The Syrian opposition activists of anti Assad camp are coming up with mind blowing geopolitical gossips to soothe their defeated egos.

The common phrase we've been taught is "if you cannot beat them, buy them."  That's changed a little in this case into "if you cannot beat them, belittle them into insignificance."

The consequences?  Unleashing a chain of incredible propaganda against the Resistance.

Guilty minds are religiously prone to emptying out their characteristics on their opponents.   Defeating the Syrian government being a far cry, the lack of coordination and endless infighting between Al-Nusra and FSA has left many FSA fighters and commanders dead at the hands of the foreign Arab terrorists.   Bickerings between the two factions are steadily growing into deadly brawls.  Unable to help that, FSA's restless soul weeps to calm itself with stories of "split between Najaf and Qom."

There has been no such edict from any Iraqi Shiia cleric discouraging assistance to the Syrian government, but FSA somehow never fails to bundle up amazing collections of tall tales!  Headlines reading "Rift between Iranian and Iraqi Shiia on Syria"  are splashing across Syrian opposition news sources.  It's being addressed as "split between Najaf and Qom."  FSA claims Iraq's Ayatollah Sistani doesn't agree with the idea of sending fighters to Syria as he considers it to be a political conflict, not a religious one.   Pro-opposition and Western sources add: Iran ignored Ayatollah Sistani's stance and encouraged Shiite participation in helping the Syrian government.   But the fact on the ground with the establishment of an united front to defend the invasion of Syria remains intact.   Much like the Iranian reserves, numerous Iraqis are enthusiastically volunteering to enlist themselves to defend Syria.  Neither Iran nor Iraq seem to be worried at the slightest about any "rift" between them over their young men going to Syria.  

Another rumor spreading like wildfire among anti Assad circles comprises of promoting a fractured analysis that involvement of  Hezbollah and Iran in defending Syria has diminished Assad's authority ... he's  no longer the commander-in-chief ..  "Iran is calling the shots."  The story-telling goes further by depicting a frail image of Assad claiming that his dependency upon Hezbollah and Iranian fighters signify his lack of trust in the Sunni elements of the SAA. 

Rebel commanders and activists are pointing at Hezbollah, Iraqi and Iranian fighters as being key to re-capturing many rebel held areas.   The opposition is endlessly frowning at Assad seeking "foreign help," when the opposition itself has broken all records with its sole dependency on foreign AQ terrorists, foreign weapons, foreign poison gas and foreign money.  

It's FSA's style of shedding tears and crying fowl in a war it hasn't been able to win in almost three years despite the most hefty assistance from some of the richest and most powerful nations of the world.

Foreign-backed Takfiri militants stroll in an unknown location in Syria. (file photo)  
Here's another squalid story.  The image shows a bunch of routed takfiri sickos who are now planning to set up an independent occupied state in Northern Syria after Eid-al-Fitr of 2013.   Complete story at  Press TV.