Burma genocide - Buddhist extremism reaches Rangoon

The attacks have now begun in Burma's largest city, Rangoon (or Yangon).  Just the other day people around the world were talking of Rangoon as being highly cosmopolitan and would never allow ethnic cleansing within its boundaries.  The discerning ones told them they were wrong, and that's been proven today.  Mosques and Muslim businesses came under heavy attack in Rangoon on April 29, 2013.

Just think of it.  Well over 100,00 Muslims killed in Burma since June 2012, and the deadly havoc continues by Buddhist mobsters with the approval of their muted commanders-in-chief, Thein Sein and Aun Kan Su Kyi.

I'm posting the recent link from Yahoo on the violence in Rangoon.  What astonished me most was the discussion among the readers of that link .  I am quoting a few of their comments below.   It exposes their glaring contradiction, claiming to uphold "peace" yet gloating in the act of spilling blood in accordance with the ideology they embrace which they consider "peaceful."


"They" don't seem to like it when it's done to them ........"

"Think the muslims better can the sh#t. They think they own everywhere. Guess what. They don't."

"All Muslims do is start trouble everywhere they live."

"It's about time someone stood up to Islam"

"Radical Monks? Hell they are just defending themselves."

"The peaceful Buddhist know an infestation of roaches in their house when they see it."


Source:  http://ca.news.yahoo.com/mosque-muslim-shops-attacked-near-myanmars-biggest-city-134137284.html

The mind boggling after effects of propaganda are obvious.  Brainwashing is a dangerous 'art' and irreversible when accomplished.  Once it settles down within the mind, it never leaves.  This talk back by members of the supposedly 'developed world' is sprawled with comments that brazenly support MURDER, MAYHEM, AND CHAOS against a defenseless minority.  That's the magic of media propaganda, blurring the human vision and embedding bigotry and callousness within the human mind in the name of "peace."  Indoctrinated with this mythical ethos of "Buddhist non-violence" the masses are lost in their frenzy of glamorizing this fantasy.  They can only read the term "peace" but are unable to define it nor understand it.  Almost all comments in the above link are by Western readers who either fantasize Buddhism or are Buddhist converts.   

A few of those comments that contain a semblance of fairness by recognizing the Burmese majority as perpetrators of violence have been bombarded with 'thumbs down' and their opinions hidden by Yahoo for "low rating."

Impossible to suppress  the truth any longer, extensive incidents of violence and murder in Burma are now being reported occasionally and briefly by the Western mainstream media.   But it often needs to be read with discernment.  The choice of words can be misleading.  Expressions like "Sectarian clashes pitting Muslims against majority Buddhists,"  "Sectarian clashes between Buddhists and Muslims,"  "Rioting broke out that led led to the deaths of 44 people, with 13,000 displaced,"  are deceptive phrases giving the impression to unthinking readers (which are many) that it's a fight where both sides are responding to the attacks from each other.   Not true.  THIS IS A ONE-SIDED ACT OF VIOLENCE AND MURDER WHERE ONLY THE BUDDHISTS ARE KILLING THE MUSLIMS.  ONLY THE BUDDHISTS ARE INCITING VIOLENCE AND DEATH AGAINST THE MUSLIM MINORITY THAT COMPRISES ONLY 5% OF THE TOTAL POPULATION OF BURMA.   Information such as "the deaths of 44 people with 13,000 displaced" must be further clarified that those 44 and 13,000 people were/are Muslims, lest the sheepl presume those figures to be a mutual toll.  It's imperative to separate the victims from the culprits.

Less than a month ago when BBC reporter, Jonathan Head, visited Burma to cover the story, he talked to a senior Buddhist monk and asked him why they were carrying out this deadly movement against an unarmed and defenseless segment of the society.   The monk's SHOCKING reply was, "the population of Muslims is growing very fast in Myanmar," implying that if a minority community grows in number faster than expected, then the right way to control their population is by murdering them.   Only their primeval ancestors, Changez Khan and Halaku Khan, with an unconcealed penchant for blood would nurture such a galling mindset!

