Is the human conscience enough as a guide?

I had a conversation lately with an acquaintance who rejected the authority of the Glorious Quran as a guide and yet claimed to be a "believer." The person's argument was that "I use my conscience to lead my life, and conscience evolves from the inner self so it can be relied upon."   But, is the "inner self" infallible enough to be trusted at all times? Can the free human conscience universally and at all levels be separated from one's lower, superficial and materialistic desires and senses? To answer "yes" would surely require an enormously conceited mind that sees life through a very narrow prism.

God Almighty repeatedly reminds us in the Noble Quran that good deeds can be rendered futile in the Hereafter if they are not supported with the strength of Faith. A lot of people may disagree and argue against it. But the ultimate truth of the matter remains that Allah Almighty has a very valid reason for establishing this dictate. Briefly put, good and compassionate deeds done without the foundation and supervison of Faith can be no less volatile than the changing directions of sea breeze. Human conscience is largely prone to fluctations and re-adjustments as a response to the countless triggering factors of life. Thus, incidents of the human mind slipping away after being planted are never unusual.

If human conscience is left on its own, that is, conscience without the control of the Divine Guidance, there would likely be little uniformity in that type of 'conscience.' Different persons live their lives involving various blatant violations, yet they claim they are living their lives according to the rules of their "conscience" and are thus at ease with themselves. An adulterer or an adultress who systematically cheats on their spouse, or a professional swindler who steals others' money to make a living, will confidently justify their stance with their own arguments and claim that their "conscence" is intact. Even atheists and agnostics are often convinced of the infallibility of their 'conscience.' All such people will strongly disagree if told they don't have a conscience. Well, maybe they do have a 'conscience' - a conscience that's moribund and a prisoner of its own soul, in need of being revamped. But how is one supposed to revamp one's conscience?  By going back to school and acquiring additional diplomas?  Going to prison? Paying a fine? Obviously not.

It's impossible for the human conscience to blossom with firmness unless it's tightened with the influence of the principles of the Divine Message. Then only can the conscience of humankind conform with the values endorsed by Allah Almighty. Thus, Allah says in His final Message: "Say: Each one doth according to his rule of conduct, and thy Lord is Best Aware of him whose way is right." 17:84. These Words of the Divine Power clearly indicate that not all rules of human conduct go aright .. unless those rules have been made compatible with His commandments.

Don't ask me how or why, but here's the undeniable fact. A genuine and undistracted grasp of the Monothesitic Faith has tremendous and inexplicable Might to shake off the impurities that often plague the human conscience and start life afresh.

To conclude, human conscience is beneficial only if it's firmly yoked with the dictates of Faith .. a conscience that discards mere ritualism, a conscience that's built upon equity and a conscience that accepts only the final Divine Message as its sole Criterion for assessments and modifications of its spritual and ethical values.

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