Does "Santa Claus" really originate from the pious St. Nicholas?

"Santa Claus" has become one of the central themes of modern-day Christmas celebrations.  There are plenty of documentary movies and online articles with stories on the Christmas tradition of "Santa Claus"   But the pagan mythical origin of this tradition is always concealed and altered.

If one reads ancient / medieval history, one will find that artists and thinkers back then portrayed the demon and all evil forces as a heavy-set man with a white beard.  There are actually paintings by Michael Angelo of this robust man in a sledge being drawn by snakes with wings!  The man is performing miracles, he's coming on December 25th which is not the birth date of Essa son of Virgin Maryam and it's got nothing to do with the real Christianity. Instead it originates from the celebration of Saturnalia* observed by pagan Romans.  This heavy-set man is shown as representing riotous fun and drunken revelry.  So what happens in the Christmas season today?   People are not even thinking of Prophet Essa, son of Virgin Maryam.   Most of them are thinking of getting drunk.  Even Christmas puddings, cakes and pies are laced with wine or rum.  That represents the spirit of the season.  This riotous occasion that went on during this season in ancient Rome, went so far that after the spread of Christianity the Christian church actually banned it.   The church of England according to several historical sources prohibited it until the year 1647.   Yes!  It was prohibited to celebrate Christmas because they saw Christmas as being a purely pagan holiday with too much drunkenness and debauchery.  This was an official position taken by the church of England up to the 17th century when it was dominated by the Puritans.  

Then later on, what actually happened was that a name was super imposed.  That name was St. Nicholas.    According to some Christian reports, St. Nicholas was a bishop who lived in the 4th century in Asia minor now known as Turkey.  He was supposed to be a very thin man who spent most of his time in prayer and fasting and he loved children.  He is reported spending a lot of time dealing with children.   His name was imposed on that day known as "Christmas" and thus St. Nicholas or St. Nick comes into the position of being the man of that day. 

Modern documentaries and articles on Santa Claus only go up to St. Nicholas to trace its origins.  They conveniently stay silent on what went on prior to Nicholas.

There's also another concept that goes even deeper, that is, St. Nicholas himself is supposed to be coming from the story of the wolves in the Celtic or Scandinavian regions.  In the folklore of this region, the name Nick or Nicker was supposed to be a demon - the demon of the North.  He was known as the evil spirit of the North .. based on the name of Odin, the evil principle.  For many generations people in Germany and other neighboring countries in Northern Europe looked upon this cult as a force of evil.  Parents used this cult image to prevent their children from staying outdoor saying "don't go out or else St. Nick will capture you, put you in his bag and take you away."   St. Nick or Nicholas was used as a very negative and frightening tale.   In the Christian bible, Isaiah, in chapter 14:13, the devil is known as the prince of darkness and it's portrayed that the seat of power of his evil was somewhere in the North.  So, when the Germans depicted this character, Nichols or pels Nichol (which in German means fairy-devil), they described him as man in a red fur coat as the essence of evil with his base in the North.   Thus, the church of England asserted  that this celebration could not go on and this rule lasted up to the 17th century.  That's because the  Christmas occasion actually became the time of evil.  It was the time of belief in Saturnalia*.

Because of the ban implemented by the church of England, this occasion with its loud celebrations and merriment was shifted to "New Year's Eve" which too has a tale of its own filled with pagan origins.

However, the concept of Christmas on December 25th returned later with dozens more fabrications and fantasies.  Briefly put, not only the date, but the large majority of Christmas symbols also include pagan rituals. Christmas largely comprises of nature worshiping with "Christmas trees, hollies, wreaths" etc. a typically pagan practice.

