have heard much about the Day of Resurrection and waited long enough. Some get impatient while many become skeptics and deviate completely. Plenty of folks who practice Faith as a ritual presume that the Day of Resurrection is too far away and thus no need to worry nor think much about it. It's unfortunate that though humans have been bestowed with tremendous capacity to think and grasp the truth, yet somehow, there's no dearth of incorrect notions that keep rolling into their minds instead.

Almighty Allah has informed humankind that the day and time of the Day of Resurrection will remain unknown until it actually happens. Even none of the Prophets were given any information about it, except that it's bound to happen. It's exact day, time and year are known to Him alone.

A person who has firm faith in Allah and trusts every word of His will never consider becoming slack simply because the Day of Resurrection may seem far away. It's undisclosed time will never be an excuse for a genuine believer to trail behind. It will never be a reason for them to allow their trust in Allah to weaken. Whether or not the Day of Resurrection is close or far off is the concern of Allah only. The focus of a believer during earthly existence would be to strengthen their Faith and subsequently improve their conduct.

Coming to the truth of the matter, the only important factor one needs to remember while waiting for the Day of Resurrection is the ultimate reality of one's own death, that is, the last day on earth of every individual. The Quran has stated throughout that the duration from the time of death till we are raised again on the Day of Judgment - whether it be a single hour, a single day or 50million years - will seem to us like a day or two, or perhaps an hour. After death time is naught. And time is no more required during death.

Thus the Glorious Quran states:

"And on the day when the Hour riseth the guilty will vow that they did tarry but an hour - thus were they ever deceived." (30:55)

An appropriate analogy to explain this phenomenon is when a person undergoes surgery. From the time they are taken into the operating room, anesthetised and uptil the time they regain consciousness could be as long as three, four or five hours or more. Yet when they do regain consciousness, it only seems a few minutes from the time they were wheeled into the operating room. That's how deceitful our own senses can be.

The Day of the Tryst is just as certain as death itself. Working hard for that Day needs to be done with the firm conviction of the fact that as far as each individual is concerned, the duration between death and the Day of Resurrection will be a few hours, or a couple of days (at the most). And death is never too far. It can happen to anyone, anytime, regardless of age, gender or earthly status. It has already happened to so many right before our eyes.