The hypocrisy of that "free Tibet" slogan

This is the story of a joint intelligentsia set-up between CIA, RAW and the Dalai Lama, who is a CIA agent himself, living in India - a lethal triangle!   India allows and facilitates the United States to use its soil to create unrest in Tibet which is then trumpeted around the world as "oppression of Tibet by China."   Members of this deadly triangle wait like predators for the slightest opportunity to stir up trouble.  They send messages to their Buddhist vandals in Tibet to carry out carnage.  That's followed by shouts and slogans of "free Tibet" and the usual media hype with biased information in support of the Tibetan vandals. 

As Ahmed Qureshi writes "The only non-western country playing a dirty role in this charade is India, host to the wily Dalai Lama, aptly described by the people who know him as a ‘wolf in a monk’s garb.’   The prime Western agenda in this episode of 'free Tibet' is to harass China, disrupt Chinese foreign investments and thus obstruct the Chinese economy."

The hypocrisy gets more repugnant each time the members of this diabolical triangle start playing their tricks.

For example, in 2008 the entire Western block was ready to mar the impressive Beijing Olympics.   It needed the help of the 'wolf monk' to get around with this mischief.  It didn't take long for this CIA wolf to instigate a riot in Tibet.  Not just that, but it was also a very selective riot, picking locations where majority of the residents were Tibetan Muslims.  The wolf's Buddhist insurgents went on a rampage with knives, machetes and match boxes .. brutally killing, looting and setting fire to enormous residences and business centers.  Nancy Pelosi, who flew to India to brighten the flames of the Tibet riot, made a sickening statement of a very despicable brand of double-standard.  Quoting Pelosi: "If freedom loving people throughout the world do no speak out, we have lost all moral authority to speak on human rights anywhere in the world."  This statement came from a senior representative of the United States of America in 2008, a country brazenly guilty of a preemptive attack and occupation of a sovereign country (Iraq) and the murder of more than a quarter of a million of its people.  That set the ball rolling and Tibet became the West's only weapon to stop the Olympics in Beijing.  Fortunately for China, the conspiracy ended up in a failure.  China was much too determined to go ahead with its plan.  It only backfired at the West and the Dalai Lama themselves.  The sly monk was exposed.  His carefully structured image of a "peace-lover" went into the ditch.

Those who scream "free Tibet" claim that China "occupies" and "neglects" Tibet.  These buffoons still don't know that as far as modernization is concerned, the capital of Tibet, Lhasa, is far more developed than the South Asian capitals of Islamabad and New Delhi.  China has spent almost US$ 5 billion only to construct one of the world’s most sophisticated rail tracks, a luxury service of almost 2,000 km connecting Lhasa to Beijing.  China has been working hard and spending billions more to provide modern facilities to the under-developed western parts of Tibet.   Lhasa and various other cities of Tibet have up-to-date schools, hospitals, shopping centers, roads, bridges, airports etc. and Tibet is a frequent spot for western tourists.   If those "free Tibet" hypocrites still think that China isn't doing enough or is "occupying" Tibet, then perhaps China should take lessons from the master occupier, Israel, how to handle its subjects.   China should send tanks, bulldozers and B52 bombers to Tibet, roll down Tibetan homes, flatten their farmlands and carpet bomb Lhasa and other Tibetan towns and cities.  Then probably that CIA's half naked monk will realize that he hadn't been counting his blessings.      


  1. Zainab, do you oppose Tibet becoming independent from China (under all circumstances)?

  2. Movement to "free" Tibet is an old deception, attempted by imperialist leaders to divide and weaken China. That explains why the Dalai Lama has been a handy CIA agent since the 1950s.

    First off, Tibet is a province that's fed & fattened by China. It's not in a miserable condition like other occupied lands. Therefore, independence of Tibet is not an important issue. Secondly, if the Tibetan leader wants independence, he should go about with it in a civilized way, not by playing games and working as a CIA agent.

  3. Well, I struggle with the concept of the Dalai Lama being "a handy CIA agent".

    I'm puzzled that you ignore the fact that since 1949 hundreds of thousands of Tibetans have been killed. Thousands of monasteries and temples have been destroyed. Do you really think the movement of large numbers of Han Chinese to Tibet is well-intentioned? What about the arbitrary arrests and suppression of free speech? The Chinese have made Tibet a police state.

  4. Claiming that the dalai lama isn't a CIA agent is similar to claiming that Osama bin Laden wasn't a terrorist. The dalai lama has been working for the CIA since the 1950s. His link with the CIA is just as commonly accepted as the American president's connections with the white house. It doesn't even need to be debated.

    You are "puzzled" because you are surviving by eating the mud and propaganda of the mainstream media. The Western mainstream media trumpets the lies that benefits its foreign & domestic policies and remains cunningly silent over its own violations and those of its friends & agents. Do you even know that a massive genocide was committed barely 3 months ago, last June, in Burma against the minority Rohingya Muslims by the buddhist bigots in which 20,000 Rohingyas were murdered in cold blood in just 30 days, thousands more injured & raped and thousands of homes burned & looted only because of their Faith? But you do know the myth of "thousands" being killed since 1949 in Tibet.

    You are much too ignorant and hardly know what you are talking. Your sub-standard comments steeped in misinformation do not qualify to be posted here.

  5. Occupied countries today are Palestine, Kashmir and Chechnya. In these occupied countries/provinces thousands are being killed every year since 1947 .. in Chechnya even prior to that. And with the quantum of turmoil brewing in around the globe in the 20th & 21st centuries, Tibet - the ass-kisser of the West - can fuck itself up.

  6. zaina.........if china wants its economic development and peacful in tibet. why dont they come for peaceful negotiation with tibetan represtatives..even they dont have free media policy and its own country people dont have right to express their views and thoughts... Nobel laureate like louis xiabo are kept in prison..what a country with economic development but internally hatred, anger and fear all over...

    1. Doesn't matter if China doesn't have free speech. What free speech does that crook dalai lama grant to his people in Tibet? If any Tibetan speaks against the Buddhists who are slaughtering the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, they will be secretly slaughtered by vigilantes in Tibet on the orders of that wolf monk. So let's not talk of "free media" or free speech and least of all use that ghastly expression "nobel laureate" which in the New Word Disorder is reserved only for Western stooges, CIA employees and thugs.

      China is granting Tibet all economic perks. There is no need for any negotiations with Tibet just as there is no need for negotiations with any other Chinese province. The only purpose of negotiation with Tibet will be for the purpose of secession. China has already said NO to that just as any other government in the world would. Therefore what negotiations?

      That crooked monk who is the prostitute of CIA wants secession so that he can acquire absolute power in Tibet. The West wants secession of Tibet only to divide China. If anyone wanted similar independence in any province, county or state of North America or Europe, would their governments ever say 'yes' ?? So why keep fingering China on this issue ?

      Most importantly the Buddhist HYPOCRISY of being "peace lovers" has been exposed like never before after the horrendous Myanmar genocide against the poor, helpless and defenseless Muslims. Is this the Buddhist policy of treating the minority on their land? May China NEVER grant independence to this vile community in Tibet called "Buddhists." They will spread the same sort of hate and murderous activities as their counterparts are doing in Myanmar.


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