P5+1 world powers grapple breakthrough; Iran throws in the towel

The "historic deal" about to be signed at the Palais des Nations freezes uranium enrichment beyond the level of 5% which is comfortably below the limit of any weapon-grade productions. The muckraking about Obama ignoring Netanyahu remains an idle rumor. That shouldn't surprise even an imbecile. Netanyahu's fury has been a part of the game. He knew all along he has nothing to worry about. Washington eventually intends to finish Iran's enrichment program altogether, but one step at a time so as not to tease the loyalists of the Revolution who have been uneasy over the marathon nuclear talks as a blow on their national pride. The astute P5+1 has taken good care to avoid annoyance to the Iranian people. A "friendly" Netanyahu as an onlooker of an agreement as sensitive as this would only make it harder for Iranian negotiators to yield. While Hassan Rohani brags back home that the deal "recognizes Iran's nuclear rights," the agreement uses no such language in its document. To the contrary, a joyous Obama stated that as a first step, they have "cut off Iran's most likely paths to a bomb."

 Dollar 4.2 billion from oil sales, approximately $1.5 billion from imports of gold, other precious metals, petrochemical & auto sector exports and easier access to "humanitarian transactions" have been announced as Iran's immediate relief as it curbs its nuclear program for six months in exchange for partial easing of sanctions.  It's to be hoped that Mr. Rohani and his mentor, Hashemi Rafsanjani, don't keep too big a share for themselves as they did in the "Iran-contra scandal" back in the 1980s.  During these six months,  the P5+1 diplomats intend to have more "sweeping agreement."  The chances are that their next move will be to pressure Iran heavily with renewed threats to break away from Hezbollah and Syria about which the group of six world  powers had already expressed concern to the media soon after the current talks.

The next six months will be crucial.  Most likely it will give Israel the final nod to establish its hegemony in the region.  The decrepit supreme leader has lately shown keen interest in keeping up the spirit of the Revolution but only on national ceremonies, not at the policy-making table.  With such long stretches of deafening silence, he surely seems to be taking his Sabbaticals much too often.

Strangely enough, except for a brief Youtube clip and a few sketchy tweets, Press TV has yet given little or no splashy headlines on this 'sensational' story  curbing Iran's nuclear program.  Inexplicably, quite the opposite.  On November 24, when the Western media including RT was abuzz with details on the "landmark deal," Press TV published the article by Finian Cunningham titled "Western arrogance blocks P5+1 progress with Iran," describing the episode as a failure and  unfinished business.