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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Islam - how would you define it?

Recognizing and defining Islam as a religion of peace is primarily correct as it strongly prefers peace over violence. But to label it only as a "religion of peace" is insufficient. Islam is a religion of peace and a lot more. It is a RELIGION OF LIFE. It's a source of right guidance and a balance for all facets of life.

Referring to Islam as virtually nothing beyond a "religion of peace" amounts to limiting it, reducing it to a very defensive mould and constantly putting it on trial. It damages the unique and infinite beauty of this Faith. Unfortunately there are societies that are eager to change Islam to suit their own interests by taking away its comprehensive mould and lessening it into something without a voice. Of course, that's unacceptable.

Life is practical and 'turning the other cheek' unconditionally is seldom the right choice. Even those who preach it never practice the same. That's been observed more often than not. Islam is not a decorative philosophy of phrases for beautifying literature and speech. Islam is not any 'philosophy' at all. Rather, it is the most significant reality establishing the truth of Monotheism and accordingly providing the cornerstone of life. Islam is meant to be lived, and thus, for a believer there's no such ideology as separating Faith from life.

The Glorious Quran deals with the diversity of life realistically. It encourages the concepts of achieving peace, contentment and cordiality through civilized interactions based on justice and an atmosphere of mutual give & take, both within its community and outside of it. To grasp the goal of Islam, it's hugely important to prioritize its values with the right balance, without which the limitless and unsurpassable charm of this great Faith will be ignored.

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