Murder of Burmese Muslims - NO end in sight

Quoting Ray Downs:
"When most Westerners think of Buddhism, they think of smiling men with potbellies and inspirational quotes from Phil Jackson.  'Buddhist neo-Nazi' sounds like a contradiction in terms.  But in Burma, vicious anti-Muslim sentiment has been on the rise and Buddhist extremists are responsible for attacking Muslims and burning down their houses and mosques, a state of affairs that was largely ignored until Anonymous launched a Twitter campaign to teach the world about the genocide against the Rohingya people, the officially stateless Muslims who many believe will be massacred if the world does not respond." 

Since June 2012 over 100,000 Rohingya Muslims in Burma have been killed and almost 200,000 maimed and homeless.  Their houses have been burned and businesses destroyed.

The Muslim minority of Burma has been systematically targeted in which the Buddhist monks have been playing a leading role.  The reason for this mayhem is only the choice of faith of the minority.

It's been no different from Zionist apartheid.  Muslim businesses in Burma are required to display a badge to reveal their minority identity and exacerbate ethnic discrimination.  The indigenous Rohingya Muslims of Burma living in the western province of Rakhine since centuries are not allowed to acquire Burmese citizenship only because of their faith.  In 2012 the Burmese government announced it would hold a census in the near future but confirmed that the Rohingyas would be excluded .. even the word "Rohingya" would not be used.

A nationalist Buddhist political party called Rakhine Nationalities Development Party (RNDP) is directly at the helm of this genocide.  Recently the Burmese parliamentarians admitted that the RNDP had since long wanted to get rid of the Rohingya Muslims from the Rakhine province to make it totally Buddhist. In June 2012, the Burmese government and opposition gave them the green light.  Ever since then, the RNDP along with the radical Buddhist monks and the ruthless mobs have been planning and implementing ethnic cleansing against the minority Rohingya Muslims of Burma and orchestrating activities that can only be categorized as massive crimes against humanity.  Despite the endless ethnic cleansing, the federal government seems to find nothing wrong delegating power to the RNDP for handling the minority community. 

The Latest:

Genocide has been going on since mid last year periodically.  Recently, in the first week of October 2013, more than a 1,000 Buddhist rioters suddenly unleashed another phase of terror by attacking and torching Muslim homes and mosques.  Frightened and desperate, scores of Muslim women and children fled their homes and hid in forests of western Burma. 

The Burmese government is now rounding up its own minority citizens and forcing them into camps, better described as concentration camps. 

Security forces warned them that they wouldn't get any food if they continued living in their homes.  But after moving into the camps, the government has not yet supplied them with even a morsel of food.  Food supplies to Rohingya camps are coming only from donations and financial aid.  Malnutrition, disease and misery persist in these camps.  Those with sufficient financial means are rushing to leave the country, but unfortunately not all have the means to leave.  

These concentration camps run by the Burmese government and known as "restricted areas" are heavily guarded by armed security forces.  Journalists and medics are seldom allowed.  Food and medical aid from donors and private organizations are often not allowed to be delivered at the camps.  The guards are constantly spying on the Rohingyas inside the camps, watching ever move of theirs.  

Few of those Rohingyas who have decided to continue living in their homes or in the homes of their relatives are facing the threat of attack everyday.  Several have been stabbed to death.  To put it plainly, the Rohingyas have two choices - they either live in their homes and risk getting killed or live in the concentration camps which is the hub of starvation and disease. 

Phil Robertson from Human Rights Watch writes: "It’s been clear all along that Burmese government policy, at both the union and state level, is all about denigrating and destroying the Rohingyas’ self-realisation as a distinct ethnic group." 

Aung San Su Kyi - sympathizer of genocide, champion of hypocrisy and an outright disgusting woman! 
The genocide perpetrated by the Buddhists in Burma has been one of the most terrible since last year alongside the one in Syria.  Yet, in her recent interview with the BBC, Aung SanSu Kyi who is often portrayed as the face of democracy in Burma, refused to call this horrific mayhem 'ethnic cleansing.'  She also would not say that the minority Muslims of Burma were at all targeted.  Instead, she went on to emphasize that the Buddhist majority had faced "human rights violations" by its military.  Appalling statement!!  So, if the Burmese military mistreats the Buddhist majority, is that supposed to mean the Buddhist majority is justified to vent their murderous fury on the Muslim minority ??   Aung San Su Kyi was unable to make herself utter the truth glaring for more than one year that the Muslim minority of her country has been experiencing unprecedented suffering and injustice at the hands of the majority, the military and the opposition, that is, herself, for downplaying, rather evading the truth without an ounce of embarrassment.   

Emanuel Stoakes mentions in his article: "When asked to condemn the violence against the Muslims on the Today Programme, Aung San Suu Kyi demurred, equivocating with non-statements like, “I condemn hate of any kind.”