Khan al-Assal Massacre in Syria by US/EU allies, Al Qaeda & FSA

After offering a phoney truce for the month of Ramadan only with the intention of breaking it, the Al-Qaeda invaders and US allies once again crossed all bounds of humanity and civilization in Syria .. this time in the Syrian town of Khan al-Assal.

Khan al-Assal is a small town in the western countryside of Aleppo province.  It was taken over by the terrorists of Al-Nusra and Ansar al-Khalifa Brigade on July 22, 2013.   Until five days later by July 27, every gruesome detail of the murder of unarmed civilians and the executions of captured Syrian soldiers emerged and were published for the world to see.   Needless to mention, such criminals have completely lost their humanity and principles;  they have NO links with the Islamic Faith nor any civilized ideology.  

The current Wikipedia on Khan al-Assal town writes:  "The Khan al-Assal Massacre was committed by the FSA on Syrian army soldiers after the FSA captured Khan al-Assal on 22 July 2013 during the Syrian civil war.  At least 150 Syrian army soldiers died in the fighting with te rebels for the control of the town in the northern Aleppo province.   51 Syrian soldiers were executed by rebels after the fall of Khan al-Assal, while the rest died during the battle, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.  Rebels had for months tried to take Khan al-Assal, a strategically located town in the west of Aleppo province.  It finally fell into rebel hands but fighting continued on its edges the next day."

With an unprecedented flow of foreign weapons from the United States and European Union channeled into Syria by Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Turkey through the so-called jihadists, the two deadly branches of Al-Qaeda, Al Nusra Front and Ansar al-Khalifa Bridade along with a handful of FSA mergers, launched a multi-pronged attack on the town with mortars and rockets supporting an earlier infantry assault. The town was taken after two days of heavy fighting.

Except for the so-called jihadist news outlets, even many of the Western sources are talking about this massacre, its  awfulness and its complete violation of all international norms and human rights.    Ahmad Khazem, who heads the Syrian human rights network of organizations, stated that after the executions the terrorists set the bodies of many Syrian martyrs on fire to erase evidences of their crimes.

Syrian Arab News Agency reported on July 27, 2013 that in the aftermath of the horrific massacre carried out by foreign terrorists in Khan al-Assal town, 123 Syrian soldiers were martyred and many are still missing .. majority of the victims of this massacre being unarmed civilians.   The Syrian Army and people are now reported to be "on high alert."   In addition to incinerating the murdered bodies, the terror fighters of Ansar-al-Khalifa Brigade admitted killing, mutilating and dumping the bodies of dozens of civilians in a large pit in a suburb of Khan al-Assal.

This isn't the first time Khan al-Assal has been targeted by a vicious attack.  In March of 2013, the Al Qaeda terrorists attacked Khan al-Assal residents with rockets containing chemical & poison gas which they acquired from their Western allies.  It resulted in the deaths of more than 25 people, with well over 100 injured and leaving plenty of farm animals dead .. somewhat similar to the Halabja incident in which Saddam too was assisted by the US.

Intifada Palestine reports: "The new massacre which came in light of the continued international silence and open Western support for the armed terrorist groups, stirred all the Syrian in resentment calling for quick and firm response towards the murderers who have been allowed access to enter Syria across the border."

Quoting Omar Aussi, chief of National Initiative for Syrian Kurds: "The new massacre in Khan al-Assal aims at escalation by the terrorists, a step they usually resort to before any chance for political solution."

The Union of Syrian Students in particular blasted this 'wild-West' style of crime by Al-Nusra and its colleagues as a reflection of "the barbarity and savageness of the takfiri terrorist groups that are implementing the agendas of the Al-Saud monarchy."

The largest coalition of Syrian political parties, Popular Front for Change & Liberation stated: "This crime which adds up to the black record of Jabhat al-Nusra will only make Syrians more determined to achieve a political solution."


Shameless terrorists of AQ and usurpers assisted by US & EU for the benefit of Israel, declare their victory at Khan al-Assal by gross misinterpretation of Islamic values.

Another image showing the psychopathic invaders & killers of Khan al-Assad.

Civilian residents of Khan al-Assad murdered by US-ally, Al-Nusra and Ansar al-Khalifa.

Unarmed civilians of Khan al-Assad murdered by US-ally, Al-Nusra and Ansar al-Khalifa.

Syrian soldiers and civilians murdered in Khan al-Assad by American backed Al Qaeda.

A Syrian soldier executed by US-ally, Al-Qaeda, at Khan al-Assal after being captured.

An unarmed civilian, a young boy, murdered in cold blood by US ally, Al Qaeda at Khan al-Assal, Syria.