Iran / Syria / Hezbollah

We are living in an era which is a collaboration between Imperialism and Zionism trying to establish their global hegemony .. most importantly in the Middle-East, North Africa and Pakistan.  The double-dip recession in the West has made it still more difficult for them to survive without occupying other lands and stealing their wealth.  Of course, the comeback of colonization also largely involves promotion of security for the illegal state of Israel.   Thus, in response, the two most important strategies for the Muslim world are (1) unity and (2) rejection of Western hegemony.  As the West gets more desperate, resistance from Muslim sovereign states to maintain our sovereignty is getting imperative.  Unfortunately the only block that's firmly offering resistance to imperialistic interference and occupation is Iran/ Hezbollah/Syria.  The rest of the Muslim countries (both leaders and their subjects) are disgracefully duped, misled and enslaved by their imperialist masters.

The joint aggression by the West and segments of the Sunni world against Syria isn't complicated to read.  The leaders of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Jordan want to get rid of Assad in preference to a Sunni regime because Assad is not a puppet like them, he is loved by the majority of his countrymen and he stands firmly against Western bullying.  The West and Israel want to get rid of him also because he is not a puppet, and toppling Assad's government and replacing it with a poodle Sunni regime (as they did in Libya) will break the Iran/Syria/Hezbollah block, weaken the resistance against the Zionist state, facilitate imperialist greed and deprive Iran of a good friend in the region.  Thus, the Al-Qaeda Wahabis, the Sunni Arab leaders and the West+Israel, all have their own selfish interests involved in this conflict. But none, except President Assad's government, are concerned about the interest of the Syrian people.  Assad is the only one who can come closest to it.

Needless to say "democracy" is NOT the motive behind imperialist interference to break the Iran/Syria/Hezbollah block, just as it was never the cause in Iraq and Libya.  "Democracy" (apart from being a bundle of manipulation itself) has always been used by imperialist powers as a tool, NEVER as the catalyst.  Whether or not Assad is a "dictator" is up to the Syrian people to decide.  It's not our decision and certainly not the decision of the Sunni Arab and Turkish leaders who are themselves the most obnoxious tyrants in the annals of modern history.   Syrians are thronging the streets of Damascus and other cities in the millions in support of their government, never covered by the mainstream media.  After all, let's not forget, the current global mess is NOT because of Syria's constitution.  It's because of the revival of imperialistic policies and the desire to re-establish colonization in the name of "democracy" by silencing every bit of opposition to protect Western and Zionist interests.  Assad already held a referendum early this year (Feb.2012) for a new constitution as the threshold and the most important part of his reforms.  It had a huge turnout and almost 90% of Syrians voted in favor of it.  The West was embarrassed down to its roots and as usual called it a "fraud" and gave no coverage of it.  It never even presented a shred of evidence why it called it a "fraud."

The actions of the Syrian people have reflected again and again that Bashar al-Assad does NOT have the same status in Syria which the disgraced leaders of Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and Bahrain had/have in their countries.   Assad has  done a fine job of maintaining a favorable economy and has provided generously not only to the Syrian people but also to asylum seekers from occupied Iraq and Palestine fleeing death and assassination at the hands of their occupiers.  Additionally, under Assad's rule Syria has had a very pleasantly harmonious society where Muslims (Sunnis + Shiias) and Christians have been living peacefully and cordially since decades.  Unlike most other Muslim countries, not a single sectarian riot has ever erupted in Syria nor any clashes between Muslims and Christians.  But all this will surely change if, Allah forbid, the present Syrian government is toppled by the agents of the imperialists.

The imperialists and Zionists are desperately trying to bring a "one family" Israel-friendly rule in Syria. Therefore, if Assad's one-family rule is toppled, it will be replaced by the Wahabi one-family rule as in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain,  Jordan etc.  In the present set-up of the New World Order, the one-family rule primarily becomes a problem if it makes a pact with the imperialists to serve their interest.  That's when everything starts to stink really bad!  Fortunately Assad's one-family rule is not doing that. But the other Arab one-family rules are. Therefore, there is no reason to be in a hurry for Assad to quit. Moreover, as mentioned, Assad has so far done a good job of keeping Syria economically stable and most Syrians are happy with him. Assad is not  the issue at present. The fact that he is not a puppet and is standing up against the illegal Zionist occupation are enough reasons to for him to continue. This is not the time to hanker after bringing a "western-style democracy" in Syria or anywhere for that matter. The massively manipulated system of "democracy" might suit the West but it has no entitlement to make itself a universal system. The downside of that practice of "bringing democracy" has by now become so evident, rather a joke, that we don't even need to discuss it.

A change of regime in Syria will only serve the interest of the US, EU and Israel on a silver platter.  It will be useless for the pan-Islamic state, and worst of all, it will be profoundly harmful for the Sunni world.  After all, a traitor's actions eventually boomerang back at them.   Iran and Hezbollah will NOT be weakened at the slightest even if Assad is removed.  Both Iran and Hezbollah have been ostracized by the imperialist world and the Sunni leaders since decades.  It has not mattered to them one bit.  Iran has been clamped with the harshest of sanctions imaginable by the West since the past 33 years which only resulted in turning her into a giant economy and one of the leading military powers of the world.  So let's not fool ourselves by presuming that toppling Assad will weaken Iran.  It will only weaken and humiliate the Sunni world, viz the Sunni rulers of Syria who will be at the beck and call of the White House and TelAviv, and it will ruin the peace & prosperity of Syria. 


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