The Satanic Buddhist monks and their Holocaust against the Rohingya minority

The Burmese government has flatly refused to allow the Rohingya Muslims continue staying in Burma even though the Rohingyas are the indigenous people of that land, living there since centuries.   They have been suffering persecution by the Buddhist majority since decades and their persecution got worse since 1992 when the Burmese military government stripped the Muslim minority of their citizenship.  Presently, the Rohingyas are literally being kept within concentration camps, stateless in their own land, awaiting deportation either to Bangladesh or to be handed over to the United Nations.

The death toll and the number of Rohingya Muslims who have been displaced are still being downplayed.  Some sources have put the death toll as low as "80" and "100,000" displaced.   The real figures are MUCH higher.  The number of dead are well into the four figures, if not five, and the displaced are in hundreds of thousands.   

The western world went about trumpeting its hackneyed propaganda in the past in favor of Buddhist monks as being "helpful and kind."  But this brazen and unconcealed murderous intolerance of the Buddhist monks in Myanmar has blown that myth into bits.  The intolerance &  hatred of the Buddhist people of Myanmar, their government and its opposition against the minority Rohingya Muslims have reached such heights that at present those Rohingyas who are fortunate enough to survive the ongoing spate of killings are only entitled to retain the status of 'prisoners.' 

To make matters still worse, the Buddhist authorities are not even allowing humanitarian aid to reach the imprisoned Rohingyas who are in a desperate state.  Even the Nazis offered food to the prisoners in the concentration camps.  But the Buddhists who are running the concentration camps in the Arakan state of Burma have taken the cake from the Nazis!  They have threatened violence against international aid organizations if they deliver food and medicines to the impoverished and injured Rohingya prisoners.  Some channels of foreign media like Press TV and RT that wanted to cover this story were barred by the Burmese government from reaching the concentration camps imprisoning the Rohingyas.   

And the reason for all this?   Only the religious belief of the Rohingya Muslims, nothing beyond that.   The Burmese government and Buddhist monks are circulating another false information that the Rohingya Muslims are "illegal immigrants from Bangladesh."  Not true at all.  The Rohingyas are just as indigenous in Burma as the Buddhists.   If the Rohingyas had converted to Buddhism, the Burmese majority would have no problem accepting them.  But this genocide is all about gross religious intolerance by a community labelled as "tolerant" by the world.  

The West has long lost it's ethical reputation and credibility around the globe.  And now, the behavior of the Burmese Buddhists which shamelessly exposes their vile and guile contradicting Western claims of "tolerance" concerning them doesn't even embarrass the West any more.   THE BUDDHIST PEOPLE, THEIR MONKS, THEIR MILITARY GOVERNMENT AND THE BURMESE OPPOSITION OF AUNG SAN SUU KYI HAVE CONVEYED THAT THEY WILL NOT TOLERATE THE PRESENCE OF THE MUSLIM MINORITY IN THEIR COUNTRY.  THIS IS THE CRUX OF THE STORY.

The horrific genocide in Myanmar that began at full swing from June 2012 was preplanned and was in the pipeline for months.  The scheme involved circulating a false story of a murdered Buddhist woman and pinning it upon a few Rohingya Muslim men with the claim that she was "raped and murdered" by them.   Of course, no evidence was ever found of such a claim.  The Burmese media never even mentioned who this woman was, where she was found "murdered" nor any other evidence to suspect that "three Rohingya men" were behind it.  It was simply a scam that was required as the official cause to ignite this mass murder, pogrom, arson and looting against the minority. 

First of all this mayhem is based on a BIG LIE.  Secondly, even if such an incident was true, does the law of any civilized country call for a genocide followed by deportation of 800,000 people of a community as a punishment for an alleged "rape and murder" of one person ??   Such savage laws surely did exist in 10th century Mongolia.    And oh!  The 10th century Mongols were also ruthless Buddhists. The thirst for human blood runs in the genes of the Buddhist community.  Their only prerequisite to quench that thirst is to acquire the friendship and protection of Western powers which have already been given to them.

Now just think of it;  if any Muslim country, after a bout of murderous riots, decided to deport its entire minority population over the alleged rape of one woman, how would the international media react?   It would  go berserk with excitement, exaggerations, gossips and theatrics.  By now there would be dozens of pages in Facebook lambasting Islam and Twitter would be crowded with anti-Muslim tweets.  Contrary to that, the silence of the media and its viewers on the mass slaughter of Burmese Muslims by the Buddhist majority has been so staggering that even certain Western news outlets couldn't help keeping their composure any longer and have finally started discussing this appalling bloodshed by those masquerading as "peace lovers." 

But ....

As the mayhem in Myanmar gets worse, the mainstream media has finally breathed a sigh of relief after the Olympics began in London today - a useful tool to distract the West from the crimes of its favorite criminals.  


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