Burma: The tragic story of Noor Ashah. Must read, must share, please!

By a humanitarian worker on the ground

"This is Noor Ashah and her husband Jafer Miah.   They belong to a village by the name of Akkap in Myanmar district (Burma).   Hers is a truly heart breaking reality of what is going on in Burma.  In her own words she told me that she was in her house with her five children, when it was set on fire by local Buddhist extremists.   The fire spread so rapidly due to the fact that her house was made of wood and straw roof.   She managed to escape with three of her children but unfortunately she couldn't help the remaining two.  She said she could hear their screams but could do nothing to help them because of the intensity of the flames and she stood helplessly as her whole house was burnt to the ground.   During all of this she was unaware that her foot was on fire and it got burnt to the bone. Soon after, her husband took her and the remaining three children and fled for their lives to the refugees camps on the border of Bangladesh.  That's where I found them.   When I saw the condition of her foot, we immediately took her into a local private hospital for emergency treatment.  She will loose her foot because it burnt all the way to the bone with severe infection.

Her husband tells me she was a lively woman but since this horrific incident she has become emotionless. I urge you all to do what ever it takes to help put an end to the injustices happening to the Muslims in Burma.   Pray for our sister, Noor Ashah."

The brutal Burmese security forces attacking our Muslim brothers by snatching the
Noble Quran from their hands and throwing it on the road.  But the Faith of our 

brothers is strong and firm, and they will never leave the Quran. 


  1. What's going on in Burma please please please tell me and why it's happening so?? It's horrible even to imagine all that

    1. Yes it's absolutely horrible. What's happening is that the Muslim minority of Burma are being killed by the Buddhist majority. It started in June 2012. It's been nearly 3 years and a total of 250,000 Muslims have been slaughtered. It's now officially known as a genocide carried out by the bastard Buddhists. Many more Muslims have been injured. Several Burmese Muslims have fled Burma to save their lives. Those Muslims who are still in Burma have been forced to leave their homes and are locked up in concentration camps. The Buddhists have taken over their homes, properties and businesses. The Muslim minority all over Burma are under attack by the Buddhist extremist murderers. But mostly it's the minority Muslims of the western Burmese province of Arakan who are suffering the worst persecution by the Buddhist majority. These minority Muslims of the Arakan province are called Rohingya Muslims.

      The entire Buddhist nation of Burma is involved in this genocide against the Muslim minority. It includes the Buddhist Burmese government of Thein Sein, the radical Buddhist monks, the Buddhist Burmese opposition leader named Aung Kan Si Kyi and the Burmese Buddhist public. They are all guilty of involvement in this genocide which can also be accurately called state sponsored terrorism by the Buddhists of Burma. Absolutely shameful !!


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