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Monday, June 10, 2013

Ezz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigade (Hamas military wing) - The most hideous traitors ever!

During the liberation of Qusair, scores of terrorists were killed and scores taken prisoners. Soon after, a certain discovery was unspeakable. Members of Al-Qassam Brigade were found among the dead and captured fighters of Al-Nusra and FSA.

This proves not just a few Hamas leaders are supporting the Syrian invasion at a political level, but the entire Hamas organization including its military wing is involved.

On the third week of November 2012, Israel attacked Gaza that lasted for 12 days, killed more than 400 and many neighborhoods were flattened. The Syrian Government, beleaguered and under attack itself by America's al-Qaeda allies, was one of the first to raise its concern and condemn Israel's murderous aggression. But instead of strengthening their resistance against the Zionist state, the turncoats of Qassam Brigade are attacking those who supported them.

Hamas' relationship with Iran had begun to sour soon after Hamas joined the GCC against Syria. And now, with this latest grim discovery in Qusair, its ties with Hezbollah have broken off too. Ali Baraka, the Hamas rep in Lebanon, has been told by Hezbollah to leave Lebanon, and why not? The trust is broken. Israeli media is gloating. Until late last year, Hezbollah supporters in Lebanon waved Hezbollah & Palestinian flags together. It took little effort for the West and Gulf Arab leaders to ignite the flame of fitnah with money & weapons to Hamas leaders and Al-Qaeda militants. Little did they know what a thumping success that would be. If only the Sunni world could see who is benefiting from this mad disease called 'sectarianism.'

Since Qassam Brigade has been clandestinely working so closely with Al-Nusra and FSA on the battle field, plenty of useful weapons sent by US and EU would surely be close at hand. But even if Qassam acquires some of those weapons, they will only use them against their Muslim brethren, never against the real enemies killing them and occupying their land.

What a rueful shame! Chickens and spiritless cowards like Khaled Meshal and Ismail Haniya ugently need to drown themselves in their own pot of piss.

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