Is there a difference between a "Prophet" and a "Messenger?"

According to the explanations of our scholars, the difference between a 'Prophet' and a 'Messenger' is: a Prophet is one who is inspired by the Divine Power periodically but does not receive any revelations forming a Divine Scripture. Messenger is one who is inspired by Allah and receives revelations resulting in the formation of a Divine Book. Then again, some splinter groups often referred to as 'modernists' nurture a different view. They claim that being a Messenger is independent of being a Prophet.

A study of the Glorious Quran tells us that both of the above views are thoroughly incorrect. The Quran conveys no such ideas at all. That's because there is no difference between a 'Prophet' and a 'Messenger' in the needless manner explained by the modernists and the scholars.

The words "Prophet" (or Nabi) and "Messenger (or Rasool) are simply two different grammatical terms elucidating two different definitions. The decision of Allah Almighty of selecting a special person to deliver His Message to humanity makes that special person a "Prophet." Following this selection, the act of delivering the Message of Allah to humanity makes that Prophet a "Messenger." As easy and clear as that.

Every Prophet was selected by Allah for the special mission of delivering His Message. No Prophet ever came without this responsibility which was the purpose of their selection. The mission of every Prophet defines the 'job description' of his Messengership. When we discuss the personality of that special person chosen by Allah, we refer to him as a "Prophet." But when we highlight the details of his mission, calling humanity to the Message of Allah, we refer to him as a "Messenger." Thus, it's not possible to be a Messenger without first being chosen as a Prophet by receiving inspiration from Allah as a confirmation of this special selection.

When Prophet Muhammad (SAAW) began being inspired, he gradually became reclusive and liked being alone, away from the noise and confusion of the society. This eventually led to his seeing Angel Gabriel at the command of Allah Almighty. That was Muhammad's Prophethood. The Divine Revelations that came periodically for the next 23 years constituted the mission of his Messengership to deliver those Messages to humanity.

Moreover, Allah Almighty knows with whom to place His Message, and He chooses a person with extraordinary morals (NOT ordinary morals) for His Mission.

This sudden confusion of differentiating between a 'Prophet' and a 'Messenger' was started by the misguided mischief-monger and fitna spreader, Rashid Khalifa, who tried to fool the world by saying that he was the "final messenger." To serve his own selfish motives, Khalifa misinterpreted Verse 33:40 of the Glorious Quran, even though this Verse gives NO reason to make any such distinctions.

"Muhammad is not the father of any man among you, but he is the messenger of Allah and the Seal of the Prophets; and Allah is Aware {Al-'Alim} of all things." 33:40

The above verse plainly means that Allah preferred Muhammad above others (making Muhammad a Prophet) to deliver His Message (making Muhammad a Messenger). And since Allah decided to finish the process of sending Messages to humanity after the completion of the Glorious Quran, therefore after Muhammad, Allah will choose none else. This brings an end to the era of Prophethood, and subsequently (and automatically) an end to Messengership as well.


  1. Assalam Walaikum sister,
    I agree with the fact that Rashid Khalifa was a bastard and not the "final messenger". He denied 2 ayats based on a code, which is stupid. I also want to clarify on what you made of "nabi" and "rasul" and who is what. A Nabi receives a kitab(book), hikmah(wisdom), and hakum(authority). A Rasul CAN only attain hikmah and hakum, but not kitab. So a Nabi is a step above a Rasul. The Nabi's have undoubtedly ended with Muhammad. As for Rasul's they will be here until the end of time. The Quran says that every nation will have a Rasul, and many nations have passed and come since Islam attained power. Therefore any true Muslim can be a rasul if he spreads the TRUE message(Not Hadith), but no one can be the Final Rasul, as only a kitab can testify for him. If Muhammad was the final Rasul, then Angels would not exist any more as they are called as such in Quran. Also, the Pharaohs servant who called Yusuf from his cell was a Rasul. So a Rasul does NOT have to be a Nabi. A Nabi is a title that no one on Earth, even a piece of dung like Rashid Khalifa, can ever attain. It's irrelevant if someone calls themself a rasul, and the community rejects him on that basis alone. Allah will gather his Nabi's and Rasul's to testify on the Hour. The more honorary title for Muhammad is Nabi-ullah, not Rasulullah.

