Does Satan know the secret thoughts of humans?

One may wonder if Satan is able to know the secret thoughts and ideas that cross the minds of humans (which is only known to Allah Almighty), and thus, invisibly whisper to such persons to tempt and misguide them. The answer would be that Satan does not know the secret thoughts / ideas of people, but he is aware of the general mindset of humans concerning their weaknesses and drawbacks. He has an idea of the type of temptations that generally lure the hearts of the human race as well as jinn. When he sees someone in a situation, where if tempted, that person may incline towards a sinful act, he tries to make that situation more glamorous (in a Haram way). And that's when that person's will-power and strength of their Faith are tested. If they have a strong Faith and Trust in Allah, they will not give in to Satan's temptations. In fact, such a person will understand Satan's guile and will protect themselves from being lured. But in the case of a person who does not have the thought nor fear of Allah in their heart, they will waste little time giving in to such temptations, making Satan succeed in his attempt to misguide them.

That's why the Glorious Quran says in Surah Saba about the dwellers of Sheba who disbelieved and were very ungrateful to Allah for all the good things He provided them with ..

"And Satan indeed found his calculation true concerning them, for they follow him, all save a group of true believers." 34:20

As we understand from the Glorious Quran, Satan stalks those who are spiritually and morally weak because he knows that his chances of success with them are high. On the contrary, if he finds someone truly devoted to Allah Almighty, someone who regularly remembers Allah, prays to Him and strives to obey Him .. Satan realizes he will not succeed in deviating such a person and thus he withdraws, knowing that his efforts would be wasted.