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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Rape statistics - India

According to statistics, in 2002 one woman was raped every 54 minutes in the "world's largest democracy."  In 2011 that rose to one woman being raped every 20 minutes with scores of human rights organizations naming India as one of the world's most dangerous places for women.  But the news was given little or no coverage by the international media.  Total rape statistics for the year 2011 in the "world's largest democracy" was 23,582 with 450 in the capital, New Delhi, commonly known as the rape-capital of South Asia.   In 2012, over  500 cases have so far been reported in New Delhi alone.  The total for 2012 throughout the country is expected to be considerably higher than 2011. As the country "progresses," rape progresses too with government officials and politicians only talking about dealing with this horrific problem but taking no practical steps to fight it whatsoever.  To read the break-up of the statistics 2011 state-wise, visit the the site Sawaal India.

The most recent deadly gang-rape incident in New Delhi a fortnight ago has been of a 23-year-old Indian student traveling in a luxury bus with her male friend.  The girl was brutally gang-raped by 7 men high on alcohol (one of the rapists being a teenage boy) and then a steel rod was inserted in her, fatally damaging her kidneys and other internal organs.  Both she and her friend were beaten savagely and thrown off the moving bus.  The girl was sent to Singapore for treatment but died two days after arrival.  The huge demonstrations and loud protests by the people coming out on the streets of Delhi before and after the girl's death  have so far fallen on deaf ears.  On the contrary, many of the demonstrators have been thrashed by the police for protesting.
There's another bit of information  that needs to be disclosed.  Since the US occupation of Afghanistan, that country has become the second rape-capital of the region alongside India.  Some outlets were circulating the picture below of the girl with a white head-cover captioned as the "23-year-old Indian gang rape victim."  But when this photo was released, the Indian girl was in a comatose condition and no pictures of her were released anywhere.  This picture is of a young Afghan girl which appeared  earlier in the media.  She was similarly gang raped by a bunch of US marines in Afghanistan .. one out of many just as the 23-year-old Indian girl was one out of several thousands in India.


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