  2. @ Ali, Walaikum Salaam. Of course Rashid Khalifah was a shameless crook. That goes without saying. Also, your perception is incorrect which encourages cut-throats like Khalifah to dupe the naive people.

    There is no difference between Nabi and Rasul. The term "Nabi" denotes a person chosen and inspired by Almighty Allah. Furthermore, the mission of that inspired person makes him a "Messenger." 'Messenger' simply means one who has come to deliver a message. Grammatically and practically, even a postman is a messenger sent around by the post office to deliver messages in envelopes. In the case of Divine Messengers, they are chosen and sent by Allah to deliver His Divine Message. Allah's gesture of choosing them above others makes them a "Nabi." And, Allah's instruction to them of delivering His Message to humanity makes them a "Messenger." As simple as that.

    You claim that Rasul receives hikma and hukum but not kitab. Now ponder carefully over what you have stated. When a Rasul receives hukum (and hukum means Divine order or instruction from Allah), then what is the purpose of that hukum? Is the Rasul supposed to keep that hukum given to him from the Divine Power a secret? Certainly not. Also, what do you think Allah's hukum to His Rasul contains? Surely it contains Allah's orders & guidance to humankind. Allah does NOT give hukum to the Rasul for the fun of it. Every Nabi received hukum with a purpose and it was his responsibility to deliver that hukum to his community which automatically made him a messenger too. There is not one verse in the Noble Quran that has displayed any difference between Nabi and Rasul. In fact quite the opposite .. Allah has clearly stated in the Quran that we are NOT to make distinctions between any of HIS chosen Prophets or Messengers.

    Therefore, in order to be a Nabi, one has to be a Rasul as well. That's because, Allah first chooses a trustworthy person (Nabi) and then bestows HIS Message to him (Rasul). And it's impossible to be a Rasul if one is not selected by the Divine Power as HIS chosen person prior to delivering HIS Message or hukum to him.

    You claim if Prophet Muhammed was the final Rasul then the angels would not be called Rasul. How retarded you are! It's because of people like you and Khalifah that Islam has been so mercilessly corrupted. What does angels being called 'rasul' has to do with Prophet Muhammed being the final Messenger ?? Regardless of the name given to angels, of course Prophet Muhammed is the final Nabi and the final Messenger. There can be no question about that. Angels are called "messengers" or "rasul" for the same reason as humans .. because angels deliver Allah's Message to HIS Nabi and the Nabi delivers it to the people. That's the reason why both Nabi and angels are also called messengers. It's a simple rule of universal grammar & language but you folk just don't get it. Furthermore, angels are also given the responsibility of bringing down Allah's Decrees (as elucidated in Surah Al-Qadr or the Night of Power). This responsibility also practically makes the angels 'rasul.' So, do you mean to say that this makes the rasuls among angels same as human rasuls? Certainly NOT. Allah Almighty sends His Decrees on how to run this world every year which is brought down by the angels also called Rasul. But the process of Allah's Message being sent to guide humankind has ended with Muhammed being HIS final Prophet and Messenger. Just because angels are also known as rasul, that surely does NOT mean that they are identical to the human rasuls, neither physically nor concerning their responsibilities.

    Praise be to Allah, The Almighty. And peace & blessings be on His Final Prophet and Messenger, Muhammed bin Abdullah.

  3. (Heba - MV Team member)

    @ Ali - you are a wolf in sheep's clothing. You are pretending not to support khalifa but what you are saying is exactly the sort of rubbish khalifa propagated, claiming to be a FALSE messenger. You thought you could fool us but you have been caught so don't come here again. Your comments will be deleted.

    A prophet can only be called a messenger after his selection as a prophet by the Divine Power. The process of selection is the period of inspiration. As in the case of Prophet Muhammed (sw), the days he spent in seclusion in the Cave of Hira, thinking and reflecting. Only after the inspiration when prophethood is confirmed does Allah begin the process of bestowing His Message on His prophet to convey to the rest of the world. Therefor, "Seal of the Prophets" automatically confirms seal of messengership. There can be no 'messenger' without first being inspired and chosen as a prophet by Allah Almighty.

    Allah does not chose just anyone from the streets as a 'messenger' within a couple of days notice. Nor does anyone wake up one fine morning to find a Divine Message hanging on his bedside. This is the story of phoney messengers like Rashid khalifa and his supporters.