As the story begins to appear on international headlines, the Burmese government and opposition begin to realize the importance of constructing excuses on how it started, dumping the blame on the minority.  Initially, a bogus story circulated in 2012 that the violence began because of a Muslim man raping a Buddhist woman.  But it was followed by no details as to who that woman was, who raped her, who reported the matter to the police etc. etc.  The story went cold a few days after the ethnic cleansing began, making the motive of that fable very clear and visible.  Being aware that it was too palpably a setup to justify the planned genocide, the Buddhist monks have recently concocted another spurious story by getting seven Muslim men arrested randomly with the absurd allegation that they tried to kill a Buddhist monk in the central Burmese city of Meiktila.  The purpose of this lie is to condone the future killings of Muslims already planned between the Burmese government, opposition and the majority of Buddhist masses.  This fictitious piece of disinformation is a warning that the genocide will not end anytime soon.  Despite the endless bloodbath, gruesome enough to cause guilt within the most insensitive of hearts, the Buddhist intolerance and lust for blood remains firm like a rock.

A Mosque and Islamic school in Northern Rangoon attacked by a Buddhist extremist organization burning many copies of the Glorious Quran and Islamic books with pages strewn all over.   The purpose of Buddhist violence in Burma is to show profound hatred for everything Islamic, while the world watches in silence. How much would the world talk IF this had happened in a Muslim country against a buddhist or any non-Muslim minority ??  Last but not least, the cruel hypocrisy of many so-called humanitarians in Europe and North America has been exposed like never before.


This image (taken from Guardian UK) is of the town of Sittwe (not too far from Rangoon) where a large number of Muslims have recently been butchered and women being used as sex-slaves by Burmese military. The image shows two Muslim men running in panic as they see their homes set on fire by Buddhist mobs. Photos of attacks in Rangoon aren't yet available as the city is supposed to be under curfew and the police isn't allowing any reporters inside. However, Buddhist mobs have in the past carried out killings despite curfew through their collaboration with the law enforcers. 


  1. Where is the damned UN and where are the loud-mouthed "humanitarians" hiding themselves ??????????

  2. The "humanitarians" are supporting the killers. Read the link provided and the comments of readers, few of them quoted in this blog entry. They are all westerners who impersonate as "humanitarians." Their misguided ideas on buddhism tells them that being a supporter of buddhists itself makes them "humanitarians." With the same misguided notion, they think it's the job of "humanitarians" to support the murder of Muslims if that's done by buddhists. So in reality what the world calls "humanitarians" are actually barbarians.

  3. As for UN, it has long ago confessed thru its deeds that its responsibility is solely to promote Zionist hegemony, and it can only be a tout for the friends of the Zions at best. Therefor, it's the Burmese government and opposition that's closer to the Zionist state thru their friendly ties to America compared to the Muslim minority of Burma. Hence, UN will willingly allow Burma to carry out its gruesome genocide.

  4. The Buddha demanded five precepts from all his followers:

    1. Avoid causing harm.

    2. Do not take what is not freely given.

    3. Avoid sexual misconduct.

    4. Speak and think truthfully, kindly and compassionately.

    5. Avoid unmindful states (i.e. intoxication in any form, including mob mentality).

    What is happening in Myanmar goes against every single principle of the Buddha's teachings. Any monk who condones the violence or takes part in it has violated not only his vows, but also the Sangha (monastic community) and the Dharma (teachings), and has brought the Sangha into disrepute. That all five precepts have been violated clearly reveals that these people are not what they claim to be. If there were such a thing, then they are a Buddhist equivalent of kafirun.

    But then, with a few exceptions, the Dharma is effectively dead, reduced to either ritualised spiritual materialism and superstition practised by people who don't even know the basics (in its 'native' lands), or a new age cult for (predominantly) the wealthy white middle class (in the 'western' world).

    By their very words, not one of the islamophobic commenters on that news site has ANY claim to be a follower of the Buddha, and any who do call themselves 'buddhist' are self-deluded liars, who are accumulating considerable 'karmic debt'.

  5. @ Nissmi, salaams and many thanks for unveiling the dirty political strategy, my sister.

  6. Walaikum As-salaam. Brother Ismail Salaam, if I were you, I would quote from the Glorious Quran.

    Concerning non-Divine faiths no one knows what any of their spiritual leaders said or even what may have been their names. Their history is largely mixed with mythologies.

    In the cases of Judaism and Christianity we've seen how much has been altered. But the confirmation of their true status comes from the Quran.

