Golan Heights, Syria And Opponents Of The Syrian Government

Those supporting the Syrian opposition (which comprises of a coalition between Al-Qaeda terrorist fighters, the Sunni Arab leaders, Israel, USA and EU) have only two lame excuses for blaming President Bashar al-Assad.   First, the myth that he is "killing Sunnis in Syria."   This childish myth doesn't even require a debate.

The second nonsense rushing out of their mouths is the bizarre little story that Assad doesn't care for the Israeli occupation of Golan Heights.  It's mind boggling how they get such weird notions into their heads and then spread them around.  The view that the present Syrian Government isn't interested in getting back Golan Heights is itself an evidence of how little the nit-pickers know of the history of Golan Heights.  Of course, one has to keep in mind where they are coming from.


Golan Heights was occupied and annexed with Israel by the Zionists in 1967 during the 6-day war when they also took over West Bank and the Gaza strip.  The Syrian people, with the moral support of South Lebanon, Iran and the Palestinian people, have carried out numerous demos demanding an end to the occupation of Golan Heights.  That alone has been enough for Israel to shoot countless Syrian demonstrations at Golan Heights periodically.  Israel gets $3 billion/year from the US to upgrade its army.  How on earth can anyone expect Syria to invade and take back Golan Heights without serious consequences exacerbating the suffering of its people?   Not just that, but additionally it would also help the imperialists and the Sunni Arab leaders to create a reputation of Assad's Government being an "aggressor" against Israel.   Despite the fact that Assad has strictly been minding his own business, the West  calls him a part of the "axis of evil."  Can anyone imagine what they would do to him (with the blessings of their  Sunni puppets) if he sent an army to fight a preemptive war against Israel at Golan Heights? 

Thirdly, the Syrian society has since long been pleasantly united which hasn't seen a single incident of sectarian violence in modern history.   Moreover, all Shiia territories, that is, Iran, South Lebanon (Hezbollah) and Syria are hugely peaceful regions.  Their motto is only to fight a defensive war, not an aggressive one as that would not serve their national interest and most likely make matters far worse.  The reason why Assad is currently confronting the foreign al-Qaeda mercenaries (allies of Qatar, Jordan, Turkey and KSA) is because they are preemptively attacking his country.  No government in the world will sit back with its arms folded and watch a big bunch of armed thugs infiltrate and take over its land. 

Instead of that standard and illogical accusation why "Assad isn't doing anything about Golan Heights," these denouncers need to first look at the leaders they support --   Khalifa al-Thani of Qatar, Hamad al-Khalifa of Bahrain, Abdullah of Jordan, Abdullah of KSA, Rajab Erodgan of Turkey (unfortunately the list goes one) -- who are among the most passionate prostitutes of Israel and America.   How quick the supporters of the stooge Arab leaders are to ask why Assad isn't doing anything about Golan Heights.  But will we ever hear them ask why Mahmoud Abbas has sold the West Bank in return for some million dollars/year into his personal bank account?   Is that a good enough reason to settle for "peace" by ignoring the spilled blood of numerous martyrs in the past and ignoring the squalid conditions the West Bankers are living in today with every bit of their land being systematically stolen by the 'employers' of Mahmoud Abbas?  As if this wasn't bad enough, lately Hamas in Gaza has also gotten infected with the "Mahmoud Abbas & Muslim Brotherhood Virus."  Yet the champions of the FSA are much too lost in the darkness that engulfs them to perceive even an iota of truth.

Coming to Khaled Meshal (the big boss of Hamas) and the incident in Jordan in 1998, Jordan didn't even have the spine to lodge an international complaint against Israel over Meshal's  attempted murder by Mossad agents on Jordanian soil who were caught red-handed in the act.  Yet the fans of FSA expect Assad to take back Golan Heights from Israel like the fairy tale legends of Robin Hood and Zorro. 

The people of Golan Heights have firmly remained loyal to the Syrian Government and have always identified themselves with Syria.  In April of 2012, much after the start of Al-Qaeda's vandalism in Syria, the residents of Syria's Golan Heights marked the 45th anniversary of their occupation carrying Syrian flags.

