From bad to worse: Egypt's Brotherhood joining FSA

During Morsi's presidency, members of the Muslim Brotherhood had great ambitions of running the government the way they pleased, distorting the constitution, indulging in massive corruption and making big money.   With that dream being shattered after a year and Morsi under arrest, MB's top trouble-maker, Mohamed Badie, announced a plan for setting up a "Free Egyptian Army" to fight the Egyptian military and reinstate Morsi.  That too ended in a failure as MB didn't stand a chance confronting the Egyptian army without U.S. assistance.  No Salafist body has yet won a single battle without steady and extensive U.S. support.  Their next move was to arrive in the Sinai region to boost Al-Qaeda aligned forces bound for Syria.  Fearing this could further strengthen al-Qaeda, Saudi Arabia devised a plan to divert the attention of pro Brotherhood loafers from Al-Qaeda to FSA .... with the help of dollars of course.

The Kingdom of the Sauds has been silently nervous over the role of Al-Qaeda groups in Syria.  To counter the influence of Al-Nusra, the Saudi government has reportedly given huge sums of money to recruit Brotherhood activists in FSA with attractive monthly salaries.  No wonder lately the influx of foreign fighters within Syria has surged enormously, infiltrating like hordes of migratory locusts.  The money that will paid to Brotherhood 'soldiers' for joining FSA and serving them loyally will be far more than the police and security forces of Egypt can ever dream of earning. 

 Senior members of FSA have welcomed Saudi Arabia's spiteful initiative as they too have been wary of Al-Nusra's rising power in Syria leading to serious differences between them and the "Free Syrian Army," resulting in many fatal shootings of FSA fighters by the foreign Arab commanders.

The White House wouldn't help Brotherhood with weapons to make a nuisance of itself for the Egyptian military for obvious reasons.  But it did willingly agree upon Brotherhood's menacing role in Syria to keep up the task of spilling blood.   Brotherhood cooperated wholeheartedly with the United States and Israel during its one year in office and soon became despised by the vast majority of Egyptian people.  It's continuing the same trend after getting booted out.

While in prison, Morsi yelled for jihad against Israel.  Upon becoming president, he screamed for jihad against his Muslim brethren in Syria.  Instead of condemning Israeli war crimes and terror, he demanded a no-fly zone over Syria.  Instead of shutting the Israeli embassy in Cairo and kicking out the Israeli ambassador, he ordered to shut the Syrian embassy. 

Quoting Dr. Elias Akhleh: "Although in his September 2010 speech Morsi had called the Israelis “blood suckers”, “warmongers”, and “descendants of apes and pigs”, in October 2012 he sent a letter to Israeli President Shimon Perez calling him “My dear great friend” and calling for “maintaining and strengthening the cordial relations which so happily exist between our two countries.”   Leaked letters of the U.S. Department of State proved that Morsi was even worse than Mubarak."  

Morsi never broke his promise to the White House and his Zion masters.  His young men are now enthusiastically preparing for "jihad" against Syria and to make the kind of money they had been waiting for.