The Prophet did not know the future and the Last Day will come without warnings

"They ask thee of the (destined) Hour, when will it come to port. Say: Knowledge thereof is with my Lord only. He alone will manifest it at its proper time. It is heavy in the heavens and the earth. It cometh not to you save unawares. They question thee as if thou couldst be well informed thereof. Say: Knowledge thereof is with Allah only, but most of mankind know not." (7:187)
"Say: For myself I have no power to benefit, nor power to hurt, save that which Allah willeth. Had I knowledge of the Unseen, I should have abundance of wealth, and adversity would not touch me. I am but a warner, and a bearer of good tidings unto folk who believe."(7:188)
Alhumdulilah, with these two lovely verses from the Glorious Quran, all those trashy Bukhari ahadith with bickerings about the "signs of the Last Day" and "Mahdi and Prophet Essa returning as a sign of end of times" must be totally rejected as nonsense.  All the talks ensuing from tons of ahadith concerning the "signs of Qaiyamah" have been CONFIRMED as false in the words of Allah, The Almighty, Himself.   
All praise be to YOU, ya Rab.  And peace and blessings on the beloved final Messenger who was not avid of the unseen, as the deviants wrongly claim.  


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