Is White Phosphorus legally allowed for use as weapon?

Lately it was staggering to hear more voices than expected, dismissing Israel's use of white phosphorus to be a violation with assertions that "international law permits the use of White Phosphorus."  Let us take a closer look and dig deeper into the trickery behind this cold-blooded claim.

 It is a property of chemical elements commonly called an allotrope.   However, practically that provides no logically reason not to include it in the category of chemicals because as an allotrope its destructive capacity is just as much (or more) as any other element that is officially recognized as a chemical with all its compounds.  White Phosphorus is highly flammable upon contact with air causing deep burns right down to the bones.  It's excessively  toxic.  Inhalation of WP causes severe liver damage that's often fatal, and a serious disease called phossy jaw which affects the jaw bone and eventually leads to serious brain damage.  Surgical removal of the affected jaw bone is necessary despite being a very difficult, painful and disfiguring process otherwise it will lead to organ failure and certain death.

US intelligence assessment had characterized WP as a "chemical weapon"  after the first Gulf War in 1990 when the US Army used WP as well as depleted uranium in Iraq.  Prior to that, it is alleged that Saddam Hussein had  used WP on the Kurds in the late 1980s which he acquired from the US.  After the 2003 preemptive invasion of Iraq, the US troops used WP more 'generously' than ever before in various Iraqi cities namely Fallujah.  More than a dozen US soldiers stationed at Fallujah described how they were ordered to prepare WP for use as a weapon.  Consequently, after the destruction of Falluhah, films and still photos taken by eye witnesses describe "anomalous," rather completely abnormal looking corpses with melted or caramelized skins making them totally unrecognizable. 

The use of WP against civilians as a weapon is prohibited.  For this reason the US government took a long time to reluctantly acknowledge that they had used WP in Iraq because it's banned for use as weapon.  More on that later.

The answer is a simple NO.  Contrary to the assertions of pro-war lobbies and their patrons that WP is permissible for use is misleading because it's simply not true.  Use of WP in all civilian sectors around the globe is totally banned.  Its use against military targets neither contains an official 'yes' nor 'no,'  and the decision to have it outlawed altogether by the Chemical Weapon Convention (CWC) has been under debate since 1997.  However, Israel's more frequent and continued used of WP since the last decade has stalled the decision to officially ban it.  In plain terms, Israel makes its own rules, tells the international law to shut-up and approve, and the international law says 'yes.'   This is misconstrued by the sheeple and bigots claiming "Israel is going inline with international law."  The international law hasn't been able to officially ban WP by a treaty because of Israel's continued use of it.  Needless to say, Israel has been using WP only  on civilian targets.   Thus, the ludicrous fuss which is helping to ignore a conclusive ban on WP in favor of Israel is through a game of words.  WP being an incendiary and highly inflammable, kills by burning and not by the impact of its explosion.  Therefore, the international law is trying to use that information to interpret WP as an explosive instead of a chemical weapon even though it is hugely toxic and poisonous in addition to being inflammable.  Though this shouldn't create any obstacles for not banning it, yet considering the mentality of the international community, it's categorizing WP as an explosive and not a chemical weapon which serves the political purpose of Western powers retaining the right to devastate civilian targets during preemptive wars.

Israel had used WP mercilessly against the Gazans in 2008 and then again in November 2012.  The results were devastating and despite the silence of the media, the story became an important agenda for discussion globally.  Consequently phoney assertions became necessary to dupe the world that Israel did not breach international conventions.  Its urgency was exacerbated when in August 21, 2013 the unfounded accusations on the use of "chemical weapons" hurled against President Assad felt insignificant to much of the world compared to the memories of those horrific images of badly disfigured corpses in Gaza.  Thereafter, several news outlets including Britain's 'Observer' stated that WP used by IDF in Gaza in 2008 was "not a chemical weapon as understood by the Chemical Weapons Convention" and its use is in itself "not in breach of  international conventions."  Western government and their lackeys that include various academics and rightist analysts welcomed such statements.  Several self-hating Muslims residing in the West have also been merrily singing the same tune, with blatantly callous insinuations and ignoring the gimmick behind it. That being said, all further considerations and careful analysis on something as abnormally lethal as WP have been blocked.

The follow-up statement by Jerusalem Post on September 8, 2013 was particularly nauseating and matchlessly manipulative;  quote:  "Israel won a small battle against creeping attempts to equate its use of white phosphorous in Gaza to Syrian President Bashar Assad’s use of chemical weapons, when The Observer in Britain issued a correction on the matter on Sunday."

Is the international community's silence, rather connivance, at Israel's random use of WP enough to legalize its use?  Just how many times has the international law placed Israel above accountability regardless of all its heinous crimes? 

In every search engine starting with Google, all you need to do is to type only two words - "Israel human" - and the complete code "Israel human rights violations" pops up in a second.  

Israel is undoubtedly the ONLY country where a minor child below age ten can be imprisoned for up to 20 years for throwing a stone.  Palestinian children and teenagers are commonly used as human shields.  Human rights bodies have repeatedly accused Israeli military and police of inflicting systematic torture in the most degrading manner imaginable to children between the ages of 5 and 15.  According to a recent UNICEF report, many Palestinian children under detention are "beaten to pulp" by Israeli soldiers.  Not once have the makers of international law spoken up.   

It's even worse with female prisoners who are  subjected to sexual harassment, blackmail, psychological and verbal abuse without exception .... there hasn't been a single interrogation that hasn't turned violent. As stated by Ehteram Ghazawneh, the coordinator for prisoner rights group, "there is no proper court or trial system, it’s all for show."  The international law couldn't care a rat's tail.  

Discrimination against non-European Jews goes beyond the grave.  Black semite Jews are not allowed to bury their dead in Ashkenazi cemeteries. The international law has no problems with any of that. 

It's mandatory for Ethiopian female Jews to use controversial contraceptives with long-term negative health affects to curb the population growth of  black Jews.  The silence of international law makers has been deafening. 

Daycare centers of black Jewish children are strictly segregated from those of white Ashkenazi Jews.  The international law refuses to call it apartheid. 

Palestinian homes where families have been living for generations are demolished with a ten-minute notice.  With the ever-growing numbers of Israeli settlers moving to occupied land, demolitions are like a cup of tea.  The international law isn't bothered. 

Gross physical mistreatment of elderly Palestinian farmers, burning / bulldozing their farmlands, spewing sewage water and skunk spray on Palestinian homes and streets are common occurrences.  Not once have the international law makers chided Israel. 

International law couldn't make it more obvious that it's sole duty is to protect and promote Israel's crimes against humanity and the use of White Phosphorus is one of them out of MANY. 


WP explodes at the target.
WP explodes at the target.


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