Story of a parasitic thief and a killer

Burmese opposition leader cum activist/campaigner for oppression of the helpless, Aung San Su Kyi, visited U.K. last October 2013.  It was her second visit to U.K. since June 2012 when the state sponsored terrorism in Burma began and her countrymen unleashed a relentless  bout of killings of the Muslim minority.   By the time this woman visited U.K. in June 2012,  more than 25,000 Muslims had been butchered in western Burma in less than three weeks. 

She attended a meeting at the London School of Economics but never uttered a word about the murders in Burma.  When reporters asked her why the Rohingya Muslims of Burma were not granted Burmese citizenship even though they had been living there since centuries, she came up with no explanations and no apologies but simply said the "Rohingya Muslims should not be considered citizens."  Later during her press conference at Downing Street, she mentioned NO condemnations for the killings.   Her only comment was, the "ethnic conflict should be investigated ...."  

Burma is the ancestral land  of the Rohingya Muslims; yet they have been declared homeless and stateless on their own land (like the Palestinians) by the fascist Buddhist government patronized by the West.  Today, Burma and Israel are the only two countries in the world that have subjected the indigenous people of those land to color-coded citizenship.  The fascist Buddhist monks and their mobs who have by now killed over 125,000 Muslims openly acknowledge that the murders are ethnic cleansing and religiously motivated. 
 Both the Burmese government and the opposition, far from trying to quell the fascism of their people, have heightened their bigotry by labeling the minority as "dark skinned people."

Despite all of this, when Aung San Su Kyi visited U.K. last month with blood stained hands that couldn't possibly be overlooked, she was given a very warm welcome by Charles Windsor.   Charles and his wife, Camilla, accompanied their murderous guest into the Garden Room at their official residence in London Clarence House and chatted over unnecessary issues to skilfully evade the very sensitive subject of killing fields in Burma. 

The connection between the Windsors and Su Kyi has some broad personal streaks as well. Her late British husband, Michael Aris, was a close friend of Charles.  Charles later became a patron of her husband's memorial trust.  Since Su Kyi's British husband was grounded in Buddhist culture, no surprise he is touted as a "scholar" by the West and Western media.  A  Buddhist or a Buddhist lover could even rub their own crap as 'moisturizer' on their skin and that would be considered "scholarly" in the eyes of the West.  Charles' favorite grand uncle, the notoriously cunning Mountbatten, was also a friend of Su Kyi's father.   One can imagine the sort of wily pair they must have made!

"Prince" Charles Windsor  is one of the biggest landowners of Britain worth 763 million pounds.  In 1337, his ancestor, "King" Edward III  grabbed as much land as he could and created a dukedom.  It yielded enormous income for him and his heirs.  Of course, no one  dared to tell him to pay  tax.  Eight hundred years later in 2013, Britain still hasn't changed that law.  It's reported that in the 1990s Charles voluntarily decided to pay an annual tax of 4 million pounds.  Even if that is true, it's chicken feed compared to the size of that duchy and its steady surplus.  It includes almost one-quarter of London and its outskirts -  numerous farms, cottages, bars, islands, green power plants and the Oval cricket ground. Some lawmakers in Britain are now asking for Charles' tax affairs to be reviewed.  The staggering response of the duchy's spokesman was, "We do not believe the Duchy has an unfair tax advantage over its competitors."

That's how nasty a parasitic thief and a killer's story can be.  But it gets still nastier because of the complete denial of truth with a reversed portrayal .. the former being labeled as "royal" and the latter as "peace activist."