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Friday, January 25, 2013


It's only when you unravel the course of Buddhist history and analyze it unapologetically  that you realize how much of its sordid secrets have been kept bundled up since the 20th century - a part of global political maneuvering based on the policy of 'give and take.'

Since the onset of Buddhist culture nearly 2,500 years ago, there have been far too many individual and structural incidents of prolonged Buddhist violence to set a pattern of intolerance, barbarity and destruction being inherent of the Buddhist faith and culture.   Putting together the collection of historical data illustrating the violent history of Buddhism across Mongolia, Tibet, Japan, Korea, Thailand and Sri Lanka presents the stark evidence that Buddhists have the same human instincts as any other bigoted race including a penchant for violence and bloodshed.

The ongoing and unrelenting genocide against the minority Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar since June 2012 is only a continuation of the violent Buddhist history.


The Buddhist propaganda in collaboration with the Western world (for building a political alliance) began going around since the early 1900s.  Various Buddhist icons of Japan and Tibet including the Dalai Lama (who has been attached to the CIA since 1950s) have been working hard  to fraternize the West and create awareness in the Western society of Buddhist culture and traditions.  In the process, they have been selectively highlighting and propagating only specific aspects of the Buddhist faith while leaving out  numerous others that are far more negative.  Thus, from the 1960s the outward image of Buddhism in the West went from primitive to "mystical and peaceful."   But this mystical depiction remained a facade beneath which the real Buddhism "continued to rob Buddhists of their humanity."

Briefly tracking the violent course of Buddhist history:


Hulagu Khan, the grandson of Chengis Khan, known as the world's most ruthless invader and murderer, was a Buddhist along with his big band of marauders, looters and arsonists that terrorized Central Asia, South Asia and the Northern Middle-Eastern regions throughout the 13th century.

For thousands of years, the minorities in Japan, mainly Japanese Christians, have been bitterly persecuted by the Buddhist majority.  The type of atrocities inflicted by Japanese Buddhists on the small Christian population of Japan is hair-raising to read.  To date the Christian minority of Japan face brazen discrimination in all spheres of life and usually need to be secretive about their faith.

But the suffering of the ancestors of this minority is most appalling.  Until shortly prior to the 20th century, the Japanese Christians were isolated and literally had to hide in remote areas of Japan from the mainstream Buddhist population.  Those discovered following the Christian faith were taken away by the authorities and put to death by being thrown in boiling water.  It was a horrendous punishment similar to the bitter persecution inflicted by the Catholic Church during the days of the Inquisition that swept across Europe for 600 years (1200s to 1800s) when those declared "heretics" by the Church were burned at the stake, quartered or thrown into boiling oil.

Since the initial transmission of Roman Catholicism in Japan in the 16th century, Christianity has generally been regarded as an "intrusive force" in Japanese society often referred to as "junkyo" or "evil religion."

The history of conversions into Christianity in Japan abounds with stories of individuals being ostracized from their families or isolated from their communities. This isolation comes because of their new found faith and a consequent refusal to participate in Buddhist ancestral rites or community festivals related to the Shinto tradition.

The more modern view of Buddhists in Japan have shaped the perception that Christianity is a "deviant religion" connected to foreign powers with designs on Japan.

It is only since the last few decades that Japanese attitudes toward Christianity have become less violent, particularly among Japanese born and educated in the postwar era, though the Buddhist majority of Japan still nurtures plenty of hatred toward non-Buddhists despite their political hobnobbing with Western powers.  The trend totally contradicts the present-day notion of Buddhism being a 'tolerant' faith which is basically a payback gesture to the Buddhist community by the West for their opportunistic political adjustments in the New World Order.  In return, all violations, criticisms and gross gender inequality within the Buddhist faith are conveniently concealed by the West. 


The Zen sect of Buddhists make killing an act of charity.  According to their bizarre ideas, the "nature of Buddha exists in every living being."  They interpret the argument of taking a life as "attempting to bring the Buddha nature to life by putting an end to the passions that lead astray" is the extent of violence in Buddhist faith downplayed out of sheer embarrassment.   The oxymoron of  "compassionate killing" makes up the essence of the Buddhist ideology of "ethics."    The Buddhist kings in history considered this ideology  a "sophisticated concept" to support the use of force.  The only killing compatible with Buddhist "ethics" is killing with compassion.  Moreover, if a king makes war or tortures with "compassionate intentions," even such acts can result in the accumulation of vast "karmic merit."   This paragraph surely provides enough content for a hearty laugh !!  Feel welcomed to take a break if you are feeling hysterical before you continue reading further.

