Extreme racism against black Jews in Israel

Israel is often portrayed as the most close-knit society that has "integrated Jews from 140 countries with no discrimination."  Yet racism exists within Israel unabashed, far more than in any other country of the world.

Racist attacks on Palestinians, Arabs and all non-Jews have been steadily increasing in Israel by gangs of Zion nationalist groups who seek "to cleanse Israel of its non-Jewish elements," making the Zions the perfect counterparts of their Nazi brethren. But this isn't the end of the story.  Racism in Israel is an accepted norm even within the Jewish community .. Jews hating Jews. 

The big reality behind the myth of Jewish unity is the harshness faced by the Ethiopian Jews living in Israel.  Although, unlike the European Ashkenazi Jews (or the fake Jews), these Ethiopian Jews are the original ones from Biblical times, yet they have been the victims of relentless discrimination since years by Israel's faked European Jews.  The allies of Israel keep singing that ridiculous song about Israel being the "only democracy in the region," but the "democratic" Israeli government has done nothing to enhance nor protect the rights, dignity and self-respect of this very neglected community.

The Ethiopian Jewish community, now about 120,000, was allowed entry into Israel in 1985 and 1998 to save them from famine and civil war. That may sound good but it isn't.  Racism against the black Ethiopian Jews in Israel persists even after death. Cemmeteries for European Jews strictly prohibit the burial of Ethiopian Jews within these premises.

Four years ago, anger within the Ethiopian Jews reached a boiling point when the Israeli Health Ministry displayed medieval signs of extreme racism by discarding donated Ethiopian blood.  The Ethiopian Jewish organizers of this protest said they "won't allow their blood to be spilled like this.  The Torah says that blood is the soul. How can this country treat us, fellow Jews, this way?”   At least half a dozen protesters were also arrested.  They demanded to speak with the then Israeli prime minister, Ehud Olmert, but they weren't allowed and nothing was done to reverse the decision of discarding Ethiopian donated blood.  A few European Israeli politicians promised to take up this matter in the Knesset, but their outwardly polite gestures turned out to be mere false promises.

The scenario is identical to the mainstream whites and minority blacks in the United States of America. Poverty is rife among the Israeli Ethiopian Jews. They are paid far lower wages at workplaces for doing the same job as an European Jews. Not just that, but the salaries of Ethiopian religious leaders are also far less than those of mainstream Jewish rabbis. Despite constant protests over this issue, absolutely nothing has been done yet.

Human rights organizations in Israel are perpetually flooded with complaints concerning discriminatory and racist attitudes towards members of the Ethiopian Jewish community based on their ethnicity and skin color. The wide range of complaints also show that racism is not an isolated problem in certain areas of the country but is widespread within the Israeli community at large.

Harsh as it may sound, the ones targetted most within the Ethiopian Jewish community are the little Ethiopian school-going children.  It was mind boggling to learn that from a particular kindergarten school, all Ethiopian children had be to removed after several parents of European Jewish children complained of that kindergarten school of having too many Ethiopian students.  In another incident, a teacher complained to the parents of a little boy saying "this Ethiopian boy is a nuisance."   These couple of stories are only the tip of the iceberg.  Obviously the Zionist government considers it proper for Ethiopian Jews to realize from a very young age that they can only be third-class citizens in Israel.

It's not just Ethiopian families who find it hard to rent homes owned by white Jewish landlords, but even the Association for Education & Social Integration of Ethiopian Jews in Israel had to struggle to find an office in the heart of Israel.

Though the Ethiopian community in Israel is very small, the Israeli government is already wary that it might proliferate and remain a minority no longer. As a result, it came up with another unusually mean racist policy.  A feminist movement accused the Israeli government of deliberately giving a controversial contraceptive to Ethiopian women of childbearing age to bring a drop in the black population. As expected, the government denied it but to no avail.  There is sufficient evidence to support this truth.  A sharp and inexplicable drop in the number of black babies has been observed in the Ethiopian Israeli community since the last several years. Daycare centers for Ethiopian children don't receive more than one new child every three years. What's going on is evident. A feminist organisation based in Haifa (northern Israel) commented: "This is about reducing the number of births in a community that is black and mostly poor. The unspoken policy is that only children who are white and Ashkenazi are wanted in Israel."

The Ethiopian Jewish women who are coerced into taking this contraceptive called Depo Provera injections complain of a variety of side-effects like headaches, abdominal pain, fatigue and nausea. Doctors are of the opinion that this contraceptive also decreases bone density, especially among dark-skinned women, which can cause osteoporosis in later life. Doctors also say that it's difficult or impossible to help women who experience severe side- effects because the drug remains within the system for months after it is injected. In 2008 the long awaited comment of the Israeli Health Minsitry on this problem revealed shocking racism. It said that Ethiopian women got to be treated not as individuals but as a collective group whose reproduction must be controlled. This drug is hardly ever given to white Jewish women. The grounds on which Ethiopian Jewish women agree to take this drug is because they are told that there are no funds to support their children if they get pregnant, even though the task of the Israeli Demography Council is to persuade Jewish women to have more babies .. apparently it's focused on procreation within the white Jewish community only.

Gadi Yevrakan is one of the leaders of the Ethiopian Jewish community who is working hard to seek justice for his people within Israel. Three years ago he bluntly stated that he is "no longer surprised by anything, there is no difference between the neo-Nazis…and all those that discriminate against Jews from Ethiopia."

Avi Maspin who is one of the spokesmen for the Israel Association for Ethiopian Jews (IAEJ) stated in 2007 that "racism is a word that I have feared using until now, because I did not believe that it could exist in Israel in 2007, but the time has come to call a spade a spade. Israeli society is profoundly infected by racism and unfortunately there is no suitable punishment for racism in Israel."