West Bank: Demolition of homes - get a taste of it, see how it feels

Imagine this: 

You are located in a particular city, town or village, living in your own home for years containing all your humble belongings.  Then one fine day the municipal authorities come along with bulldozers and turn the home you love into rubble, with a 10-minutes notice to step out or die inside.  You are dumbstruck.  You stare in disbelief.  You then find yourself and your family trying to salvage bits and pieces of your personal possessions from the debris.  A couple of days later, the city authorities come again and clear up the debris as well.  The place where your home stood until two days ago is now a flat piece of land allotted to someone else for another construction.  You are not told why your home was brought down except that someone wanted it.  You get no compensation, not a nickel.  You are only left with the clothes you are wearing.  Your destination is a refugee camp in your own country, or simply putting up few tents on some muddy or grassy field and living there with your entire family indefinitely.  Sounds unthinkable.  But it's happening in West Bank, Palestine, many times every year as a part of the post WW2 arrangement agreed upon more than 65 years ago!  While the world is duped into thinking Gaza is beleaguered and West Bank is "free," nothing could be further from the truth!  According to the words of the West Bankers themselves, "West Bank is even worse off than Gaza being under a double occupation" - occupied by the Zionist state, and occupied by the Government of Mahmoud Abbass (in cahoots with the Zionist state) usurping the Ramallah compound.

The most recent such incident took place six days ago on May 29th 2013.  Palestinians from Salaymi family living in Beit Hanina neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem are devastated.  They cry after Israeli bulldozers accompanied by a large number of apartheid Israeli forces demolished their two storey house with the excuse that "the house has no proper license."  The family had been living there for 20 years.  Just as this was not the first such incident, it won't be the last either .. unfortunately Sad

This is what happens to those who try to stop the Zion robbers or speak up against the demolition of their homes - brute force.  No wonder so many Palestinians end up dead during protests, even if they're not shot.  This young man is evidently being suffocated, murdered, by the IDF.

Please send this around.  Also write to your local television media and ask them why the f**k don't they ever show all of this?