Difference between a Jew and an Israeli

If you talk to Europeans and North Americans on this topic, most of them will say "Israel is the country, Jew is the race and Hebrew is the script and language."  However, this information is totally incorrect.  It's a doctored definition to defend the 19th century European Ashenazi "Jews" and their Zionist ideology.

"Israel" was never the name of a country in the first place. Israel was a tribe. The purpose of naming the Holy Land  "Israel" is only a part of a political plan created in modern times, having its own motives and hidden agenda.

Starting from the time of Prophet Moses (pbuh) with reference to the authentic and unaltered information in the Noble Quran,  God Almighty commanded Moses to take the enslaved people away from Egypt to another land where they could lead their lives in peace and tranquility with the locals of that land.   God did NOT tell Moses nor to any other Prophet who came after Moses to invade that land nor to turn out its indigenous people who were already living there.

But to cut a long story short, after entering that land the Hebrews got engaged in power struggle and did not live peacefully.

One also needs to be careful while looking for ancient maps of the Holy Land through online search engines.  Massive bungling has been done to distort these maps year after year to justify the creation of the Jewish state of "Israel." 

As mentioned, Israel was never a country. It was a large tribe in Egypt working as slaves of the Pharoahs. Their language was called 'Hebrew' and their ethnicity was known as the "Hebrew" race. The tribe of Israel was divided into several clans. One of these clans was called Judah. When the tribe of Israel (referred in the Noble Quran as "Children of Israel" or Bani Israeel) left Egypt with Prophet Moses and went to the land of the Philistines (now called Palestine), these different Israeli clans gradually disintegrated and set up their own kingdoms scattered across this region. There was a lot of infighting between these clans.

Judah was the biggest clan of the Israeli tribe. Judah had established the largest kingdom in a portion of Philistine which was named "Judea." The term "Jew" is derived from "Judah."

The tribe of Israel (inclusive of its various small clans) had also set up its kingdom in another part of Philistine which it called "Israel." Thus, Israel and Judah were the two rival kingdoms in the Holy Land, each of them originating from the names of their tribe and clan, respectively.

In ancient times, all Jews were called Israelis but all Israelis were not (and could not be)called Jews because Israel was a tribe (not a country) with several clans .. and Judah (of Jews) was only one of them.  

To conclude, in a nutshell:
- Israel was the tribe with many clans,
- Judah was one of its clans and its people were called Jews,
- and Hebrew was the race and language of the entire tribe of Israel.