Detention of minor Palestinian children is increasing at an alarming rate responded by a deafening silence from all human rights' groups.

- The Israeli prison cells for young Palestinian children lack the basic essential needs of a prison.- Many of these children are used as human shields while in Israeli custody.
- Palestinian children in Israeli prisons are subjected to humiliating verbal abuses, sleep deprivation and beatings.

-  The insults and verbal abuse by soldiers start from the time these children are
transported in the jeep.  The abuse continues through interrogation.

- Palestinian children in Israeli prisons are forced to make confessions under torture and blackmail.

- Palestinian children are denied education in Israeli prisons which isn't only against international law but also against Israeli law.

- Palestinian children are made to go through various kinds of psychological torture.  "For example, 14-year-old Ala tells how he was handcuffed and blindfolded during his arrest. “They [Israeli soldiers] put me in the jeep and transferred me to Etzion interrogation center. The interrogator told me to say goodbye to my friend Muhannad, because he was going to throw me from the third floor. No one was there to protect me. No one was with me. I was alone.” (Info via Electronic Intifada).

Since year 2000, detention of Palestinian minors by Israeli officials has spiked tremendously.  Apart from 1,500 Palestinian minors being shot dead by IDF forces, more than 9,500 minors have been taken into custody since September of 2000.   In brazen defiance to international human rights law, an average of 700 minors are arrested every year, at worst only for throwing stones, the majority not even that.  They are simply picked up for being outside their homes.

The purpose of this gross violation is obviously to crush the will and spirit of resistance of the future generations. But the far-reaching effect has been the opposite.