Another oft-invoked argument to justify killings by the Buddhist community is the claim that when the Buddhist religion is "threatened" it is necessary to ruthlessly fight against the forces of evil promoting the need for violence in order to preserve cosmic balance.  The ideas of "threat" and "cosmic balance" are of course nonsensical excuses to cover up the aggression and hatred the Buddhist society has long felt against non-Buddhist faiths .... primarily against the Monotheistic Faith.   A glaring example of this is the current blood-soaked episode in Myamnar - mass slaughter of the innocent and defenseless minority, the Rohingya Muslims. 


Armed Buddhist monks loitering the streets of Thailand are by no means unusual sights to watch .. contemporary examples of their ancestors who have for centuries been enthusiastic participants in war and violence.    Thai monks are considered to be one of the most aggressive circles of the global community.  Expressions such as "warrior monks, monks with guns, military monks and child monks with guns" are commonly spoken of in the Thai society.

In 2004, unrest broke out in Southern Thailand involving the Buddhist monks. Many tourists who visited the country around this period described the Buddhist priests as "military monks."  According to the feedback of numerous tourists, almost all Buddhist monks concentrated on survival with the help of weapons.  Peace making was the last thing on their minds.  They talked about the guns they had bought which they kept at their bedsides.  Many of these military monks would roam around with guns hidden underneath the folds of their robes.  


With the facade of their mystical depiction as a cover, killings by Buddhists in modern times have been rampant.  All Buddhist countries have seen unprecedented violence in the past 60 to 70 years. To pretend otherwise would be blatantly false.  To mention just a few in chronological order:

-  The rape and massacre of Nanking :  The imperial Japanese army (which was staunchly Buddhist) captured Nanking (capital of China back then) in 1937-38 during the Sino Japanese war.   The atrocities, rape and massacre that followed by the Japanese army have been pretty much unprecedented in human history.

-  'Comfort women' for the pleasure of Japanese Buddhist army:  From the late 1920s to the late 1930s when Japanese military expansion continued, the military found itself short of volunteers.  It appealed to the women from the local Japanese population into serving the military.   Many women responded to be hired as factory workers or nurses.  Little did they know that they were actually being trapped into sexual slavery.  Korea, Taiwan, Manchuria and China were Japanese colonies.  At first, Japanese 'comfort women' or prostitutes were sent for the pleasure of Japanese soldiers outside Japan. But after a while the Japanese government stopped sending local women, fearing that it might tarnish the reputation of the country.  Thus the Japanese Buddhist soldiers turned into acquiring 'comfort women' from Korea and China, mostly from Korea.  According to estimates of Japanese historians themselves, 300,000 Korean women were kidnapped by Japanese soldiers to serve in Japanese military brothels.

An interesting quote from Pakistani author, Moin Ansari, on the Buddhist abduction of 300,000 Korean women and the Nanking rape case.   "Who says there are no Buddhist terrorists?  Every community has terrorists and Buddhists are no exceptions.   Of course the Buddhist Japanese army was not having bake sales in Korea when they abducted 300,000 Korean women to serve the Buddhist Japanese Army, and they were not distributing Hail Mary candies during the rape of Nanking.  Why was the 'enlightenment' absent during the abduction of 300,000 Korean women by Buddhist (Japanese) soldiers in Korea?  Why was Buddhist philosophy in hiding during the rape of Nanking by Buddhist (Japanese) soldiers?"

-  Killing fields of Cambodia that were red with blood and mass graves.  Who were responsible for that if not the Buddhists? The Khmer Rouge wanted a Buddhist state with Niradoum Sihanouk as the "vicegerent of Buddha."   During the same period, the Buddhist human rights record of Laos and Burma were surely NO role models of tolerance nor enlightenment.

-  Sarin gas attack in a Tokyo subway by an extremist Buddhist cult group in the mid 1990s killed 15 people, injured 50 and impaired the vision of more than a thousand.

-  Thai Buddhist massacre of Muslims in Thailand in 2004 that killed almost 200 Muslims in just a few days.  Commonly known as the Tak Bai incident was a deadly crackdown by the Thai police against Thai Muslims who protested the detention of six Muslim men suspected of involvement in the fight for independence from the Buddhist majority of Thailand.

