Ongoing Genocide in Burma

The mass killing of Muslims in Burma that began in June 2012 is far from over.  Just because you aren't shown anything on mainstream news channels does not mean it's over.  Quite the opposite.  It's getting worse and worse and worse by the day!  The western leaders wasted no time hurling FALSE accusations against Pres. Assad in Syria, but are shamelessly conniving with the murderous government of Burma and its hypocritical and heartless opposition leader, Aung Kan Tu Chi.  Wake up world !! If you want justice for Palestine and Syria, how can you not want justice for another set of innocent people - the Rohingya minority Muslims of Burma - who are being slaughtered like animals by the bigoted Buddhist majority of that land, the "Al-Nusra of the East" and their ringleader-monk proudly giving himself the title of the "Burmese Bin Laden ????" 

Noor Hassan was killed on Nov.3, while collecting wood because he was Rohingya Muslim .... now his five children are orphans.

'BURMESE NAZIS' by Emanuel Stoakes.


Any difference between these two bunches of violent criminals in the pics below?   NOPE .. just two faces of evil and injustice in two different parts of the world.

The buddhist terrorist movement in Burma has actually killed far more than Al-Qaeda in Syria, even more than the Israeli Army has in Gaza.  The invasion of Syria by US-ally, Al-Qaeda (al-Nusra) began in April 2011.  Since then about 100,000 Syrian civilians and army personnel have been killed.  The ethnic cleansing of Burma began in June 2012 and since then 125,000 Muslims have been killed by the relentless buddhist terrorists and many more injured, maimed, countless Muslim women raped and their properties & businesses completely destroyed.

And the Opposition leader is just as  ruthless, giving a big nod to the government to carry  on the genocide.  This callous phoney is the most cunning and dishonest politician who has ever step foot on this planet!  And, not a word from the Dalai lama.  No surprise.  He has been the CIA's oldest rent boy .. since the 1950s. He has always been comfortable with all genocides in ancient & modern history ... a true descendent of his killer buddhist ancestors, Chengis khan and Halaku khan.

Any difference?

The ethnic cleansing in Burma is state sponsored terrorism with complete involvement of the Burmese government and the opposition who have given a free hand to the murderous buddhist monks and their gangs.  How can you talk about a system when the government itself orders segregation of the minority in camps instead of planning to return them to their homes?

In the above image, two Muslims were killed and their bodies set on fire.  People on the street watch the burning bodies as they pass by. 

Hospital apartheid: How severe can hatred get?  Unprecedented !!

Muslims blocked from going to hospitals in western Burma.  Unspeakable discriminatory practices by Burmese healthcare professionals (of all people) at government hospitals who are preventing Muslim patients in serious life-threatening conditions from accessing medical  treatment.  Also, several Muslim patients who were in hospitals were removed and taken to concentration camps, after the patients were threatened by armed Buddhist mobs outside.  Sittwe, the capital of western Rakhine province of Burma, has opened a separate ward for Muslims in its general hospital because they aren't allowed to enter any other part of the hospital.  .

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Where are the international law makers?   Where are those "humanitarians" who talk and talk and talk against the abuse of women and children in G8 summits? 

These are human beings, they are being slaughtered by their country's majority.


Murder of minority Burmese Muslims - no end in sight