Today, the children are taught that this 300 pound man, Santa Claus or St. Nicholas, will come down the chimney on Christmas eve wearing red and white and put gifts for them under the Christmas tree and then fly off into the night.  The poor parents who sweat and toil all year to be able to afford these gifts for their children get no credit at all.  Many kids are raised with this belief.  Many of them also know they're being duped and they often sneak into their living rooms to see their parents putting presents around the tree on the night of December 24th.  The knowledge of this hoax is also more or less a part of the celebration. It's condoned by the usual idea which people babble, "well it's Christmas, don't you want the children to have some fun?"   But the point is, what are these parents and the society teaching their children .. a tradition based on falsehood that goes on from generation to generation?  Having fun is perfectly okay, but it ought not to be based on ideas that alter the truth and distort principles.   They hardly realize that they are using the name of Jesus, son of Virgin Maryam, who was a messenger of Allah Almighty, and associating it with false ideas and mere folklore.  Not just that , but they are using the name of the messenger of Allah and associating it with a character which has for long been recognized in mythical tradition as the devil.  This devil has now taken over the Christmas season which is also falsely assumed as the birth date of Jesus, son of Virgin Maryam.  How disrespectful and depraved traditions can be!

Not to mention, the passage of time has also turned this tradition as a symbol of materialism when one needs to spend and buy presents and cards not just for family but for cousins, aunts, uncles, friends, colleagues and acquaintances and by the time the season is over, everyone is neck deep in debts .. much to the pleasure of the banks and credit card centers. 

So, where is the thought of Jesus?  You get drunk, you fight, you lose the bulk of your savings, you are in debt for six months or more, the stores raise their prices and the business sector carefully monitors the profits of the retailers.  On the other hand, Prophet Jesus was a very humble man who had not more than a few pairs of ordinary clothes to wear.  He was a very simple person, eating very simple food, fasting most of the time, and always striving to work in accordance with the principles of the Divine Power.  Jesus, son of Virgin Maryam, was a strict Monotheist.   Associating him with pagan ideas as the so-called Christians do today is gross on their part!

To conclude, we can clearly see what's going on.  By now, in the third millennium, there are two streams - a stream of polytheism and a stream of Monotheism.   Unfortunately, since most humans are far more readily attracted to evil & falsehood than righteousness & truth, the stream of polytheism (along with its materialism) has taken over the truth of Monotheism.  

* Definition of Saturnalia:
Roman pagans first introduced the holiday of Saturnalia, a week long period of lawlessness celebrated between December 17-25.  During this period, Roman courts were closed, and Roman law dictated that no one could be punished for damaging property or injuring people during the weeklong celebration.  The festival began when Roman authorities chose “an enemy of the Roman people” to represent the “Lord of Misrule.”  Each Roman community selected a victim whom they forced to indulge in food and other physical pleasures throughout the week.  At the festival’s conclusion, December 25th, Roman authorities believed they were destroying the forces of darkness by brutally murdering this innocent man or woman.


  1. Whats the name of this painting because I can't find it anywhere. I hear muslims talk about it but never see the actual image they're reffering to. Please note I am only seeking the truth and I believe seeing something is a lot more evident than hearing something. I hope to hear from you soon, may Allah bless you.

  2. Your inquiry seems to be amazingly dull witted. First off, unfortunately most Muslims don't talk about this because they are no less apathetic than the mainstream Christians and Jews. I am one of the very few Muslims who has compiled this information through my intense research of ancient history, much of it has been buried under the sand by the Catholic Church as the western world kept getting more secularized and Biblical history kept getting altered .. an endless process. Majority of the western historians admit that much of the artwork of ancient Biblical myth has been destroyed or simply removed from public viewing .. most likely hidden in the underground vaults of the Vatican alongside the infamous secret files of the Inquisition. Since the last 300 years or more, has anyone even had a glimpse of those scores of Inquisition files telling unspeakable stories of grief, murders & executions of innocent people carried out at the behest of the Church authorities from the 12th to the 18th centuries which are now tucked up in the dark underground alleys of the Vatican in Rome ? Yet the entire world knows that the 600-year-long terrorism of the Catholic Church that perpetrated the horrific Inquisition is the origin of the Vatican and a very authentic part of Christian history. Similarly, the Christian world silently acknowledges that the origin of Santa Claus is NOT from 'a pious old man' but from a nasty red demon. Therefore, you bet the Pope will rather give away his ass on rent but not let anyone sniff around the Vatican's vaults.


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