-   In Sri Lanka, the Sinalese buddhists and the Tamils hindus are both notorious for deadly terror tactics and committing horrific atrocities.

-  Rioting, murder and carnage in Tibet in March 2008:  I am sure everyone would recall the violence orchestrated by the Dalai Lama in Tibet in 2008 in collaboration with his Western allies.  The goal was to disrupt the summer Olympics in China scheduled in Beijing in August 2008.  The Dalai Lama has since long been projecting his values as a "docile, mild, humble and peace-loving man."  But in the wake of the turmoil in Tibet in 2008, his carefully structured image of a "peace-lover" went into the ditch.  The Western media persistently supported the Tibetan uprising of 2008, portraying it as a "peaceful movement and a struggle for freedom."  But the numerous Youtube videos on this incident didn't display any "peaceful" demonstrations.  Instead, these videos  showed an aggressive Tibetan mob comprising of the Buddhist monks and their mercenaries kicking and breaking shop-windows and doors with sticks, carrying knives, machetes, match boxes and a large collections of rocks which they angrily hurled at the police.  The official death toll of those killed by violent Buddhist monks and their gang members was over 300.  Many more were seriously injured, and properties worth millions of dollars lay in shambles.  If this was supposed to be a "peaceful demo," I don't know what violence would mean according to Tibetan and Western standards.

-  The ongoing genocide in Myanmar against the Rohingya Muslims by the Buddhist majority that started from June 2012 continues to date.  Current death toll over 100,00 with many more homeless, injured, maimed and raped.    The cause of this genocide against the Rohingya minority is their Islamic Faith.  The genocide is being inflicted collectively by the government, its opposition and the entire Buddhist population of the country.   This time the Buddhist community is involved in country-wide state sponsored terrorism. 

The 'holier than thou' attitude of the Buddhist pharisees and the community at large while passing judgments on others only exposes the extreme racism and unadulterated hypocrisy of their own selves. 


 Buddhist violence:  Learning to kill.

Buddhist child soldier with a gun.

Buddhist mob violence.  Horrific!

A bunch of marauding Buddhist monks and their vandals go on a rampage
damaging shops in Lhasa in March 2008.

A tyrannical Buddhist monk plays the concentration camp boss over a group
of Rohingya Muslims imprisoned and tortured only because of the choice of
their Faith.


  1. Thank you sister for this, this is really abhorent and sick . The truth will prevail one day Insha Allah.

    This is Bilal, i was a member of your site and for some misunderstaning I was insukted and thrown away but i have forgiven and forgotten.

    Thank you.

    1. @ Bilal. Salaam and thank you for your comment. Indeed this is despicable and the Day of Judgment awaits the disbelievers and murderers.

      Yes I remember you. You were not kicked out of our forum because of any "misunderstanding." You broke a rule brother. We do not accept the supporters of Rashid Khalifah in our forum. We have also mentioned that under our rules and conditions. Yet you disregarded it and began supporting his ideas on our board. Therefore, I'm not looking for any forgiveness from you, and whether or not you forget it, is up to you. I have not forgotten it because keeping misguidance away is not a matter to forget.

      In any case, Muslim Villa is now basically a read-only forum. Anyone wanting to join it will need to first introduce themselves in detail stating their clear ideology of the Islamic Faith. If we find that 100% in conformity with the Quran, then we approve otherwise not.

      Any more of your comments on this issue will not be posted here. Thanks again.

  2. Sister, i and supporter of Rashid Khalifa, all i can say is my Allah will be my witness against all those who think this way. I have nothing to do with him or anyone like him, I am shocked how you arrived at this conclusion. I thought you were supporter of Rshid Khakifa as he also discards all hadiths,

  3. To discard your own link with Khalifa,you have now stooped into mud slinging. You were a member of my forum for several months. The flat rejection of Rashid Khalifa is categorically mentioned all over our forum rules, our forum ideology and within the sticky posts of our Hadith section. Rashad Khalifa was NOT a Hadith rejector. He was a rejector of Bukhari Hadith which he replaced with his own Hadiths of being a messsenger and all that nonsense. That makes no difference to us. Hadith is Hadith. Anyone who constructs any such myth cannot be a member of our forum. Any Hadith follower, whether of Bukhari or Rashid Khalifa has nothing to do with us.

