Al-Qaeda: Drugs to boost its aptitude for brutality, chaos

For a long time many of us took for granted that high school dropouts, drifters, and junkies were typical of the Western society until the events in Libya and Syria unfolded.

Al-Qaeda and drugs:
Eyewitnesses who spoke in a recent television documentary, "Syrian Diary," are sure that many al-Qaeda terrorists invading Syria are on drugs.  A lot of these foreign mercenaries have been observed with blank and eerie expressions on their faces, talking to themselves and repeating odd and senseless sentences again and again.  Several of those captured or killed were tested for drugs and the medical analysis was positive indicating intoxicants in their system.  They have also been detected carrying powdery substances and pills in their pockets.  Syrian officials surmise that the stuff al-Qaeda fighters consume must be extremely strong.  It has virtually turned many of them into moving lifeless figures to the extent that some of their men, even after being shot a few times, continue to stagger and walk like robots on their feet showing little signs of pain or discomfort before finally collapsing. The drugs have lulled their physical sensations and mental alertness.  Many of them hardly know what they are doing or what's being done to them.

This can be assumed as a part of the strategy and training program provided to them in Turkey and the Gulf states who have dispatched them to Syria in coordination with their bosses abroad.   It's a similar approach as seen with the Serb fighters during the Balkan wars in the mid to late 1990s.  It was almost mandatory for the Chetnik Serbs to get stone-drunk before going to attack the Bosnians and Kosovars so that they would have no reservations committing the worst atrocities imaginable.

The training given to Al-Qaeda for the invasion of Syria comprises of the same system of ideas on the basis of which the U.S. military prefers to recruit as marines, men and women with problems of drugs and alcoholism, those with criminal records or traumatized by domestic abuse etc.  Considering that the ones financing and arming the Al-Qaeda 'army' belong to the same lot who decide the rules for the soldiers of their own military, makes it much easier to find answers for Al-Qaeda's growing psychotic behavior and the striking similarities in war crimes between Al-Qaeda and the US marines.

From everything we have read and watched in the past, Al-Qaeda wasn't quite as brutal and depraved in the days prior to 9/11 and until some years later.  Never quite heard of them torturing and raping without a shred of conscience as at present.  Its savagery distinctly worsened after it patched up its differences with the US and they became 'lovers' again, which began when Al-Qaeda was discreetly released from camp x-ray en masse in 2011 to assist NATO in Libya.

Various branches of Al-Qaeda had slipped into Iraq soon after the occupation.  They were mainly focused on attacking Iraqi Shiias after officially announcing that their prime targets were the Shiia Muslims and not the American occupiers nor the Zionists.  While Al-Qaeda was wrapped up in sectarian killings through bomb explosions, the US forces additionally carried out rapes and the destruction of Iraqi heritages as well.  But presently in Syria with no Western forces being daring enough to step in and share the large collection of crimes, their wanton Al-Qaeda friends have been sent and 'entrusted' with the entire job.  To make the assignment simpler,  psychological adjustments with the use of drugs isn't something their bosses would ever disapprove.  Inhumanity comes more easily to a wacko mind, obeying orders more willingly with no questions asked.

On December 31, 2012  a report in Huffington Post detailed a grisly incident of a 38-year-old Syrian Christian cab driver kidnapped by one of the Al-Qaeda groups (probably al-Nusra Front), beheaded and his body fed to hungry dogs.  His remains were later found close to the Turkish border.  Only the act of beheading an innocent person wasn't enough.  It went beyond that, making it unspeakably gruesome.  The psychopathic tendencies are easy to observe.  Just one instance out of so many in Syria.

Al-Qaeda and the destruction of Syria's heritage:
The terror network in Syria wantonly and ruthlessly continues to destroy the country's cultural heritage.  Looting is rampant in all previously tranquil and orderly parts of Syria which are now frequented by Al-Qaeda.  Groups of armed thugs have engaged in looting and smuggling of numerous relics and artifacts.  They have been seen attacking ancient fortresses, destroying their masonry and pillaging whatever can be taken away.  Aleppo in particular has been relentlessly plundered.  As a city containing so much of history, it was full of incredible landmarks and riches.  All destroyed and looted.  The ancient network of souqs and market-places in some areas of Aleppo has been reduced to fragments and debris by groups of terrorists.  Squabbling over stolen booty has now turned into fierce brawls.  Their altercations have led to the assassinations of their own commanders who wanted to gorge larger slices of the goodies giving away the left over crumbs to front line terrorists fighters.  Greed for booty has resulted in treachery within their own ranks - one group of terrorists kicking out their leader and selecting another only to end up putting a bullet inside their heads as well.   Rowdy, disordered, disorganized, with no leadership, no unanimously accepted plan for the future, most importantly NO concept of God Almighty .... yet these whining pack of killer wolves demand that they will "negotiate" only if President Assad "steps down."  As the Grand Mufti of Syria, Ahmed Hassoun, rightly questioned: "Negotiate with whom ??"