Soon after the 2006 Lebanon war, when Israel was still reeling from the thrashing it got from Hezbollah, the issue of Golan Heights surfaced again.  Although Assad was engaged in peace talks at that time, he said that if peace talks fail then he will be compelled to consider military action.  That rattled Israel still further and Mossad began its fear-mongering campaign that Assad was planning a military attack on Golan Heights.   The hullabaloo went on for some months inside Israel and in the Western print and television media.   In 2007, Ehud Olmert secretly approached Assad telling him that he was willing to resolve the issue of Golan Heights through peace talks on the condition that Syria cuts off ties with Iran and Hezbollah.   Assad flatly said "NO."   Subsequently, Israel went ahead constructing new Jewish settlements in Golan Heights by violating the UN resolution 497 that barred Israel from "changing the physical character" of Golan Heights.  A few months later, war in Gaza broke out between Hamas and Israel and in support of Gaza, Assad officially broke off all peace talks with Israel.  During early 2009, Netanyahu (the arch demon) went around with his alarmist propaganda that Syria and Iran wanted to turn Golan Heights into "Iran's frontline."  On August 2009, Pres. Bashar Assad confirmed in the Army Day speech that Golan Heights belonged to Syria and was "non-negotiable" and Syria would never give up on it.   The occupation of Golan Heights does not and will never change the fact that it belongs  to Syria.

How can these zealous critics of Assad still hold on to that discrepant and hackneyed accusation that Assad has "given away Golan Heights to Israel" but graciously exonerate their own "lovable" GCC gangsters of their long and official history of shameless treachery?   


  1. Well said, Sister Zainab. Assad's crime is not his failure to liberate the Golan Heights or the alledged persecution of Sunnis. Assad's state along with Iran and Hezbollah constitutes the most formidable anti Zionist front. Period. Jordan has not only failed to retake the West Bank but has mended fences with the enemy and pursue a common agenda in the region.

  2. FSA fans are quick to claim that Assad isn't doing anything about Golan Heights but was quick to respond with "mortar bomb" to Turkey. Well, first of all you have stated everything very explicitly and comprehensively in your work. Just to respond to those FSA lovers, think of Rajab Erdogan and you guys should be asking the same question about him. When Zionist forces killed 19 of his unarmed countrymen by attacking the flotilla Mavi Marmara unprovoked, Erdogan didn't even kick out a single diplomat of the Israeli embassy from Turkey. But when Syria began defending herself against Erdogan's al-qaeda trainees, he wasted no time firing back at Syria killing several people.

  3. Zainab
    You disabled your blog to post any additional comments on "Can jinn "possess" humans?" page. Was this action fair?
    Al right, you did explain Sura 111 but you didn't quote your source of info? Didn't you read all about Abu-Lahab in Hadiths? And still you discredit Hadith? Isn't that a funny stance?
    I'm just a Muslim, no labels for me, now would please quote a verse that commands to wear a title "QURAN ALONE"

  4. Anonymous dated Oct. 10. You don't even have the guts to put up your name.

    Secondly, this is a Quran alone blog. We don't believe in Hadith, we reject it. If that doesn't sit well with you, no one is forcing you to come here.


  5. The very fact that Allah Almighty has condemned Abu Lahab and his wife by name in His Final Message is itself the biggest source to confirm of their unforgivable violations. And yet Anonymous asks for the "source."

    Hadith is full of absurdities that completely clash with the commandments and principles of the Great Quran and it also clashes with the exemplary character of the Final Messenger. Allah has reminded us again and again in His Final Message that we must NOT follow anything of which we have no knowledge. And anything that's not confirmed by Him in His Final Book or does not comply with the values of His Final Book is unwarranted. Needless to state, 90% of the Hadith does not comply with the Glorious Quran.

    The most important reason for rejecting Hadith directly from the Glorious Quran:

    "It is a revelation from the Lord of the Worlds.
    And if he had invented false sayings concerning Us,
    We assuredly had taken him by the right hand
    And then severed his life-artery,
    And not one of you could have held Us off from him."
    (69:43-47) Surah Al-Haqqah.

    This is the greatest reason and evidence that all those nonsense contained in the Hadith must go down the garbage can.