    And, the following link which I take from our sticky post of the Hadith board is titled "Rashad Khalifah - the modern day Hadith writer and deceiver." It contains your comment where you are clearly supporting him by insinuating to give him the benefit of the doubt because of his so-called belief in God, and thus implying that all his other violations of the Quran should be dismissed. This is one example of your being a champion of that kafir. There are a couple of other threads too where you have categorically supported that man including his repugnant No.19 theory. And you call Allah to Witness you that you have nothing to do with Khalifa by turning the table around to falsely accuse me of exactly what you have been guilty of all along ?? Brother Bilal. You have still not changed. May Allah guide you but Allah guides those who truthfully reach out to HIM. You are still writhing & rolling in your flimsy ego which is preventing you from seeing the importance of truth, and is also obscuring from your sight the clarity of those who are truthful.

    Rashad Khalifah - the modern day Hadith-writer and deceiver:


  4. Brother Bilal, you need to refresh your memory by checking that link.

  5. Mr. Bilal caught with his hand inside the cookie jar. He tried to pull a fast one, it didn't work.

  6. i am not that Bilal, you are mixing me up with someone else.

  7. After getting caught point blank, it took your rattled mind 4 days to think of another lie by denying your identity to save your face. Let me tell you, you are again lying. You were the only man by the name of "Bilal" who signed into Muslim Villa. There was no other 'Bilal' who joined Muslim Villa and no other 'Bilal' who got kicked out except just one Bilal, and that was you. This also explains why you re-introduced yourself in this blog by the same name, reminding Sister Zainab of yourself. That was straight from the horse's mouth.

    Normally I wouldn't have okayed this last comment of yours in our blog any more. It was only to FINALLY expose the fact that you are a loser, who would stop at nothing to uphold lies, even if that makes you more obvious as a habitual liar.

  8. lol, his support for Rashed Khalifa in that link is so much and so obvious that he is feeling shy to acknowledge his own identity.

  9. Thank you "Belal" for your dirty comments filled with abusive terms. It has been deleted as we have zero tolerance for filth.

    After being caught lying as clearly as broad daylight, you became so embarrassed and ashamed of your own identity that you altered the spelling of your name to "belal" from "bilal." You prove yet again as a follower of 'baatil' that small minds derive satisfaction from small & superficial acts. Whether "belal" or "bilal," what difference does it make who know the truth about you? No wonder you gave your heart away to support that rabid imposter called Rashid Khalifa. Let our readers visit the link I have provided earlier in this discussion thread to know the truth for themselves about who you are in your own words.

  10. This man Bilal is truly shocking. What surprises me about such liars is how much satisfaction they derive by keeping up their reputation before the world through their lies. But they forget the truth of their character already known to Allah, The Almighty. It's only an evidence of the frailty of their own iman .. a typical characteristic of all followers of Rashid Khalifa & co. and Bukhari & co.

  11. @ruhirafay, spot on. I couldn't agree with you more.

    Also, my apology to our readers for drifting off topic. This thread is about the condemnation of Buddhist terrorists and rogues who are wrecking havoc at present in Burma, killing the innocent Muslim minority community. This blog entry is to provide a long chain of evidence that they were never peaceful people and history is witness to that.

    It's unfortunate that another rogue called Bilal jumped in with his pack of lies and offering his voluntary "forgiveness" to hide the truth about himself. The MV link is there for all to read.

    As truth-seekers and Quran alone followers, we are hated by many. All Buddhist fans and all disbelievers & atheists hate us, the Bukhari Hadith followers hate us and the R. Khalifa Hadith followers hate us. Bilal belongs to the R. Khalifa category.

    All future comments here, if any, will be posted only if they are linked to the subject of this article.

  12. Have you seen the movie 'City of Life and Death'? It's about the 'Rape of Nanking'. It's quite horrifying.

    The Japanese army killed approximately 30,000 people, mostly civilians, in 60 days. Two Japanese officers held a highly publicized 'competition' as to which one would kill 100 Chinese people first.

    A Japanese prince got off virtually scot-free at the post-war tribunals.

    The Japanese unit that practiced vivisection on Chinese prisoners during the occupation of China also walked free, because they handed over the results of their 'research' to the American forces.

    And people wonder about Chinese antipathy towards the Japanese government and Prime Minister Abe's denial of Japanese atrocities.


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