    I've always looked upon the issue of "multi-faith concept" as an incorrect one. It's not compatible with the Quran. The ethical values of all faiths maybe similar. But that cannot be said concerning their spiritual values. For instance, all religions profess that it is wrong to steal, to kill, to be dishonest, to commit adultery or fornication, to be unkind to parents, relatives, neighbors and humanity in general, etc. All such issues constitute the ethical, social or legal side of every faith and may have a high degree of uniformity. However, every faith does not portray the same ideology about God, and this constitutes the spiritual/religious side of faith.

    Concerning spiritual / religious concept, Islam is different and is the Final Word for all those who adhere to the Glorious Quran. The Quran clearly mentions that we ought to follow only the path shown by Allah in its entirety (spiritual + ethical). If we consider other guidelines, we run the risk of being parted from His way.

    “And (He commandeth you, saying) : This is My straight path, so follow it Follow not other ways, lest ye be parted from His way: This hath He ordained for you, that ye may ward off (evil)” (6:153) Al-An’am

    “ ….. And set your faces, upright (toward Him) at every place of worship and call upon Him, making religion pure for Him (only). As He brought you into being, so return ye (unto Him).” (7:29) Al-Araf

    The above verses (and many more) clearly imply that the path of spiritual conduct that Allah Almighty has commanded to be followed in the Quran is different from those of other faiths. Islam being more than a religion, rather a complete code of life, it's social and ethical principles are determined by its religious values. And Islam is the only Faith, the religious values of which strictly adhere to Monotheism.

  7. Furthermore ..

    Both Moses and Jesus, son of Virgin Maryam, preached pure Islamic doctrine (i.e. surrender to One God). Later, the Jews and Christians deviated from strict Monotheism (Tawheed) because of their own innovations and beliefs. The Jews earned the wrath of Allah by worshiping the golden calf. Similarly, the Christians went astray by taking Jesus as God along with their belief of trinity.

    All other religions are named after a mere mortal or a human being except Islam. Christianity was named after Christ, Jews or Judaism was named after the tribe of Judah, Buddhism was named after Buddha, Confucianism came from Confucius and Zoroastrianism from Zoroaster. Islam (complete surrender to HIM) is the only True Religion from the Creator Himself, which has always existed since the beginning of time was not ascribed or named after no mortal or human being, Alhamdulillah. Therefore, I wouldn't even take the trouble to analyze the principles of other faiths, when the real Truth and the Sole Criterion is already with me in the words of the Divine Power Himself. How much more fortunate can I expect myself to be? Our comparisons to prove the deviation of all humanity must be in accordance with the laws, principles and guidelines contained within the Glorious Quran alone only. I am absolutely sure this is how Allah wants us to perceive.

    Many buddhists are seen bowing down before the statue of buddha with their hands clasped together. Why? If they are true Monotheistic believers, how can they even think of bowing down before a stone carving? Why don't they bow down and prostrate before Allah? Some buddhists, in order to impress Western "intellects," claim buddhism to be a "philosophy." This is simply a shrewd protocol of secular diplomacy, or possibly a product of twisted human thoughts & ideas. It again proves they are not believers. The Glorious existence of Almighty Allah is NOT a mere ‘philosophy,’ rather it is the most significant Truth.

    Moreover, buddhism has been immersed in violence since ancient times. History itself is witness to it. The lust for blood has existed within this community as within any other that's been prone to violence and religious intolerance. Today, the buddhist community has the advantage of striking a friendly relationship with Western imperialism and Zionism. Thus, every act of their brutal violence is either downplayed or blacked out by the mainstream media or even justified by their allies who control the world media.

    To highlight the pattern of buddhist violence that started from early times, I did a lot of research because I knew it contained a huge pack of information. I prepared a write-up titled "The urban myth of Buddhist "tolerance" (link given below). It needs to be remembered that all online search engines conform with the rules of the New World Order. Therefore it's not easy to fish out the sordid acts of their buddhist favorites. Yet, I've pulled out as much as I did, thanks to those various fair sources that have ignored the culture of fantasizing the buddhist myth. But this is just a drop in the ocean. If all of their hidden history were unveiled, buddhist violations will be plenty more.

