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Monday, October 28, 2013

Bahraini Government's crimes against its own people going from bad to worse

A few days ago 17-year-old Ali Khalil al-Sabbagh was shot in his neck by Bahraini police at close range as he was walking home.  He was carrying no weapons and no explosives.  He was simply gunned down because he had earlier participated in peaceful protests against the Khalifa regime.  The misinformation circulated by the Western mainstream media was "A teenager was killed late on Tuesday in Bahrain when a bomb he was holding exploded in his hands while he was trying to carry out an attack. A firearm was found near the body."   Ali was labelled a "terrorist" by the Bahraini regime. Every single person who opposes Khalifa's dictatorship is stamped a "terrorist."  Torture, rape and violence have intensified horribly in Bahraini prisons.  Many peaceful protestors have died in custody.  Several doctors and nurses have been detained or have disappeared for fear of being witnesses to torture and murder by the security forces.  But the regime is getting away with all kinds of heinous crimes imaginable because governments of the US and UK are conniving willingly.

Quoting Finian Cunningham:  "In a speech earlier this year Barack Obama said 'And long after the current messengers of hate have faded from the world’s memory, alongside the brutal despots, and deranged madmen, and ruthless demagogues who litter history – the flag of the United States will still wave from small-town cemeteries to national monuments ..'  Well, the stars and stripes fly at the US Navy’s Fifth Fleet base in Bahrain, just a few kilometers from where young Ali al-Sabbagh was gunned down in cold blood by the Bahraini regime this week."

Complete story at:  "Bahrain regime waging war on own people" by Finian Cunningham.

Participating in Ali Khalil al-Sabbagh's funeral.
Participating in Ali Khalil al-Sabbagh's funeral.

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