Will the Egyptian revolution succeed?

Unlike the Iranian revolution of 1979, there's an absence of sound leadership in the ongoing Egyptian revolution. It is hurting the movement much. Mubarak is lynching the revolution by spreading terror and chaos through his undercover police. If this goes on for long, it will break the spirit of the Egyptian people and the tyrant might emerge as the 'winner.' Definitely, the CIA, Mossad, the governments of Jordan and Saudi Arabia are keen participants in this episode. Egypt's close geographical proximity to Israel and the resemblance of the Egyptian revolution to the one in Iran, has rattled Mubarak and his allies. The efforts of the Egyptian people are being sabotaged by their enemies, within and outside, through a counter-revolution. It took them almost a week to organize it, using Mubarak's marauding thugs to go on a rampage in Cairo, Alexandria, Suez and Sharm-el-Sheikh.

When the protests in Egypt began, the WH and State Department referred to Mubarak's government as "stable." Later, they mentioned "reform" and then "transition." Since Mubarak's gang began attacking the protesters, Obama and Clinton have been persistently calling for change to "begin now." Mubarak has been conveniently ignoring their 'demand.' It's unsurprisingly that the US government isn't at all upset over Mubarak's complacency. What else can one expect in a backroom deal? Whatever the US officials say in public and their closed door talks with their puppets are two very different stories.

Mubarak's key strategy is now stubborn patience. This will continue to keep the country's infrastructure in the hands of his regime. In the meantime, his undercover thugs will starve the revolution. Lack of leadership in the Egyptian revolution is hugely beneficial for Mubarak, Obama and Netanyahu.

So far the Egyptian army has adopted a passive-aggressive behavior. The Brotherhood party is sincere, but inexperienced and knows little about the CIA/Mossad/Mubarak modus operandi. Baradei is playing a double game. He's deeply critical of Mubarak but quite comfortable with the United States and its interference - not a wise approach for a leader in such a situation.

Mubarak warned in his speech that the situation would become chaotic and he is doing everything he can to make it happen. Disruption of peoples' lives and terrorism from the invisible police force are designed to break the spirit of the revolution.

Mubarak's strongman and the first ever vice-president of Egypt, Omar Sulaiman, has offered the Egyptian people two choices - chaos and starvation or an even more authoritarian regime.

The revolution has reached a point of no return. If the people lose, the consequences will be horrific, much worse than it ever was in the past.

Mubarak has been constantly blaming the revolution on the Islamists. The purpose of this lie is to gain global support for his regime. For three decades in the past, Mubarak has falsely used the Muslim Brotherhood as a scapegoat to justify his dictatorship. His Islamophobia along with the bigotry of hardline Christian and the Zionists have been useful propaganda for his regime.

The Egyptian people have planned the uprising brilliantly. It's now time to take the next step. Unless the revolution gets more organized through twitter, facebook, other social networks, mobile phones, leaflets etc. and forms its own interim government (regardless of Mubarak's presence), Mubarak will throttle the revolution. Unless the people begin to control the infrastructure and shut down the US embassy in Cairo which is the hub of CIA / Mossad mischief, the revolution might not survive. Only when the people achieve self-government and control over the system (no matter how turbulent that might be initially), will the army need to choose between the revolution and the old regime. The Egyptian people need to achieve this goal before their spirit is wrecked and Mubarak's secret police establishes country-wide chaos. If that happens, Mubarak will be portrayed as the "winner" by the media. He will grab the credit for restoring order and it would then be impossible to remove him or to stop the targetted killings by his henchmen.