Philippines and the Zionist Jews - a connection stronger than one may assume

Currently the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee is eagerly helping the Philippines in the aftermath of typhoon Haiyan, sending food, shelter, medical supplies and other much-needed relief supplies through certain Jewish Foundations and Catholic Relief Services.  The Organization will also raise funds for the victims of typhoon Haiyan, of which 30% will be allocated for food, water and medical supplies while the rest will be for rehabilitation projects.

One of the 'development experts' of this Organization claims that his mother and grandparents were among those 1,000 Jews who fled to the Philippines for safe haven in 1938. It's being trumpeted as a tremendous "humanitarian act" by the American Jewish organization.   They are supposed to be returning an old favor shown to 1,000 European Jews 75 years ago by a slave-president but the same organization hasn't yet expressed a shred of remorse for killing at least 2 million Arab-Muslims throughout those 75 years .. and that string of killings continues.  That reminds me, beware of a book called “Escape to Manila,” written by Frank Ephraim, one of the Jewish refugees who went to Philippines. The fiction is infested with mind blowing propaganda!

The man behind this unbreakable bond is Manuel Quezon who served as president of Philippines from 1935 to 1944. He was Spanish by descent.  Both his parents were Spanish. In fact his father was assassinated by the locals after being suspected for his loyalty to the Spanish government.  Manuel Quezon is quite an icon of thousands of Jews around the world.  He is addressed as the "first democratic president of the Far-East" though Philippines is little known as a champion of democracy and actually has quite a violent political history.

Quezon assisted more than 1,000 Jews (who otherwise, as claimed, would have died in the Holocaust) by issuing  travel certificates that allowed them to come to the Philippines and work with the cooperation of Frieder Brothers (American entrepreneurs) who had a cigar factory in Manila. 

Reflecting a little on history, small groups of runaway Jews began coming in the Philippines since the 1600s after they were kicked out of Spain during the Spanish Inquisition and not welcomed in Italy and Greece either. A few more small batches of Jewish settlements came in the mid 1800s after the Franco Prussian war when the European colonizers were at each others' throats.  But the country's relations with Zionist Jews began strengthening since the past one hundred years with the arrival of American military forces to the Philippines in early 1900s that brought Jewish servicemen who decided to settle there permanently after their military discharge. Several Jewish teachers from the United States also arrived with a contingent of 'Thomasites' (a delegation of 500 volunteer American teachers) transported by the U.S. military who gave public instructions to Filipino children .. in other words, indoctrinated their minds with disinformation after the failed struggle of the Filipino people for independence from America in 1899. 

A statement in honor of Philippines by the Zionist website, "United with Israel," is sickening at best, claiming that "it commemorates the historic and spiritual ties between two peoples scattered among the nations, united by their commitment to freedom, humanitarian principles and faith in the God of the Bible."   

Philippines is reported as the first Asian nation to vote in the United Nations for the partition of Palestine and the creation of the so-called state of Israel on stolen land.  Soon after, many of the Jewish refugees who earlier arrived in Manila at Quezon's invitation left for the stolen land.