Timothy Bankcroft of writes: "As we saw in Libya, chaos and terrorism, sown by the FUKUS Trio (France, UK, US) and the donkeys it rides in the Middle East, bedpals Qatar and Saudi Arabia. As we saw in Libya, little girls were raped, household pets were pulled apart or shot or burnt, boys were tortured, men were butchered, women had their breasts sliced off, ethnic cleansing was practiced against black Libyans who had their throats slit, properties were torched and looted, people were tortured and dismembered as NATO's darlings once again engaged in organs trafficking.  And now in Syria, quite apart from the disgusting behaviour of the FUKUS-backed terrorists perpetrating the same evils, we have wholesale and wanton desecration of Syria's unique historical and cultural heritage by this western-backed filth, much of it non-Syrian.  The ones directly responsible are those countries and agencies backing these terrorists. It is illegal, it goes against every single document, treaty, agreement and covenant in international law and it is as inhumane as it is totally indecent and unacceptable."

Al-Qaeda and rape:
Back in the late 1990s various human rights organizations reported that a minimum of 80,000 Bosnian and Kosovar women were raped by the Serbs in the Balkan wars throughout the mid and late 90s - unprecedented in the annals of history.  Only the Zionist occupiers of Palestine and the Indian occupying forces in Kashmir could probably match that, starting from 1948.  But the al-Qaeda record of rape in Libya and now in Syria runs neck and neck with those three earlier violators.

Last October, Addounia Television Channel of Damascus aired interviews of Syrian women raped at Turkish camps.  These women narrated their ordeals that armed terrorist groups raped them and took pictures of them.  Then they used these photos to blackmail the women warning them that the photos would be released if they didn't do what they were told.  Later these women were sold to Turkish guards who also violated them.

As if so much of rape, murder and pillage isn't enough by these gatecrashing criminals on drugs, recently they received blessings from a Saudi cleric, Al-Arifi, for committing rape.  He permitted the militants to engage in temporary short-term 'marriages' lasting for a few hours labeling them as "intercourse marriages" to satisfy the sexual desires of the terrorists and to boost their determination to kill Syrians.

Women in the outskirts of war-torn Syria are perpetually afraid.  They are frightened when they take their children to school, frightened when they visit the markets, frightened when they go to work, they are even scared to walk in the compounds of their homes.  They just don't feel safe anywhere any longer.  They are constantly wary and do not know what might happen to them the next moment.  Tired of their insecurity, young women from Homs have started to join the National Defense Forces to assist their military and to acquire greater security for themselves.  Cyber War Zone writes "Women and girls from the Syrian city of Homs  join the 'National Defense Forces' to help the Syrian Arab Army and to defend themselves, their families and their country against Wahhabi rape and destruction terrorists sent by Nobel peace prize winning Obama, the United States, Western forces and NATO."

This horrendous destruction ties the fate of Turkey along with Syria:
Most Al-Qaeda terrorists make their way into Syria through Turkey rather than Jordan.  After carrying out planned attacks inside Syria, a lot of them rush back to the Turkish borders and disappear.  Turkey is now their base, their home.  It was easy enough for Erdogan's government to lure them into Turkey.  But who will lure them out of Turkey whenever the need arises .. and surely the need for that will arise at some point?  It will be anything but easy to handle.  Already a lot of Turks are regretfully comparing Turkey with and without Al-Qaeda as it was before.  They are visibly worried at the prospect of so many insane zealots becoming a part of their society in future.  Turkey looks to be heading towards a similar catastrophe as Pakistan when the Afghan refugees and then the Talibans poured into the country in the 1980s and 2002 onward, respectively.  On the long term, the disaster will be more at a regional level than just a Syrian problem.