Obama starts his new term with appreciation of the Myanmar killers

Assalaam Alaikum dear sisters, brothers and friends.  The situation of Rohingya Muslims is uniquely difficult and extremely genocidal in Burma.  The awful genocide that began in June 2012 shows no signs of getting any less intense.

The Rohingya Muslims are subjected to color-coded citizenship which no law in the world has yet implemented except Nazi Germany and the Zionist state of Israel.

Burma is the ancestral land of the Rohingya Muslims; yet they have been declared homeless and stateless on their own land by the fascist Buddhist regime zealously patronized by the West.

The brutal treatment of the Rohingya Muslims by the Buddhist fascists is religiously motivated.  Additionally, the fascists have also brought the issue of race despite the fact the the Rohingya Muslims are ethnically Burmese.  The Burmese fascist government and opposition have labelled the Rohingyas as the "dark skinned" people as if this can justify murder.  Absolutely staggering !!

To make matters still worse, the role played by neighboring Bangladesh has been shameful, to say the least.  Instead of helping their innocent Muslim brethren fleeing one of the world's most horrific genocides, the Bangladesi authorities have refused to give asylum of the Rohingyas.  Not just that, but they have also disallowed any charity to be offered to those few Rohingyas who are taking refuge in the border villages of Bangladesh and Burma.  The Banglades authorities went as far as arresting a Turkish parliamentarian who visited the Rohingya refugee areas of Bangladesh recently and offered them some sacrificial meat during the occasion of Eid-al-Adha.  Absolutley unspeakable !!

President Barack Obama who was given a second term at the White House after winning a pointless and orchestrated "election" will be the first American president to visit Burma by end November 2012.  This man will be the first president in the world who, after winning a "democratic" election, will pay a friendly visit to a land guilty of murdering over 60,000 Rohingya Muslims since June 2012 which it officially acknowledges to be religiously & racially motivated.  Obama has not yet spoken a  word on the systematic and bloody persecution of Burma's minorities.  Obama's visit to Burma will be a clear endorsement of Burma's  brazen fascism in the name of a "reformist state."   Injustice, lies and deceit must not be so very boundless !!!!

Amnesty International is planning a rally to urge President Obama not to forget human rights while in Burma. The rally will be from noon to 1:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 15 outside the White House, in Lafayette Park. Amnesty is urging the president to meet with the victims of human rights abuses and with ethnic minority leaders, including the Rohingya, while in Burma. They are also appealing to the president to call for an immediate stop to abuses against the Rohingyas.  Of course the demands of Amnesty International will fall on deaf ears.  But speaking up is better than staying mute like a stupid dummies.

Extra ordinary human rights concerns have been raised by countless organizations in the United States, the European Union and U.N. human rights investigators - ALL BLACKED OUT BY THE MAINSTREAM WESTERN MEDIA !!!!   What "free" and "fair" countries we are living in, aren't we ??

For all uncencored information on the truth about the merciless killings of Rohingyas in Burma (Myanmar) you won't find in the government controlled media, visit the website BURMA TASK FORCE: