Why is the U.S. so angry with the Egyptian Army?

As we continue to read and research widely on the circumstances that led to the evacuation of the two MB terror camps in Egypt on August 14, every neutral source and eye-witness to the events mentioned of the restraint practiced by the Egyptian police and army prior to evacuation, unlike the IDF, Hamas or FBI towards their own people in times of dissent.  So what's America's problem?
It's a part of a much larger 'New Middle-East policy' dubbed earlier as "Arab Spring" orchestrated by the West to install puppet Brotherhood leaders in certain North African and Arabian gulf states where the former puppet presidents-for-life were fast losing credibility with their people and getting increasingly unpopular.

Let's read the properly analyzed truth through some worth reading excerpts from the piece "Egypt's painful birth pangs" that have been purged of the media bias and distortion of facts we have been watching so far 

By Dr. Elias Akhleh

The MB was financed, armed and installed into Egyptian presidency with the help of Zionist-occupied American administration and Qatar. This was part of the American “New Middle East” policy aiming at inciting armed sectarian struggle within the national fabric of large Middle Eastern states in order to divide them into smaller weaker ethnic states to maintain Israel’s superiority in the region.

The so-called “Arab Spring”, a camouflaged sectarian conflict, is part and parcel of the New Middle East policy orchestrated by the US to weaken states and to help install MB leaders as presidents as what had happened in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen.

American concern and criticism of the actions of the Egyptian military by Obama reflect their anger at the Egyptian military for acting freely for the first time within the last 30 years without American directive and consultation that caused the US administration to lose the MB; a much closer ally and better stooge to the US and Israel.

The American administration had sent its officials; including Zionist Senator John McCain and his entrain sidekick-in-training Senator Lindsey Graham, to ostensibly mediate between the MB and the new interim Egyptian government to come up with a peaceful solution to the crisis. Meanwhile, behind the curtains, the administration was reportedly paying millions of dollars to the Global Council of the MB to pay salaries to, and to feed and arm the MB occupiers in their camps. The plan was to divide Egyptians into two opposing camps that may lead to civil war. This was reflected in Western politicians claiming their fear of a civil war in Egypt.

The ultimate goal of the Global Council of the Muslim Brotherhood was to use the Egyptian presidency as their launching base to establish what they believe a 'Caliphate Islamic Empire' encompassing the whole Islamic World ruled by their own distorted interpretation of Shariah law.

Egyptian interim government decided to evacuated the 2 MB camps after 40 days of futile negotiations.  The police provided the occupiers with guaranteed safe exit but they refused.  The security forces surrounded the mosque during early hours of the evening and demanded the occupiers to evacuate. Negotiations extended to the early hours of the next day in order to evacuate the mosque peacefully.

 For fear of the expected international criticism, and fear for the lives of the misguided Egyptian citizens who were brainwashed by the MB, and others who were paid large sums of money to join the so-called sit-ins and were later used as human shields, the Egyptian police force had exhibited exemplary self-restraint in the evacuation process, so much so that they suffered losses of life among their officers. This self-restrain was exhibited during the evacuation of MB militants and their human shields from the Fat’h Mosque in Ramses Square.

Heavily armed MB militants had attacked the residents and the police station in the Ramses Square during the whole day of Friday August 16. In the night the militants retreated to the Fat’h Mosques that had been prepped in previous weeks with weapons, medical supplies and food to serve as their headquarters.

 Throughout the night hours the residents of the area, who were terrorized for a whole day by these MB militias, gathered around the mosque to guarantee that none of them would escape and to witness their arrest. On their surrender in the morning, the security forces escorted the MB militias out of the mosque through angry crowd, and in the process sustained some unintended beating from the crowd that was meant for the militia. Yet despite all this protection two MB snipers started shooting at the police officers from the minaret before running away.

 Immediately after their evacuation the MB executed a torched-earth plan. In Cairo and in other major cities MB terrorists attacked government institutions, police stations and many other social service buildings setting them on fire and murdering in cold blood police officers and employees who tried to stop them. One police station in the Kerdasa town was attacked with RPG, police officers were stripped naked, dragged in the streets, urinated on, murdered in cold blood, and their bodies were savagely mutilated.

 The MB set fire to many public and private buildings including the blood bank, set up snipers on roof tops and attacked fire fighters and medical ambulances with Molotov bombs setting their vehicles on fire in an attempt to stop them from putting off fires and helping injured people.

 In an attempt to incite sectarian conflict the MB executed what seems to be programmed terror attacks against Christian churches and Christian institutions including schools, clinics and orphanages setting them on fire. It was estimated that within one day at least 40 churches were set on fire, and were either completely or partially destroyed.  They also attacked Christian quarters destroying and setting ablaze many of their shops.