    The urban myth of Buddhist "tolerance"

    Dalai Lama's hypocrisy exposed (not to mention, this man is the CIA's oldest boot boy)

    Please do not misconstrue my candid manner of expression by thinking I'm putting too much effort to denounce buddhism. But when someone gets too much praise for doing nothing, or is praised when in reality they are the opposite of what they're being praised for, is something I have a BIG problem with !!

    "Think not that those who exult in what they have given, and love to be praised for what they have not done - Think not, they are in safety from the doom. A painful doom is theirs." (3:188) Noble Quran.

  8. Alhamdulillah, sister Zainab.

    Thanks for the links. here's something well worth reading:

    Buddhism is indeed a religion of man (and I mean MEN - women are effectively 'half-people' in Buddhism, whose best hope is to be reincarnated as a male, as only males can become 'buddhas' (something to do with menstruation and other natural aspects of the female's created state)). Siddhartha Gautama abandoned his wife and family to pursue his egotistical quest, something quite easy for a rich warrior prince to do. He only begrudgingly allowed the existence of a female monastic order, who in the long run effectively became slaves to the monks. He effectively stated that he was concerned only with the human condition, and maintained a 'noble silence' when asked about God.

    I cannot think offhand of a single, specific quote from al-Qur'an that would address Buddhism, other than quoting the entire Kitab, which calls humanity to live a good, just and observant life in this world, with a complete system of social, economic and legal justice. Buddhism is the antithesis of this: give up the worldly life (including do not work) at the expense of those who provide everything for you (they can gain 'merit' by doing so), to gain salvation for yourself: how hypocritical, how selfish. Inshalla, 'native' Buddhists shall wake up to this, and with unconditional love and non-violence, cut off the means of support to this 'spiritual aristocracy'.

    As a Tamil refugee from Sri Lanka said to me of the (predominantly Sinhalese) Buddhist monks who fully support governmental brutality against non-Buddhists, 'They are like devils!'

    Salaam alaikum

  9. Walaikum Salaam dear brother. Thank you for this information and its link. Absolutely appalling! I'm well aware of the immeasurable corruption contained in these man-made ideologies. The hypocrisy within hinduism is just as staggering. Buddha's history is itself filled with questions. Whether or not he was a real person, the description of his temperament is a clear reflection of the selfishness, misogynism and arrogance of the ideology being circulated in the guise of "peace & harmony." It's easy to observe the complete omission of God Almighty in the buddhist culture and community. Not to mention of the impracticability and brazen lack of logic in the idea of "blending liberation with responsible social action" by simply relaxing, meditating and breathing smoothly .. as if the course of human life is that easy, unreal and uncomplicated! It sounds far more like a mean joke than a rational suggestion. How many people do we know who have learned everything about life simply by chilling out with their eyes closed? The complete dismissal by buddhism on the profound need of guidance from Allah Almighty for nurturing and growing the human conscience is nothing else but a sign of extreme conceit and haughtiness. Irrespective of whether one is rich or poor, powerful or weak, famous or commonplace, human life encounters much. It goes through numerous ups & downs, trials, tests and tribulations, countless challenges and varying experiences throughout the path of earthly existence. The support of none else but Allah, The Almighty, is INDISPENSABLE for the soul & conscience, which, if left to itself, is frailer than a house of cards that can fall apart any time. An ideology that thinks it can work independently of the Divine Power is simply not a practical one and is bound to be filled with inconsistencies, double-dealing, artificiality and the habit of preaching what is never practiced by the preachers.

    As I mentioned earlier, from the 20th century onward the rise of Buddhist deception has been rapid, receiving plenty of political support from the so-called developed world for building up alliances to suit the NWO. In the process, various Buddhist icons of Japan and Tibet including the present Dalai Lama (who has been attached with the CIA since 1950s) have been working hard to fraternize the West and create awareness in the Western society of Buddhist culture and traditions. They have been selectively highlighting and propagating only a few specific aspects of the Buddhist faith while overlooking numerous others that are horribly and embarrassingly negative. Thus, from the 1960s the image of Buddhism in the West went from primitive to "mystical and peaceful." But this mystical depiction remained a facade beneath which the real Buddhism continued to rob Buddhists of their humanity. A glaring example of that is the ongoing genocide in Burma.

