Syria: What now?

Will the Congress give its authorization to the avowed murderer itching to kill?

Quoting Webster Tarpley: "Obama passes the buck! Not believing his own fake evidence, fearing impeachment, he forces Hill leaders to decision they wanted to dodge."

Not sure if Congress really wanted to dodge it or is it just a set-up to buy more time?  But does Obama even need a reason to carry out terrorism?  Since the last five years he has been killing men, women, children and the elderly in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Libya.  His proxy war in Syria has already killed over 150,000 in the past two years.  Is the awaited report of the UN inspectors supposed to matter?   Is the decision of the Congress really not a foregone conclusion?

However, what is certain is that at least 60% of Americans are against their country's military intervention in Syria.  These people need to come out on the streets in large numbers until September 9 to express their disapproval, loud and clear.  Then only might the Congress have second thoughts.  Otherwise Obama is already confidant he will get the authorization for the mass murder. 

The politicians' constituency is rife with special interests harboring undercover criminals who are rich and influential enough to override the interests of their nations with their petty, insular, unyielding and highly dogmatic philosophy that invariably caters to the corrupted notion of 'survival of the fittest.'

America's war drums against Syria spell out the defeat of Al Qaeda, as usual.   History is witness, Al Qaeda has never won a single war on its own to the extent that the United States is now commonly being addressed as "Al Qaeda's air force."  Al Qaeda in Libya (LIFG) was unable to make any headway against Gaddafi's forces until NATO came along.  The scenario is almost identical in Syria.  They have been fighting against the Syrian army for two years and haven't been able to come anywhere close to defeating it.  So, now they're calling their air force chief, Obama, to do the bombing for them because they know as well as Obama, Al Qaeda will never win if left to itself. 

It's doubtful if the British Parliament's rejection of its government's participation in the Syrian war is going to make a difference. Obama has already made it clear he is willing to go ahead with or without the allies, even without the endorsement of the UN. And America can be just as destructive with or without Britain.  Furthermore, Cameron will play the legal game.  MI6 will continue sending British Salafist 'jihadis' into Syria (fortunately for Cameron, U.K. is crowded with Salafist 'jihadis'), increasing the influx of these infiltrating demons by three-fold or more.  Legally it won't be possible to accuse Britain of officially participating in America's war because jihadist foot soldiers are in plainclothes, not uniforms.

John Kerry 'with his caravan of lies' claimed that "tests showed sarin gas was used in a deadly chemical attack near the Syrian capital Damascus on August 21 implicating the Syrian government in the attack."  Obviously Kerry would know it's sarin and much more. U.S. intelligence reports today have suggested U.S. officials knew of this nerve gas attack at least three days in advance. Should that surprise anyone? They were the ones who have been supplying poison gas along with military equipments to the opposition since two years. Kerry and Obama would surely know the complete formula of that nerve gas used in Damascus suburb.

According to Mr. Kerry, "Use of chemical weapon is morally obscene and a cowardly crime."  Will a day ever come when the following image is confirmed by the world as "morally obscene" and a "cowardly crime?" Not to forget, the image below is authentic, not a phoney gimmick by the international community as in the case of Syria.  Also, not to mention, it is only one of the many such murders by Israel and USA excluding many others that took place during periodical Israeli attacks on Gaza until November 2012 .... and of course America's massive use of depleted uranium in Iraq 2003 onward that has turned numerous portions of the country into cancer zones and raised the percentage of birth deformities by ten-fold, if not more.  Again, excluding America's use of nepalm in the Vietnam war and what it needlessly did to the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

Russia has long shown its back.  Quoting Pavel Andreev, executive director of the Valdai Club Foundation: "Russia is definitely not going into war, use its nuclear deterrence to change the situation. The Russian position has always been about political transition. It was not about Assad."   That says it all. 

Talking of Erdogan of Turkey, even the worst of created beings would need to further desensitize their sordid conscience and push it still deeper into depravity to behave like him.  His statement of August 31 in Today's Zaman, quote:  "It can't be a 24-hour hit-and-run. If it is something like the example of Kosovo, the Syrian regime won't be able to continue." 

This man isn't normal any longer. He actually thinks he's a caliph. His political hallucinations have completely removed him from reality. This is one of the commonest signs of severe psychological disorder.

As stated by Arabi Souri in his piece Syria and the Humanitarian Bastards, "Turkish fanatic Muslim Brotherhood prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan introduced the culture of kidnapping in the region by allowing groups of terrorists to kidnap civilians and sell them in exchange for political goals or just for the sake of terror after he was promised by his masters, NATO, to become the new Ottoman Sultan or the NATO appointed anti-Islam Islamist Caliph. Erdoğan, who robbed with his Qatari buddy, the factories of Aleppo and burnt the city, has turned his country into a brothel for all types of lice-infested, bearded, radical Wahhabi cannibal sex 'jihadists' coming from all sides of the world to fulfill his sick promise."

Saudi Arabia today joined the same chorus as Turkey.  Not that anyone ever expected  anything different from this treacherous land sunk in violence and debauchery. 

In a nutshell, it's about breaking the Resistance piecemeal.  Apart from setting up the Rothschild central bank and a puppet Wahabi regime, the clandestine motive behind the occupation of Syria has a broader relevance for the NWO. If Syria is taken, it isn't difficult to figure out that America's eyes will be set upon Iran as its next ambition in the region - the final countdown! Toppling Assad's government by an aggressive and destructive war waged against Syria and Hezbollah, substantially weakening Hezbollah as well, will make the situation far more conducive for America and its allies to start working on Iran without any fears of counter attacks on Israel by the other part of the Resistance in response to U.S. aggression against Iran.  It will also be a clever game-plan to prevent Al Qaeda from staying idle and making trouble in post-Assad Syria, a threat that's already looming large within opposition circles.

Can we allow another peaceful and beautiful land to slip into the hands of imperialist powers and their hardline Salafist hoodlums?   Please keep beautiful Syria in your prayers. 

Image below dated: Aug.30, 2013.