The 'Burmese Bin Laden'

classes for Buddhist children to radicalize them and deepen Buddhist religious nationalism.   Yet this man insists that his movement is "peaceful."  The West has never spoken about the mayhem he has openly been indulging in.  The murderers of "969" are also known as  "Aung San Suu Kyi’s Saffron Monks."

As Land Destroyer puts it, their idea of deporting all Muslims is:

".. the equivalent of Ku Klux Klan racists demanding that America’s black population be shipped back to Africa.  The US State Department’s “pro-democratic” protesters in Myanmar have been revealed as habitual, violent bigots with genocidal tendencies."

A Muslim shopkeeper in Rangoon, said this weekend that his sales have fallen by two-thirds since a video of Wirathu's preaching began to circulate.   He said  on condition of anonymity fearing retribution that “969 is a very dangerous movement, they want to hurt Muslim businesses. When Muslim business goes down, the Burmese Buddhists get richer.”   This is one of the goals of this dangerous movement.  Also, by abolishing all Muslim businesses, the intention is to hurt China's trade with the Burmese Muslim community, causing economic loss to China.   As in Syria, in Burma too, the United States has a secret agenda of eradicating the Muslim minority and crushing Chinese trade with Burma, for which the US is getting the full support of Aung San Su Kyi.   Although statistically only 4% of Burma is Muslim, yet the Burmese Bin Laden thinks that the Muslim population is spreading too fast and is a threat to the Buddhists.