    Just as it's difficult to search the ruthless & destructive ideology of Zionism, similarly it's also very hard to find the sordid practices of buddhism because of the hush-hush approach to camouflage its very awkward & toe-curling secrets. Usually the source of such information are Western atheists or hardcore secularists who are often leftists, adhering to an attitude of scorn & disdain toward all faiths. Needless to say, their total failure to perceive the difference between Islam and other faiths is just as repugnant as the transgressions by the kuffar within the altered and non-Divine faiths. The purpose is only to use these leftists as a source for digging up some of the 'forbidden' information.

  10. As-Salaam Alaikum.

    More on this horrifying tragedy in Myanmar:


    and the sub-links, all worth reading:


    NOTE: 'Aung San Suu Kyi has remained conspicuously silent as tensions have risen, much to the dismay of her followers.'



    This one in particular: http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/04/08/us-myanmar-violence-specialreport-idUSBRE9370AP20130408


    Note the satellite photographs in this: http://observers.france24.com/content/20130424-muslim-burmese-refugees-camps-fear

    Several articles here: http://www.dvb.no/index.php?s=Wirathu

    And this, about the hate-preacher Wirathu: http://www.dvb.no/news/controversial-monk-handed-%E2%80%98freedom-of-religion%E2%80%99-award/26601

    I know Wikipedia is not the best source of information, but there are some useful links on these pages:



    From the first (969) article:

    'The Muslims of Mingalar Taung Nyunt and elsewhere in Burma are left with few viable options, aside from remaining vigilant and taking responsibility for their own security. Retaliation is the last thing on their minds, as a retributive assault would only cause things to go from bad to worse. "Our leaders have told us not to fight back... because if you fight back, you are also on the wrong side," Jamil explained. "So it is better to pray to Allah for justice. Islam is not about revenge."'

    As-Salaam Alaikum, brother Jamil and your people.

  11. As-Salaam Alaikum brother Ismail, and thank you for all this information.

    The "969" campaign is that of unspeakable terror, racsim and ethnic cleansing. I recall, the world was quick to denounce the Talibans in the mid 1990s when they took over Afghanistan and passed a law for all non-Muslims to wear a badge to identify themselves. The radical Buddhist 969 movement is doing exactly that and worse by distributing the stickers (call it stickers or badges makes no difference) to identify and isolate the minority with the view of targeting them for murder.

    At last the Western media has begun giving some coverage to this mayhem. It's been 11 months since it began (June 2012) with over 100,000 Muslims butchered in cold-blood, many more maimed and raped and numerous homes raised to the ground. Compared to the severity of the situation, the West's criticism is yet very mild. Aung San Su Kyi is still looked upon as a "role model of peace" by many idiots in the West. The Western leaders still have not expressed a word of condemnation on her brazen connivance and complacency over this appalling genocide. Many Westerners who have a misguided fantasy of Buddhism look upon the killer monks as "icons of democracy & peace" even after everything they have done with their hands drenched with blood. Disgusting! Can we imagine if something even half as terrible happened in any Muslim country against a non-Muslim minority? The world would lose its mind with fury and harsh outbursts. Hate crimes against Muslims would spike threefold in Europe & North America. If it happened in Iran, NATO would surely use it as a valid reason to invade Iran preemptively. But because it's the blasted Buddhsits showing their true colors of fanaticism and hatred, the opposite of what they are portrayed as, the embarrassed Western world suppressed the news for 11 months and is reporting now only in bits & pieces while the mass murder continues unabated. Inexpressibly galling!

    I have also put up a post on the hate monger and killer monk, Wirathu, who calls himself the "Burmese Bin Laden." The man proudly goes about killing the minority only because they are Muslims, and the Burmese religious authority grant him an award for "religious freedom." How viciously hilarious can this world get?

    Of course fighting back for the Muslims at a time like this would be totally justified. Retaliation is very much permitted in the Quran against such brutal and unjust oppression. But unfortunately the poor Burmese Muslims do not have the resources. They comprise only 4% of the population, they are all civilians, they are totally unarmed and they have no experience of warfare. The biggest disaster is the disloyalty towards the Muslim world by the gulf Arab leaders. So-called jihadis are being trained by Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Jordan to wreck havoc in peaceful Syria for the benefit of Israel & the United States in the name of "Islam." But these phoney jihadis couldn't care less for their Muslim brethren in Burma being slaughtered by the Buddhist kuffar because there are no petro dollars involved as an incentive for them.

  12. Blog post here on the 'Burmese Bin Laden'


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