Syria: It's NOT a "revolution" you dummies!

Whenever some irrelevant freak defects and joins the Al-Qaeda invaders of Syria, the mainstream media celebrates with the utmost of hype.  Presently it's celebrating the defection of a Syrian opportunist called Riyad Hijab who was appointed prime minister of Syria a couple of years ago.  Prime minister's post in Syria is that of a figurehead.  He never had much power nor any influential or political clout.  Power is mainly rooted in the Syrian Army and the security apparatus of the government that stand firmly to defend Syria from the foreign aggression of Al-Qaeda, its Arab/Turk financiers, Israel and USA.  

For practically purposes, Hijab's defection is quite insignificant.  But it will surely provide greater fuel for running the international propaganda machine.  Hijab never belonged to the close circles of the Syrian government.  He was one of the Sunnis with a reclusive attitude.  Thus, it took him little time to fall on the lap of his country's enemies.  Hijab was helped by the Al-Qaeda allies of the "free Syrian army" to defect.  And the joke of millennium - Hijab calls himself a "soldier of this blessed revolution."  Yet, he isn't fighting.  He simply escaped to Jordan (a member of that diabolical den called "friends of Syria") where he is relaxing in luxury.  

What's happening in Syria is NO revolution, just as what happened in Libya was NO revolution.  Do I even need to say that?   A revolt that blossoms into a revolution stays meaningful only as long as it's one hundred per cent homegrown.  The moment foreigners get involved, it loses its ideology and its goal of 'freedom' and 'independence' becomes a deception.  

What's happening in Syria now is identical to what was attempted in Iran in June 2009 instigated by the West.  I'm sure we all remember that failed drama.  The only difference was that in the case of Iran the imperialists used 1% of those Iranian dissidents within the country (with the help of George Soros), while in Syria the same imperialist powers are using the fierce terrorists of Al-Qaeda to assist a fraction of the Syrian defectors and wreck havoc throughout the country.   It's so darn simple to sense the similarity. 

Let's learn some more history to understand the foreign revolt against Syria better.

What's happening in Syria today is a repetition of Iranian history in 1953.   The purpose of the events in Iran in 1953 was financial protection of UK and the US involving Iranian oil.  The Syrian episode today is mainly for the protection of the illegal state of Israel but also involves imperialist interest in the energy resources of Syrian Kurdistan. 

Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddeq was the democratically elected leader of Iran and the choice of the Iranian people.  In August of 1953, he was toppled by a coup known as the Mordad coup orchestrated within Iran by the intelligence agencies of Britain and the United States.  This imperialist-led coup ushered the authoritarian rule of the Western agent, Reza Shah Pahlavi, and Iran's transition from the peoples' government to a tyrannical monarch supported and protected by the United States.

So, what was the reason for ousting Mosaddeq, a leader chosen and liked by majority of his people?   Please read carefully and remember.  In the 1920s and 1930s Iranian oil was strictly controlled by the Brits via a British owned Anglo-Iranian oil company (AIOC).  The Iranian people, majority of whom have always been very independent minded and have downright rejected imperialist thefts, gradually began resenting this arrangement involving the AIOC.  By the 1940s the peoples' dissatisfaction over the AIOC became widespread which was seen for what it really was - a exploitative body and a lucrative investment of British imperialism.  In 1951, Mossadeq passed a bill in the Iranian Parliament to nationalize Iran's oil industry, thus, booting out AIOC.   This bill was supported by the Iranian Parliament almost unanimously.  It was an unpleasant jolt for the imperialist powers.  It spelled the clear message for them to "go back home, no more robbing of Iran's wealth."   But Western democratic norms function only as long as they serve its interest.   Nationalizaton of Iranian oil industry was a heavy kick deep inside the rear of the imperialists.  Not being able to rob Iran any longer meant huge financial losses to them.  Ignoring Mossadeq's popular support in Iran, the British flatly refused any cordial negotiations on this issue.  They wanted nothing less than the return of imperialist rule in Iran.  A leader popular among the masses didn't suit the imperialist national interest.  Subsequently, imperialist vandalism began being unleashed against Iran.  Britain started by initiating a worldwide boycott of Iranian oil to pressure Iran economically .. similar to the harsh sanctions we see today against Iran/Syria/Hezbollah.  Then it started using Iranian agents to destabilize Mossadeq's government .. much the same as George Soros' mischief using the services of those few thousands of Iranian dissidents and supporters of the former Shah now residing in the US to destabilize post-revolution Iran.  While all this went on, Britain was constantly working on the possibility of mobilizing its army and sending it inside Iran to seize the Abadan oil refinery.  And finally when Churchill became Prime Minister of Britain and Eisenhower led the US, they instigated and financed a coup with the help of a small number of Iranian dissidents and toppled the very popular government of Iran. Mossadeq was overthrown.  That's how Iran's first peoples' government was destroyed by foreign invaders until 1979, when our brave Iranian brothers and sisters rose up again and threw out the imperialists and their autocratic representative.  Even a pro-West source as the online encyclopedia writes on the 1953 coup of Iran: "Classified documents show British intelligence officials played a pivotal role in initiating and planning the coup, and that Washington and London shared an interest in maintaining control over Iranian oil."  It also names the commanders of this coup viz.  "Dwight Eisenhower and Winston Churchill."  And imperialist lackeys, "Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and Fazollah Zahedi."

More than 1,000 Iranians were killed in this coup.

Today, post-revolution Iran has vowed it won't let the international robbers steal her wealth ever again.  InshAllah, Iran will always be independent and sovereign, trading as fair business partners with the rest of the world, NEVER as their slaves.

And now think of the events in Syria.  We would have to be dumb sickos if we still cannot catch the truth. 


  1. Welldone and congratulations for writing another nice article on Syria! I have Shared it across several FB groups. Very informative, it's good to analyze and see the background of what's happening in Syria today. The part where you discussed a similar situation in Iran in 1950's was really touching and quite informative for me. Thanks to the awakened Iranian nation, Iran is free of imperialists influence.
    God bless you,

  2. Salaam and thanks Aqeel. I hope the events of history help Muslims around the world to open their eyes, think and understand the reality. Right now their slumber is so deep that it feels like I'm talking to a brick wall.

  3. Don't lose your heart. Change doesn't come overnight, see Prophet S.A.W.W took years to change the system. Many other prophets took centuries. Allah knows everything, HE will never let your efforts wasted. Some would definitely change Insha'Allah