  4. Sister, u mentioned human messengers as a pose to angels. Yet you forgot to mention the 'Rasul' who came to Yusuf(both humans) in 012:050.
    “So the king said: "Bring him to me." But when the messenger (Arabic: rasulu) came to him,(Joseph) said: "Go back to thy lord, and ask him"
    It is to be noted that the message bearer that was sent to prison to summon Prophet Joseph,is referred to as a 'Rasul' (messenger). To argue that this guy was a Nabi is totally unwarranted in light of the Qur'an. There obviously is a difference between the two terms.

    This ayat is telling the Prophet AND his companions to eat, and was revealed in his lifetime for them.
    023:051 "O Messengers! (Arabic: rusulu - plural). Eat of the good things and do right. Indeed, I am aware of what ye do"

    No one(even RK) has the right to claim to be the FINAL messenger because only Allah can decide that. A Messenger is simply one who delivers a message(Islam). Muhammad(SAW) is the highest rank because he was a Nabi. There are dozens of examples I could give, please have an open mind!

    1. @ Anonymous. What a stupid comment and a sloppy game to play! Your argument has more holes in it than a bar of Swiss cheese.

      Now read the following carefully instead of wasting my time, and yours, with sinfully childish babblings.

      "And the king said: Bring him unto me. And when the messenger came unto him, he (Joseph) said: Return unto thy lord and ask him what was the case of the women who cut their hands. Lo! my Lord knoweth their guile." (12:50)

      Yes, this was a human messenger, and human messengers are NOT the same as angels who are also addressed as 'messengers.' Neither are all human "messengers" alike. Anyone carrying a message is called a "messsenger" according to simple grammar. But when we concentrate further on every definition of a "messenger," we find that there is a difference. The term "messenger" we read can either be a Prophet selected by Allah, or it can be an angel (rasul) sent to a Prophet by Allah, or it can simply be a common human being sent by another common human being to deliver you a letter of invitation for lunch. Anyone who cannot understand this simple issue in context with the contents of whatever they read are either congenital morons or stubborn rogues.

      You then say, I quote you:

      "No one(even RK) has the right to claim to be the FINAL messenger because only Allah can decide that. A Messenger is simply one who delivers a message(Islam). Muhammad(SAW) is the highest rank because he was a Nabi. There are dozens of examples I could give, please have an open mind!"

      In your above statement you are basically claiming (by refuting the established truth) that human messengers sent by Allah can be put at par with human messengers sent by other human beings. Needless to say, there is a glaring difference between the two, but you are intentionally or foolishly overlooking it.

      The messenger sent to Prophet Yusuf by the king of Egypt was a human being doing his earthly job. Indeed there are many such people going about on their daily errands as a part of their daily duties to earn a living. You can call them messenger, or envoy, or emissary, or carrier, or courier, or go-between etc. etc. whatever you like. And indeed there's no end to such people because there's no end to such earthly jobs as long as the earth exists. That goes without saying and there's no big deal in that either.

      BUT ..

      When I say Mohammad bin Abdullah is the FINAL MESSENGER, it means he is the Final Envoy selected and sent to us by ALLAH THE ALMIGHTY, not by some king or president or post office manager. And .. all of Prophet Mohammad's predecessors sent by Allah had the same status except that they were not the final ones. I repeat, I am elucidating the difference between a human messenger sent by Allah Almighty and a human messenger sent by another human .. in case your limited little head still hasn't grasped this very simple point.

      I won't even speak of the story of rashid khalifa who was a self-appointed fraudulent 'messenger' on the basis of his ardent desire to burn in Hellfire, InshAllah.

      Don't worry about my mind. It's a lot more open than you can imagine and Allah knows it best. My request to you would be to kindly fear Allah and NOT play around with the Divine Words of the Most Noble Quran as if you're reading a frivolous novel.

    2. Quoting Anonymous:
      "A Messenger is simply one who delivers a message(Islam). Muhammad(SAW) is the highest rank because he was a Nabi. There are dozens of examples I could give .."

      @ Anonymous .. So, if I send my employee to you with a letter inviting you to my birhtday party, will that employee - who is theoretically a "messenger" for carrying my letter to you - be the same kind of 'messenger' as Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) was, bringing us the Message of Allah? This is exactly the sort madness your comment quoted above implies.

      I say, wake up Anonymous and pull your head out of your rectum.