Getting married while in Ihram ??

This is one of those narrations in which Bukhari has stepped too far in lying, violating and insulting the Prophet (SAAW).

"It is reported from Ibn 'Abbas that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, married while he was in ihram. al-Bukhari, 4824 - chapter 70 - book of Marriage"

Being in Ihram (though necessity of wearing Ihram during Hajj is not contained in the Quraan) is a gesture of being in the midst of the process of Hajj. The Prophet wouldn't even conceive of marrying at such a time. And of course, history contains no such information.

Bukhari or the narrator apparently wanted to introduce the practice of allowing marriage during Hajj, just as they have introduced so many violations in the Muslim community through their writings. The easiest way to do this was to scribble a quick hadith to that affect.

It's also interesting to note how even the Hadith adhering Muslims secretly ignore a lot of impropriety that this literature contains. At present, according to the clerics, there's a huge list of things one isn't allowed to do during Hajj .. even some of those actions that needn't be disallowed are prohibited e.g. cutting nails, using perfume and more such irrelevant matters. I'm sure if you tell an imam or a sheikh that a hadith narration by Bukhari allows a person to marry while in Ihram, their jaws will drop and they'll stare at you in anger and disbelief, thinking you to be rude and cheeky. Their standard response would be that there's "no such hadith" or that it's an "unauthentic hadith." It's funny to note that a collection they call "sahih" (meaning 'correct') consists of so many ideas that are totally 'incorrect' yet no one sees the need for a spring cleaning session, if not trashing it altogether.