Erdogan and "no-fly" zone over Syria - Let the international robbers know they are not fooling anyone

Ever since the turmoil in Syria was ignited, Erdogan has said more than once that Bashar al-Assad  doesn't have the mandate of his people any longer.  But he conveniently ignores his own lost mandate at home.   Recent opinion polls show that majority of Turkish people strongly oppose their Prime Minister's alliance with the imperialist powers and his terrorism against their next door neighbor.   According to reports in World Socialist Website, even the non-political crowd in Turkey are of the view that their country should at least be neutral instead of helping the cause of the enemy.   

Unfortunately the wishes of the Turkish people are falling on deaf ears.  Erdogan may have won a third term 'democratically' but he isn't ruling democratically by a long shot.  Far from that, the AK Party has now resorted to blatant vandalism.  When a government opts for treachery, it perpetually nurtures a guilty conscience and has plenty to hide.  It has no other choice but to keep matters under control by using the stick rather than the carrot.  This is precisely the scenario in Turkey.   The hoodlums of the AK Party have been entrusted with the responsibility to silence all voices of dissent and to demand obedience by instilling fear in the hearts and minds of the Turkish people.  A person who lives and works in Turkey mentioned to me that some months ago there was a peaceful demonstration in the Turkish capital against Erdogan's foreign policies.  But it took only an hour to break it up and disperse the crowd.   The riff-raffs of the AK Party literally charged into the demo with sticks, batons and shot guns .. the kind of intimidation one would expect to see by the security forces of one of those puppet kings or presidents-for-life in the Middle-East.

Erdogan's lack of tolerance of media criticism in his country is well known.  Since day one, constitutional amendments have been popping up in Turkey to curtail the freedom of press.   Here is an interesting bit from Al-Akhbar stating that Erdogan has "managed to secure the support of a large swath of opportunistic liberal journalists, who sided with the AKP, with deals that have since earned these journalists many benefits, both direct and indirect.  Yet Erdogan did not content himself with this support in the media, as other journalists continued to direct harsh criticism against his domestic and foreign policies. Instead, the government enacted laws and fabricated excuses and premises enabling them to throw dozens of journalists in prison, claiming that they were engaged in conspiracies against the state and the government."

The Turkish Army has long played a pivotal role in its country's politics.   But with the coming of the AK Party, the Army gradually took the back seat.  This may sound complimentary for the AK Party but it isn't.  The role of the Turkish military wasn't diminished by any grand ideology of the leaders of the AK Party.    The Turkish Army was a sellout for which it had big support of the U.S. and E.U.  The AK Party decided to surpass its military by proving itself to be a greater sellout and so, it got bigger support from the imperialist leaders.  

After selling away his self-respect and betraying the trust of the Turkish people, Erdogan has still not had his fill.  This shameless dictator is now negotiating with the U.S. to declare Syria into a "no-fly" zone.  It's a set-up that had been on the table for long to be used as a key resource at the right time.  The time has now arisen after the Al-Qaeda agents of the "friends of Syria," despite being provided with training and weapons worth millions, have failed to win the war against Assad's forces.  

This fetid crap about a "no-fly" zone over Syria smells of a prelude to violation of international norms yet again.   The West and the Sunni leaders, hand in hand, are now working to create circumstances that will enable them to use their trump card as they did in Libya - air strikes by the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization (NATO). 

Most likely it won't take long for the spineless United Nations to announce Syria  a "no-fly zone."  According to the Western myth, the purpose of a no-fly zone is to prevent a government from killing its people by airstrikes.   Though Syria is at war (NOT "civil" war) and is trying to repulse the attack of foreign invaders, the nasty media propaganda with all its manipulations will somehow assure its naive viewers that Syria's actions  have made it eligible for her to be recognized as a "no-fly" zone.   Obviously, the Syrian government cannot be expected to respect such a villainous law and give up defending its country against foreign terrorists and infiltrators.  This will provide the United Nations with the much awaited excuse to give NATO the green light for carrying out its standard terrorism - flying over Syria's "no-fly zone" followed by complete destruction of a sovereign state with the stench of death everywhere.  

If at any time, any one wants to make this planet a slightly better place to live in, the first thing they need to do is to dissolve those three criminal dens - UN, NATO and ICC.   It's an arrangement and they play their roles in sequence.  The UN makes it conducive for NATO to murder and then the ICC turns away from handling the cases of the surviving victims of NATO so that they can be lynched by the Al-Qaeda allies of NATO at home.