Brotherhood leaders were hoping that the Christian Coptic Pope would call upon the Western power to interfere in order to protect the Christian minority. These terror attacks against Christians backfired when both the Coptic Pope and the Grand Imam of al-Azhar Mosque stood side by side declaring that Muslims and Christians of Egypt are brothers and will work together on protecting Christian properties and rebuilding churches. Many local Egyptian Muslims rushed to protect churches against MB terrorists. It is worth noting here, that the Christian Western countries who used to decry the smallest incidents against Christian Egyptians in the past, had, up till now, totally ignored MB’s torching of the churches

 It was revealed that the security forces had foiled about 95% of the MB’s torched-earth plans that included the bombing and the burning of several airports, security and military stations especially those controlling and supervising the operations of Suez Canal, public institutions, schools and university, the Arab Tower, the Alexandria public library, Christian churches and institutions including St. Catherine Monastery in Sinai. The security forces were able to infiltrate the MB’s camps in Rabi’a al-Adawiya and al-Nahda and gather vital information about their plans and their weapons before the evacuation.

 After the forceful evacuation of the MB camps the US, UK, France and Turkey hastened to condemn what they called the violent crackdown on pro-Morsi supporters, and called on the Security Council to investigate the human rights violations of the Egyptian security forces against peaceful demonstrators. On a comparing note, it took these countries almost two years before calling on the Security Council to investigate violence in Syria.  They have ignored all the weapons used by the MB against security forces, and the MB’s terrorism including the torching of public building and churches. The western media were recruited and paid to describe the Egyptian national revolution as a military coup, to present the MB as the victim, and to ban any anti-MB news and videos on their websites.

French hypocrisy is exhibited in their military attacks and Islamists in Mali while they are trying to support extremist Islamist MB in Egypt. The UK officials had many times expressed the attitude that when it comes to British interest there is no self-restraint. Turkey’s Erdogan should examine his support to the anti-Syrian terrorists,  his violent suppression to the Kurds and harsh treatment to Turkish demonstrators in the streets of Istanbul.

One more time, the definition of a military coup necessitates the fact that the military leader installs himself as president.  This is clearly not the case in Egypt. An interim civil government was chosen to manage the affairs of the state until a new election takes place. This is a national revolution that called on the military to execute the will of people to withdraw power from a failing presidency. In a democracy the people have the absolute right to grant power to a president as well as withdrawing power from him.

 Egypt now is going through painful birth pangs expecting the delivery of real independence, real freedom and real democracy. Unfortunately many vultures are surrounding it attempting to either abort this delivery or to strangle the new born.

Image shows: Coptic Pope Tawadros II and the Grand Imam of al-Azhar Mosque declaring that Muslims and Christians of Egypt are brothers and will work together on protecting Christian properties and rebuilding churches burned or destroyed by MB Salafist terrorists.


Egypt to Erdogan:  "We do not need lectures from a Western agent."

Morsi's political demise has left behind a fretful and edgy Tayyib on the other side of the Mediterranean.  Quoting Dr. Ezzat Ashraf: "Everybody and mainly politicians know for a fact that whatever happens in Egypt doesn’t eventually stay in Egypt, and considering the scary history with the Turkish military, no wonder Erdogan is having sleepless nights, bedroom problems and always looking over his shoulders, not to mention that his party is affiliated with the international MB network.  MB is about a distorted theology that is based mainly on delegitimizing the other, and the other is simply everybody who is not MB."

August 19, 2013 - The Sinai ambush, killing 25 law enforcers - 'courtesy'  un-Muslim Brotherhoodlums.
The image shows soldiers who were killed in Sinai on Aug.19, handcuffed and killed execution style.  Action replay of the Syrian scenario.

Source: Facebook group - "The true Arab revolution"

August 19, 2013:  Mahmoud Badr, leader of Egypt's Tamarod Rebel Movement speaks:

"Washington's interference is unacceptable in Egypt's internal affairs. I tell you President Obama, why don't you and your small, meaningless aid go to hell? Don't lecture us on how to deal with the Brotherhood's terrorism. What Egypt is passing through now is the price, a high price, of getting rid of the Brotherhood's fascist group before it takes over everything and ousts us all. The army did not interfere in politics and I am a witness to that. I back its decisions on my own and without any instructions. They are right and getting us where we want. The Brotherhood protesters are armed and attack people and places. My role now is to act as a pressure group by observing the political transition and be ready to interfere if things go in the wrong direction. For the next few weeks there could be more violence and possible political assassinations." - (Mahmoud Badr).

Mahmoud Badr is an Egyptian journalist in his mid 20s. Along with his co-founders, he encouraged millions of Egyptians to take to the streets on June 30 in protests demanding the overthrow of Muslim Brotherhood.

Security officials have advised Badr to stay out of sight at a secret location for his safety.


A typical ghastly Brotherhoodlum idea, forcing orphans to participate in their protests dubbed as "sit-ins" to rehearse their funerals with their shrouds as potential suicide bombers.  It's supposed to be a show of determination and support Brotherhood style! 

Source:  Intifada Palestine.