'Judea and Samaria' - instruments for Zionist propaganda

Some vital facts of history have been downplayed, distorted or concealed altogether for a very long time. It might be worthwhile to devote a little time and expose some of those distortions.

Using history as an eyewash
The Zionists and their supporters cling to the propaganda that the Jews are the indigenous people of "Judea and Samaria", that this region was given to them by the Divine Power thousands of years ago. They claim Judea / Samaria were re-named 'Palestine' by the Arabs who came later. With such a preposterous story, the Zionists lie about God Almighty and they lie about history.

First, the mind boggling issue concerning the contradictory values of the West. This contradiction is the official reason and the cornerstone for the creation of Israel. The Jews zealously assert that they didn't snatch Palestine but "God gave it to them," that it is their "God given right" to return to the Holy Land. The West, on the other hand, proudly brags to have embraced the doctrine of separation of state & politics from religion. Yet the very creation of Israel is officially based and strengthened on religious grounds, refuting the much talked about ideology of separation of state and religion.

Returning to history ..

What's Judea and Samaria?
According to Biblical history, Samaria is the biblical name for the area now referred to as the northern West Bank. Judea is the biblical name for the southern territory with its capital as Jerusalem. Thus, both Judea and Samaria refer to the West Bank. These ancient titles are now purposely being revived and utilized by the Zionists to justify their grip on the West Bank on religious grounds.

History in brief
After the united rule of Kings David and Solomon, these two united kingdoms of Israel (now West Bank) split into two independent kingdoms that occasionally went to war with each other. Judea, also known as the Kingdom of Judah, was a monarchy, inclusive only of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin over which the House of David enjoyed an unbroken primacy till the fall of Jerusalem. After Jerusalem fell, the southern kingdom of Judea continued being ruled by the kings of Judah while northern Samaria came under the rule of the Israelite kings in the north.

Zionist nonsense about Palestine being the same as Jordan
The ludicrous propaganda circulated by the state of Isreal is that there's no such place as 'Palestine,' there's no such language as 'Palestinian,' that Palestine is the same as the land of Jordan and it's a part of Jordan. The question that would arise in anyone's mind is: How did Palestine, the ancient land of that region with its ancient name 'Land of the Philistines' suddenly vanish and become a part of Jordan? The impertinent and silly answer provided by the 'Israel Science' website is as follows:

"In 1917 Great Britain issued the Balfour Declaration for "the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people". In 1922 Britain allocated nearly 80% of Palestine to Transjordan. Thus, Jordan covers the majority of the land of Palestine under British Mandate. Jordan also includes the majority of the Arabs who lived there. In other words, Jordan is the Arab portion of Palestine."

Mark the staggering words! The Zionists claim that in accordance with the Balfour Declaration the "national home for the Jewish people" was established in "Palestine." In 1922, Britain gave away 80% of Palestine to Transjordan (now Jordan). That's straight from the horse's mouth. It was the imperialistic guile of a colonial power, its pressure, strength and force that subjugated a weak and helpless little country into being partitioned and ethnically cleansed of its Arab population to make room for the incoming Jews. Hence, Palestine was never the same as Transjordan or Jordan. This was simply a dirty game played as recently as the early 20th century. Not to mention, Transjordan itself was a young and puppet state, a brainchild of the Brits.

Looking at other issues ..

Truth about the Philistines and its cover-up by Zionists
The Land of the Philistines later came to be known as Palestine. The Zionist history acknowledges that the territory at present called Gaza and its surrounding areas were known as Land of the Philistines or Philistia. The inhabitants of this place were known as Philistines. Philistines were the indigenous people of Philistia. But modern day Western scholars, to appease the Zionist stragegy and cater to their needs, have constructed a myth that according to archaeology, the Philistines (the "sea people in their terms) came from and around Greece sometime in 1100 BC. If you look for information through the online search engines on the history of the Philistines, you'll find much to misguide your mind about their origin on the basis of the so-called archaeological findings. The goal of majority of the Western historians on the issue of Philistia is to convince every generation that the Philistines wandered into the Holy Land from far away places while only the Semites were the indigenous inhabitants of this region. With this sort of motivated, untruthful and mischievous analysis, hardly any land in the world would consist of indigenous inhabitants.

But certain queries remain unanswered by these so-called 'expert' archaeologists / historians. It's weird to note that they always pick a convenient starting point for history whereas a genuine fact-finding mission would suggest that history must be taken in its entirety. If history should at all be taken into account and politicized to justify the creation of the Zionist state, one needs to start from the beginning. Wikipedia claims that the Philistines came to the Gaza area by sea from places in and around Greece during the reign of the Pharoah, Ramesses III, in 1180 BC. Similarly, biblical and other Christian / Jewish sources cite that the Jewish exodus from Egypt to the Holy Land happened around 1440 BC. From this perspective, the Jews too are not the indigenous inhabitants of the Holy Land. To erase this embarassment, the most recent tactic that's being constructed is the culture of denial of the Exodus. Hence, as the lies pile up, the episode continues to get more messy. In the 1940s and earlier, the Zionist state was created on the basis of the biblical narrations, and now many of those very narrations have become a source of obstruction that don't quite support their political lies and have to be concealed or altered. Denial of the Exodus is cleverly tailored to justify the creation of modern day Israel on the basis of this ancient history.

Denial of the Exodus
There are presently two versions of the denial. The first one simply states that the Exodus is doubtful because there's not enough archaeological evidence that the Hebrews ever lived and worked in Egypt. But no one has ever bothered to explain what sort of archaeological evidence can be foolproof or even available to confirm the mere existence of a set of common slaves in a land 3,000 years ago.

The second version is that the Hebrews actually lived in Cannan (present day Gaza) where, 'once upon a time' a famine broke out so they migrated to Egypt. Their number grew very large which cautioned the ruler of Egypt (pharoah), thinking that the Hebrews might become too powerful. So, he enslaved all of them. Take note of this .. according to constructed history, 'Cannan' is supposed to be the former name of Gaza more than a thousand years before it was well known as Philistia. And quite conveniently these historians / archaeologists have been silent about any archaeological evidence of the Israelite Hebrews ever living in 'Cannan.' Neither have they bothered to be explicit on the issue that historically 'Israel' was never a country but a tribe consisting of the Hebrews of ancient Egypt.

Zionist state is man-made, NOT given to Jews by the Divine Power
All narrations in the Old and New Testaments have been altered by human hands for the purpose of convenience and are NOT Divine any longer. There's no historical record nor information of the era uptil which the originality of these Divine Scriptures were maintained. We only know for sure that the Torah and the Gospel were altered after a very brief period of their revelations. Therefore, man-written narrations masquerading as Divine Law to give leverage for establishing a state, spells out the grim fact that the very foundation of the Zionist state is based on lies and fabrications.

The Quran is the only unaltered and original Divine Scripture, and it confirms the Exodus.

More on denial of the Exodus
Returning to the falsehood about the denial of the Exodus, it's still in its infancy. It might take sometime for it to become 'official' and the Hebrew Bible and the Gospel to be revised accordingly yet again to accommodate this new lie. So, until then .. on the basis of the Exodus, let's focus on another question. When the Jews (Hebrews slaves) left Egypt for the promised land with Prophet Moses (pbuh), who were the inhabitants already living on this land prior to the Exodus? Obviously not the Hebrews .. yet surely the land must have been inhabited by some community that was logically (and thus ethnically) more indigenous than the Hebrews. Who were they, and why are the history books so silent about them?

Ethnic cleansing in the Holy Land
Moreover, no one has highlighted the source of the culture of ethnic cleansing in the Holy Land by the Zionist mafia who ruthlessly expelled its indigenous Arab population, a process that began in the 1940s and is rampant to date. Was this also a commandment in the altered Torah and the Gospel?

Using the Hebrew language to support a lie
Most Jewish and orthodox Christian writers insist that the Hebrew language originated in Canaan (present day Gaza). The hidden motive is again to assert that the Jews originally belonged to present day Gaza and not Egypt. However, the simple and absolute fact is that the two Semitic languages, Hebrew and Aramaic (a mixture of Arabic and Hebrew) were widely spoken during the Christian and pre-Christian eras throughout the region covering Northern Middle-East, not just in Canaan. These languages were spoken along North Africa, all over the present day Holy Land including Lebanon and Syria, and across Babylon (present day Iraq and Kuwait) in the south. Thus, even if the Hebrew language did originate in Canaan (which it did not), that's irrelevant and NO proof of the Jews belonging to Canaan.

Bizarre claim, unethical foundation
Other sources of history assert that the Jews began living in the Holy Land after the Exodus. They continued to do so for long, and at the same time also began dispersing to different regions in search of a better life. During the advent of Islam, the population of the Arabian peninsula consisted of a big chunk of Jews who were actually considered the elites of Arabia in the pre-Islamic era. Similarly there were Jewish communities all over Northern Middle-East, North Africa, Spain, Italy and Greece. The Jewish migrations to distant lands increased with time and eventually they began arriving in various parts of Western Europe. They loved to be in control of financial issues wherever they went. It was only when anti-semitism in the West reached alarming proportions in the early to mid 20th century that many minds began wondering, thinking of ways & means of relocating these nuisances elsewhere, away from the West. That's when Palestine was broken up, the indigenous people of Palestine, now known as the Arabs whose ancesters were living there for centuries well before the arrival of the Hebrews were thrown out by the Zionist mafia or killed if they refused to go. The larger segment of Palestine was named "Israel" with 'tearful' memories of a 3,000-year-old history! Analogically, this is much the same as deciding to sell one's property, immigrate abroad, spend the money and then come back, asking for the return of that property free of cost. As ludicrous as that ! No country in this planet has been founded on such outrageous and fallacious claims, both morally and legally.

Irony of this tragic story
It's truly ironic to see that soon after WWII the axe fell on a Muslim community to compromise for the suffering of the Jews when throughout history it was the Christians who were hell-bent upon annihilating the Jews. The Holocaust in the mid 20th century and the horrific Spanish Inquisition in the mid 15th century are two eye-catching examples. There are many more. One only needs to be an avid reader of history, without misinterpretations, and with a good memory to discern the stupendous lies fed to the world in support of the Zionist state.


  1. A thorough and a balanced research material. Helpful enough to investigate from various sources. Also an article well explained to pull the covers off the ignorance and rumors within western society. A must spread. And must be translated in various native languages. Thank you Miss Zainab.

  2. what about khazaria? I don't understand why muslims almost never point out the false origins of these so-called "jews". why can't you all shout to the rooftops that these semites are fake and thus have no claim whatsoever to any inch of any part of the levant.

    WAKE UP!